How to Check KUCCPS 2023/2024 Placement Results and Admission Letters?

Want to know how to check your KUCCPS 2023/2024 placement results and admission letters? Our step-by-step guide will help you access them through the online portal or SMS notifications. Contact information also provided

Jun 20, 2023 - 18:00
Jun 20, 2023 - 18:01
How to Check KUCCPS 2023/2024 Placement Results and Admission Letters?
How to Check KUCCPS 2023/2024 Placement Results and Admission Letters?

Suppose you're a candidate who applied for the 2023/2024 placement at universities and colleges through the KUCCPS.  In that case, knowing how to check your placement results and admission letters is essential. 

This article will guide you through checking your KUCCPS 2023/2024 placement results using the online portal and SMS notification. We will also provide you with essential contact information for KUCCPS. Let's get started!

Checking Your KUCCPS 2023/2024 Results through the Online Portal

This is the most convenient method to confirm your admission results. Follow these steps to access your placement results:

  1. Visit the KUCCPS student online portal by typing the URL into your browser:
  2. Login to the portal using the following details:
  3. Username: Enter your whole Index Number
  4. Year: Enter the year of your KCSE (2022)
  5. Password: Use your Birth Certificate Number or KCPE index number
  6.  A text will appear at the bottom of the dashboard on the first page that reads "Congratulations!" with the name of the university you have been placed in and the course you will pursue.
  7. Additionally, you can download your admission letter from the portal for further reference.

KUCCPS Provisional Placement Results

After the initial selection process, KUCCPS releases a list of students who must revise their course choices during the second selection. 

After the first revision, if you still need to be placed, the second revision gives you another chance. What you must do is as follows;

  1. Visit the KUCCPS student portal at
  2. Log in to your dashboard and check for the following message: "You have provisionally secured one of your choices subject to approval by the Placement Service Board."
  3. This message will indicate that you have been placed in one of your preferred courses and universities. However, you will know the exact details once KUCCPS finalizes the placement process.
  4. You must revise your course choices if you are still waiting to see the above message. You can do this by opening the KUCCPS student portal and looking into the courses reflecting your interests.

Checking KUCCPS 2023/2024 Results through SMS Notification

In addition to the online portal, KUCCPS also sends SMS notifications to the phone number you registered in the student portal. 

These notifications contain your placement details and are sent once the placement results have been announced. To ensure you receive the results, make sure your phone is switched on and active.

Contact Information for KUCCPS

In case of any questions or require additional help, you can reach out to KUCCPS using the following contact information:

  • Physical Location: ACK Gardens, 1st Ngong’ Avenue, Upperhill Nairobi
  • Telephone: 020 5137400, 0723954927, +254734879662
  • Email [email protected]
  • Address P.O. Box 105166 – 00101, Nairobi

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Checking your KUCCPS 2023/2024 placement results and admission letters are essential to pursue higher education. After reading and understanding the guidelines in this article, you can quickly access your placement results through the KUCCPS online portal and receive SMS notifications. Whenever you have any inquiries or need additional help, don't hesitate to contact KUCCPS using the provided contact information.


1. When will the KUCCPS 2023/2024 placement results be released?

The KUCCPS placement results for the 2023/2024 academic year are yet to be released. You will see the results after completing the first and second revisions. Stay updated with the official announcements for the exact release date.

2. Can I change my course or institution after being admitted through KUCCPS?

Yes, you can change your institution by applying for an inter-university transfer. Also, read the KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer guide for guidance on the application procedure.

3. How can I apply for a KUCCPS inter-institution or inter-university transfer?

To apply for a transfer, follow the specific guides for KUCCPS Inter-Institution Transfer and KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer. These guides will give you step-by-step procedures for using and choosing your preferred institution.

4. What should I do after receiving my KUCCPS placement results?

Once you have obtained your KUCCPS placement results, you must keep checking the website of your chosen university or college for further instructions. The institution will provide you with admission letters and joining instructions. Stay proactive and follow the guidelines provided by the institution.

5. How can I apply for KUCCPS placement initially?

Refer to "KUCCPS Student Portal: A Comprehensive Guide to Course Application and Revision." This guide will provide step-by-step procedures to successfully apply for placement and admission to your preferred university or college.

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