How to Get M-Pesa Till Statement for Your Business Transactions

Track your business activities effortlessly with M-Pesa Till statements. Choose between complete statements or mini-statements for an overview of recent transactions.

Aug 27, 2023 - 09:33
How to Get M-Pesa Till Statement for Your Business Transactions
How to Get M-Pesa Till Statement for Your Business Transactions

Safaricom is a trailblazer, consistently introducing groundbreaking products that elevate the company's status. Among these pioneering innovations is M-Pesa, a revolutionary mobile money transfer service that has not only transformed the telecommunication industry but has also paved the way for other business-oriented products. One such product is the M-Pesa Till, which simplifies transactions for businesses. If you're a business owner utilizing Safaricom's Lipa Na M-Pesa platform, you've likely pondered how to obtain an M-Pesa Till statement. Whether for logistics or accountability purposes, rest assured that acquiring your M-Pesa Till statement is straightforward.

 Key Takeaways

  1. Safaricom's M-Pesa Till statement offers crucial insights into business transactions.
  2. Choose between a complete statement for a year's overview or a mini-statement for recent transactions.
  3. Access your statement via USSD codes, the M-Pesa App, SIM Toolkit, online download, self-care portal, or the M-Ledger app.
  4. Overcome limitations by obtaining an approved statement at Safaricom retail shops or utilizing the customer care line.
  5. Ensure your statement is password-protected and compliant with data protection laws.

Understanding the Importance of M-Pesa Till Statement

Keeping track of your business transactions is smart, and an M-Pesa Till statement serves precisely that purpose. While traditional banking provides statements for your accounts, mobile money users often need to pay more attention to this service due to the perception of smaller transaction volumes and the convenience of readily available real-time transaction data. Safaricom, a leader in mobile money transfer services, empowers merchants to request an M-Pesa statement with simplicity and convenience.

Types of M-Pesa Statements Available

Business transactions can vary significantly in scale. Given that an M-Pesa Till can hold up to Ksh.50,000,000, a standard statement might not adequately capture the depth of your business activities. This is why Safaricom offers two options: a complete statement and a mini statement.

  • Full Statement: This comprehensive statement covers a year of transactions and provides detailed insights into your business activities.
  • Mini Statement: If you're seeking a snapshot of your latest transactions, the mini statement covers the last five transactions and is conveniently delivered via SMS.

Obtaining Your M-Pesa Till Statement

Requesting your M-Pesa Till statement is a hassle-free process. Once you've been assigned a Lipa Na M-Pesa SIM Card and a corresponding till and store number, you can easily track your transactions using the following steps:

Using USSD Code *234#:

    • Dial *234# on your Lipa Na M-Pesa line.
    • Select "My M-Pesa information" and then choose "M-Pesa statement."
    • Opt for the "Full statement" option.
    • Enter your identification details (national ID or passport number).
    • Provide your email address to receive the statement.
    • You'll receive the M-Pesa statement in your designated email address by the 5th of each month.

Using M-Pesa App:

    • Log in to the M-Pesa App using your PIN.
    • Navigate to "M-Pesa Statements" on the home page.
    • Select the desired month and choose "Export Statements."
    • Opt for "Generate Statements" to download the statement.

Getting an M-Pesa Paybill Statement

The process for obtaining an M-Pesa Paybill statement is quite similar, though it has slight variations. The M-Pesa mini statement is also available for those looking for a condensed history of transactions, giving you insight into your five most recent transactions.

Alternative Methods and Considerations

  • SIM Toolkit: Your SIM Toolkit allows you to access a brief M-Pesa statement, providing a convenient way to view recent transactions.
  • Online Download: M-Pesa statements can be accessed online via email. Remember that the statement is password-protected; you'll need your registered ID number to unlock it.
  • Self-Care Portal: Safaricom's self-care portal offers access to statements using a computer or smartphone. You can view your transaction history after creating a profile and verifying your phone number.
  • M-Ledger App: The M-Ledger app is another option for accessing your M-Pesa statement. This app categorizes and analyzes your transactions for easy tracking.
  • Customer Service Department: For in-person assistance, Safaricom's customer care centers provide physical copies of your M-Pesa statement for a nominal fee.

M-Pesa Till Statement Disclaimer

While you can access your M-Pesa Till statement, it's essential to be aware of its limitations. The statement might contain a disclaimer indicating that it can't be used as evidence in legal proceedings. However, if you need an approved statement, you can visit a Safaricom retail shop and submit a request. This request involves completing a form with your details and the specific nature of your application. Once submitted, Safaricom's standard processing time is five business days.

Lipa Na M-Pesa Till Customer Care Line

If you encounter difficulties using the provided methods to download your M-Pesa Till statement, Safaricom offers a dedicated customer care line exclusively for till number owners. Dial 2134, and you'll have the opportunity to address any inquiries you may have promptly.

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In Conclusion

As business transactions become increasingly complex, the need to track and manage your finances grows. Safaricom's M-Pesa Till statement service empowers business owners to do just that. The Lipa Na M-Pesa platform and the straightforward process of obtaining statements simplifies staying updated on your business activities. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly access your M-Pesa Till statement and ensure you're always in control of your financial data. 

FAQs About M-Pesa Till Statements

  1. What is an M-Pesa Till statement? An M-Pesa Till statement records your business's financial transactions processed through the M-Pesa platform.
  2. What types of statements are available? You can choose between a complete statement (covering a year) or a mini-statement (showing the last five transactions).
  3. Can I access my M-Pesa Till statement online? You can access your statement online via email or the self-care portal.
  4. How do I unlock a password-protected statement? Use your registered ID number as the password to unlock your statement.
  5. Can I use my M-Pesa statement in court proceedings? M-Pesa statements might have limitations for legal use. For court-admissible statements, visit a Safaricom retail shop.
  6. What's the advantage of using the M-Ledger app? The M-Ledger app simplifies transaction analysis, providing categorized insights into your financial activities.

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