Nairobi County Fire Department Contacts in 2024

Looking for ways to reach the Nairobi County Fire Department? Find emergency hotline numbers and essential tips for contacting them during fire outbreaks in 2023.

Oct 3, 2023 - 13:16
Dec 15, 2023 - 08:07
Nairobi County Fire Department Contacts in 2024
Nairobi County Fire Department Contacts in 2024

A swift response is imperative when a fire strikes in Nairobi, whether in the Central Business District or the heart of an informal settlement. With the evolving urban landscape and modern demands of 2023, knowing how to contact the Nairobi County Fire Department easily can be a lifesaver. This article will explore how to get the Nairobi County Fire Department in 2024, ensuring that timely and effective responses to fire disasters become the norm.

Nairobi County Fire Department's Decentralization

Aware of the critical role of fire departments in disaster management, Nairobi County has made significant strides in decentralizing its firefighting services. Paragraph twelve (12) of Part two (2) of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, devolves the responsibility for firefighting and disaster management to the County Governments. Moreover, the County Assembly enacted the Nairobi City County Disaster and Emergency Management Act, 2015, which mandates the County Government to establish measures to respond to disasters, including fire outbreaks.

However, there was a challenge; most firefighting equipment and personnel were concentrated within the Central Business District (CBD). The CBD's congestion due to heavy traffic made timely responses to fire disasters difficult. The informal settlements, where fires frequently occur, needed more appropriate roads to move fire engines efficiently. This situation necessitated decentralization services at the Ward level to ensure a timely and effective response to fire disasters whenever they occur.

Disaster Management and Coordination Sector

The Disaster Management Sector, established in 2018, is responsible for disaster risk and crisis management within Nairobi County. This sector operates under the office of the H.E. Governor and is headed by a Chief Officer. Its mandate encompasses various crucial areas:

Sector Mandate

  • Disaster risk reduction strategies
  • Firefighting
  • Rescue operations
  • Safety training
  • Fire investigation
  • Emergency ambulance services

Sector Strategic Objectives

The sector has three primary strategic objectives:

  1. Focus on disaster risk reduction.
  2. Enhance public safety and emergency response.
  3. Increase public awareness and disaster response.

Historical Background of Nairobi Fire Service

To appreciate the strides Nairobi County has made in fire management, we need to delve into the historical background of the Nairobi Fire Service. The establishment of the Nairobi Fire Service dates back to 1895 AD, when the first committee was held under Mr. Cooper's chairmanship. This committee's vision was to establish a Fire Service in Nairobi Municipal.

A significant milestone occurred in 1907 when a follow-up committee meeting was held, attended by prominent figures such as Mr. Cooper, Mr. Ferrier, Mr. Gailey, and others. Mr Desai generously donated rupees 5,000 for constructing the first Fire Station along Tom Mboya Street, which had the tallest tower used as an observatory to monitor fires, given the absence of telephone communication at the time.

The Nairobi Fire Service expanded over the years, with the second Fire Station established in 1956 on Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, and a third Station leased to the City Council of Nairobi by East African Breweries in 1996 for the provision of Fire Services within and without.

In 2019, the fourth and fifth fire stations were constructed at Kangundo Road and the Waithaka area, respectively, with plans initiated to establish a sixth one in the Gigiri area.

Fire Training School

The Disaster Management Sector boasts a well-established training school at the Industrial Area fire station. This training school offers a comprehensive range of programs, including:

  • Basic fire safety
  • Fire prevention courses
  • Breathing apparatus courses
  • Fire control room procedures
  • Occupational health and safety for health and safety committees
  • Firefighting operational courses
  • Leadership courses
  • Emergency medical care basics
  • Ambulance operation courses
  • Fire marshals training for industrial emergency teams
  • Fire marshal's refresher courses

With these initiatives, Nairobi County has made great strides in ensuring its fire department is equipped with well-trained personnel and modern equipment.

How To Contact Nairobi County Fire Department in 2024

Now that we have delved into the history and development of the Nairobi County Fire Department, it's crucial to know how to contact them in case of a fire emergency in 2023. Nairobi County offers multiple channels for contacting the fire department:

Emergency Hotlines

  • County Fire Emergency Numbers: 0202344599 / 0202222181
  • Industrial Area Station: 0755714604
  • Kangundo Road Station: 0777445561
  • Ruaraka Station: 0777445563
  • Waithaka Station: 0777445562
  • Gigiri Station: 0771404044

In case of a fire outbreak, it's vital to remain calm and follow these steps:

  1. Raise the alarm by shouting "Fire, Fire, Fire" and break the glass provided in the staircase.
  2. Attempt to extinguish the fire using the correct type of extinguisher.
  3. Ensure your line of retreat is clear.
  4. Call the fire brigade using the provided hotline numbers.
  5. Use the escape route when leaving and avoid obstructions.
  6. Direct others to the fire exit in an orderly manner.
  7. Assist individuals with difficulty evacuating, including the invalid, disabled, aged, and children.
  8. Avoid causing panic among others.
  9. Close doors and windows near the fire.
  10. If unable to control the fire, restrict its spread.

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Final Thoughts

Nairobi County's dedication to fire safety and disaster management is evident through decentralizing fighting services, historical developments, and a well-equipped training school. Following the guidelines and using the emergency hotlines, residents and visitors to Nairobi can ensure they receive timely and practical assistance in a fire emergency in 2023. Stay informed and prepared is the first step in safeguarding lives and property.

In conclusion, Nairobi County's commitment to fire safety and disaster management exemplifies its dedication to the well-being of its citizens, and it serves as a model for other regions to follow in building resilient and responsive fire departments. stands proudly as a preeminent Publication Blog in Kenya, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled wealth of informative content across a multitude of subjects that resonate with both the Kenyan audience and the global community at large. Our unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy has made us a trusted resource for readers not only in Kenya but also in the United States and South Africa.