How to file KRA iTax returns online in 2022

During my time in college, I had a few friends who could approach me for help in filling out their KRA returns. As imprecise as possible, they have continued to come to me about the same problem. Therefore today, let me try to help anyone with the same problem.

How to file KRA iTax returns online  in 2022
How to file KRA iTax returns online the right way in 2022

Every Kenyan citizen above 18 years who holds a bank account must file KRA returns every year. As of the time of writing this publication, the good news is that you may file your returns online without visiting a KRA office.


  1. The ability to connect to the internet
  2. Smartphone or laptop in good working order
  3. KRA Pin.

You may now go to iTax and file your taxes when you've satisfied the requirements. However, you should be aware that the KRA only permits individuals to submit their returns within a specific time frame (June 30th each year); otherwise, you can be fined Ksh2000.

iTax is a KRA-developed system that allows Kenyans to update their tax registration information, submit tax returns, record all tax payments, and get status updates while keeping their ledger/account in real-time.

Types of KRA Returns that can be filed on iTax

  1. Individual Resident
  2. Non-Resident Individual
  3. Company Returns
  4.  Partnership Returns
  5. PAYE Returns
  6. Turnover Tax
  7. Value Added Tax (VAT)  Returns
  8. Excise dut

How to easily submit your KRA iTax returns online

Remember that, as previously stated, there are many sorts of KRA Returns. As a result, each form of return is submitted differently depending on where you fall throughout your Pin Registration. Make sure you're filling out the relevant documents and that the information you provide is accurate and precise. 

In this publication, I will teach you how to submit NILL returns, an example of filling out other types of returns depending on your requirements. We still maintain that the procedures are identical, but the information you offer is what distinguishes all of these returns.

Filing Nil Returns on KRA: How to Do It

In Kenya, the minimum taxable income for Nil returns is Ksh. 12,000 per year. In the country, persons permitted to fall into this group are either those with a taxable income below a certain threshold or those who are jobless and receive no wage, including university students.

Here's how to complete your objective in this section.

  • Using your web browser, go to the iTax portal.
  • Click Continue to Login after entering your KRA Pin.
  • After successfully logging into your account, go to the page's header and tap on 'e-returns,' which will bring you a menu of alternatives. Choose whatever option you wish to use to file your returns. For illustration, we'll choose 'file nill returns.
  • Tap on the 'Tax Obligation' option and pick income Tax for residents, then click Next on the redirected page, which should look like the picture below.

  • You must fill in the returns period from and return period to, which will be the filled obligation time frame at this particular point.

  • If the information you have provided is valid, you should be prompted with a prompt otherwise, If not, double-check your input and try again.

  • You're done after you've downloaded the returns receipt on the page you've been redirected to. You don't have to waste your money by walking into a cybercafe.

What if you need to submit a different kind of return?

  1. Visit the iTAX site using your PIN and password
  2. Choose 'e-Returns' or 'Returns' from the navigation menu and then 'File Returns.'
  3. Choose the kind of return you want to make. Click 'Next' after entering your taxpayer's PIN and selecting the tax liability that applies to you.
  4. It launches the appropriate tax form based on the tax obligation you specified. If you choose 'VAT' as your tax requirement, it will open the VAT return form.
  5. You'll be sent to the following page, which has step-by-step directions for filing tax forms.
  6. Go to the appropriate link and save it to your PC to download the template. Please fill out all required fields on the downloadable tax return form and save it to your computer.
  7. Select the period for which you submit the returns on the iTax tax return filing page. Upload the zip file and click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. Finally, click the 'Submit' button to submit the returns, and click 'OK' to dismiss the 'Do you wish to upload the form' pop-up message. 

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