How to File Your KRA Returns on NCBA Now App

Aug 17, 2023 - 16:07
How to File Your KRA Returns on NCBA Now App

 The Kenyan banking sector is ever-evolving day and night thanks to technology rapidly reshaping the industry; NCBA Bank has taken a step forward by enhancing its NCBA NOW app with innovative features that enable Kenyan citizens to file their tax returns conveniently. This article delves into the ins and outs of utilizing the NCBA NOW app to file your KRA returns seamlessly. From accessing the app's login page to making tax payments, we've covered you with a comprehensive guide on leveraging this app for efficient tax filing.

Key Takeaways

  1. NCBA NOW app enhances tax return filing for Kenyans.
  2. KRA iTax Payment option incorporated into the app.
  3. Additional features include Hide / Unhide Balance and My Cards.
  4. Access the NCBA NOW app via the bank's website.
  5. Log in with provided username and OTP.
  6. The landing page displays the user role and last login details.
  7. The "My Products" section offers insights into accounts and loans.
  8. Transfers and payments are made easy with various options.
  9. A dedicated module for tax payments simplifies the process.

Accessing the NCBA NOW App

NCBA Bank has introduced a game-changing feature to its NCBA NOW app – the ability to file KRA tax returns directly from your mobile device. In a recent communication, NCBA Bank announced that it had incorporated the KRA iTax Payment option into its app, providing hassle-free ways to make domestic tax payments. Users can initiate their tax payments without inconvenience by logging into the NCBA NOW app, navigating to "Bill Payments," and selecting the iTax icon.

The NCBA NOW app has integrated the KRA iTax Payment option and other user-friendly features. One of the newly added functionalities is the Hide / Unhide Balance Option, allowing users to customize the display of their account balances on the app's dashboard. Moreover, the app now includes a "My Cards" feature that facilitates credit card bill payments, debit card PIN settings, and changes. It provides a snapshot of credit card activity through a mini-statement.

How to Access Online Banking

To begin the process, access the NCBA website by visiting Once on the website, select "NCBA Kenya" under the Kenya section to proceed to the online banking login page.

Logging into Your Account

The login process involves several simple steps:

  1. Input your username, which the bank has provided.
  2. Input your password, a One-Time PIN (OTP) generated by a soft or hard token.
  3. Click the "SIGN IN" button to access your account.

Upon successful login, you'll be directed to your landing page, where you can explore a range of banking functionalities.

Navigating Functionality Modules

Once logged in, the landing page displays vital information such as your user role (Initiator or Authorizer Rights) for corporate profiles, the date and time of your last login, and options to continue to the full suite of NCBA Internet Banking functionalities. This includes tabs for various services, each with related functions grouped under it.

Exploring "My Products"

The "My Products" section provides a comprehensive view of your account portfolio, ranging from deposits to transactions, savings, and borrowings with the bank. Key features under this section include:

  • My Accounts: Here, you can access a summary of your current and savings accounts and detailed breakdowns for each account.
  • Loans: Access information about your loan accounts, including summaries, statements, and the ability to request new loans.
  • Deposits: Gain insights into your deposit accounts, with options to view summaries and amend/redeem specific actions.

Making Transfers and Payments

Transferring funds and making payments through the NCBA NOW app is a breeze. Key functionalities include:

  • Transfers: You can transfer funds between your accounts to other NCBA accounts, local banks, and even internationally.
  • Mobile Account: This feature facilitates transfers to mobile wallets like M-Pesa and Airtel Money.
  • International Payments: If you need to transfer funds to beneficiaries outside Kenya, this feature helps you initiate cross-border transfers.

Filing Tax Payments

The app offers a dedicated module for tax payments, making it easier than ever to fulfill your obligations to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). By selecting the "Tax Payments" option, you can choose from various payment types like iTax, Customs, and Kentrade. Input your KRA Eslip Number, select the payment type, and finalize the payment – it's that simple.

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With the evolution of the banking sector and the integration of advanced technology, NCBA Bank's NCBA NOW app has emerged as a powerful tool for Kenyans to streamline their financial activities, including filing tax returns. This guide has provided a comprehensive walkthrough of the app's essential features, from login to tax payment. By harnessing the capabilities of the NCBA NOW app, you can navigate your financial obligations with ease and efficiency.


  1. Can I file my tax returns using the NCBA NOW app? The app now features the KRA iTax Payment option, enabling seamless tax return filing.
  2. What are some additional features of the NCBA NOW app? In addition to tax payments, the app allows you to manage your account balances, credit card payments, and more.
  3. How do I log in to the NCBA NOW app? Visit the NCBA website, select "NCBA Kenya," input your username and OTP, and click "SIGN IN."
  4. Can I transfer funds internationally through the app? Yes, the app provides options for international transfers to beneficiaries outside Kenya.
  5. Is the app accessible for personal and corporate users? Yes, the app caters to personal and corporate users, providing functionalities tailored to their needs.
  6. What payment types are available for tax payments? The app offers payment types like iTax, Customs, and Kentrade for your tax obligations.


The information provided in this article is intended for informational purposes only. While we strive to ensure accuracy, banking processes may change over time. Always refer to the official NCBA NOW app and the bank's website for the most up-to-date information and instructions regarding tax filing and financial activities.

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