How to Get and Use Safaricom Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number

This article discusses everything you need to know about Lipa Nam Mpesa Operations. Right from registration to its usage, we will guide you. Keep reading to the end.

Mar 6, 2023 - 15:11
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How to Get and Use Safaricom Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number

Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number is a service that allows businesses and individuals to collect sales payments via a Till number and use them to perform other business transactions. The recent inauguration of Merchant Interoperability in Kenya allows you to use Lipa Na M-Pesa across all networks. This article outlines how to get a Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number and how to use it.

Getting a Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number

To get a Buy Goods and Services Mpesa Till Number, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Safaricom Self Onboarding portal  and click "Apply Now."
  • Choose the M-PESA Business Till (Buy Goods Till) or Short Term Paybill.
  • Select your category - individual, sole proprietor, or limited liability company.
  • Enter your details, including your Safaricom number, and apply.
  • You will receive the Till number and store number by SMS on your Safaricom number or the number you provided when applying.
  • Download the Lipa Na Mpesa sticker from the same Self Onboarding portal.
  • Activate the Business Till by dialing *234# and changing the PIN.

Using the Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number

Once you have obtained the Till number, you can use it to receive payments, pay businesses or customers, withdraw funds, sell airtime, and earn a commission. Here is how you can use the Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number:

Receiving payments: Share your Till number with customers, and they can make payments to your Till number directly.

Paying businesses or customers: Use your Till number to pay other businesses or customers.

Withdrawing funds: You can withdraw funds from banks or Mpesa agents or transfer them to your Mpesa account.

Selling airtime: You can use the funds collected to sell airtime and earn a commission.

Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number Rates and Charges

As a customer, you don't incur any charges when you buy goods or services via the Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number. On the other hand, businesses are charged a rate of 0.5% and not more than Ksh. 200 per transaction on the money collected.

Please find more information here.

How to Activate the Till Number

To activate the Till number, follow these steps:

  • Dial *234# from the nominated number.
  • Select option 2 - M-PESA Business Till.
  • Enter the store number received by SMS.
  • Select option 1 - Yes to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Submit the details.

How to Change the Till Number PIN

If you wish to change the Till number PIN, follow these steps:

  • Dial *234# from the nominated number.
  • Select option 2 - M-PESA Business Till.
  • Enter your store number.
  • Select option 5 - Account Services.
  • Select option 1 - Change PIN.
  • Enter your operator ID and old PIN.
  • Enter the new PIN and confirm the new PIN.
  • Submit the details.

Requirements for Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number

The documents required to apply for a Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number depend on your category. Here are the requirements for each category:

  • Individual: Copy of National ID (front and back). Suppose you want payments to settle to Mpesa and bank accounts. In that case, you must also submit a copy of the canceled cheque or letter from the bank stating bank details as per the certificate of registration copy of the Individual KRA PIN certificate.
  • Sole Proprietor: Copy of National ID (front and back), copy of business registration certificate, copy of the business permit, and copy of KRA PIN certificate.
  • Limited Liability Company: Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association, copy of KRA PIN certificate, copy of National ID of the directors, and a letter from the company secretary authorizing the application.

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Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number is a convenient way for businesses to collect customer payments and perform other business transactions. With the recent interoperability, it is now possible to use Lipa Na Mpesa across all networks. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily apply for and use a Lipa Na Mpesa Till Number for your business. Remember to avoid inconveniences when collecting payments and adhere to the rates and charges.

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