How to Get an MPesa Statement for Another Number

Master acquiring an MPesa statement for another number with this comprehensive guide, and ensure financial transparency while respecting privacy norms.

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How to Get an MPesa Statement for Another Number
how to get mpesa statement for another number

Mobile money transfer services such as MPesa have revolutionized financial transactions, but understanding the system is critical to utilizing it to its fullest potential. This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to get an MPesa statement for another number. So, brace yourselves for an enlightening journey into the world of MPesa!

Importance of MPesa Statements

MPesa, a service offered by Safaricom, has become an integral part of the Kenyan financial landscape. It allows users to transfer funds, pay bills, and complete other financial tasks through a mobile phone. MPesa statements are pivotal in keeping a record of these transactions. They provide a detailed report of all financial activities performed via the service, making them crucial for financial transparency and accountability.

However, acquiring a statement for another number can be a hurdle for many, with limitations like authorization requirements and a potentially confusing menu. But worry not because we are here to clear up the confusion!

The Step-by-Step Procedure to Acquire an MPesa Statement for Another Number

Dialing into the MPesa World

The journey to retrieve an MPesa statement begins by dialing *234# on the number for which you want the statement. This number is your gateway to the MPesa menu.

Navigating the MPesa Menu

Upon dialing, you will see several options on your screen. You'll need to select the "My Account" option to proceed.

This action will direct you to a new list of options. Here, select the "Statement" option.

Specifying the Date Range

Now comes the part where you specify the date range for your desired statement. MPesa offers a flexible date selection, allowing you to choose a specific date or a range of dates.

Once you've done this, an SMS containing the statement will be sent to you.

It's important to note that due to security considerations, you must obtain the number owner's consent before you can access their statement.


Step Description
1 Dial *234# on your mobile phone
2 Select option 2 for M-Pesa services
3 Select option 4 for M-Pesa statements
4 Select option 2 for full statement
5 Enter the phone number for which you want the statement
6 Enter the start date and end date for the statement
7 (The maximum range is 12 months)
8 Enter your M-Pesa PIN to confirm the request
9 You will receive the statement via SMS and/or email

Helpful Tips for Getting an MPesa Statement

Being informed about the entire process is excellent, but having a few tips up your sleeve can make the process smoother. Here are some handy pointers:

  1. Before starting the process, ensure that you have the correct number.
  2. Seek the number owner's permission before starting.
  3. Be clear about the date range you need the statement for.
  4. Once received, retain the statement for future reference.

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Navigating the MPesa system to acquire a statement for another number doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these simple steps and keeping the essential tips in mind, you can easily acquire the desired statement, promoting financial transparency and trust. So, step into the world of MPesa and take control of your financial transactions!


Q: Can I access an MPesa statement without the number owner's consent?

A: Due to security reasons, you need the number owner's consent before accessing their statement.

Q: What is the maximum range for which I can get a statement?

A: You can get a statement for a maximum range of 12 months.

Q: Is there a charge for this service?

A: Charges for this service depend on your mobile service provider and the type of statement you request. For specific details, contact your service provider or check their official website.

Q: Can I request a statement for a date exceeding 12 months?

A: No, the maximum range for an MPesa statement is 12 months. You may need to make multiple requests if you require data for a period longer than that.

Q: Will the MPesa statement be sent via SMS or email?

A: The MPesa statement is typically sent via SMS. However, depending on your preferences and the options provided by your service provider, you may also receive it via email.

Q: Can I request an MPesa statement if I don't use MPesa services myself?

A: Yes, you can request an MPesa statement for another number as long as you have the consent of the number owner and access to their mobile device to navigate the MPesa menu.


This guide is provided for informational purposes and aims to assist users in navigating the MPesa system. The steps outlined above may vary slightly based on changes made by the service provider, Safaricom. It's essential to follow all ethical guidelines and respect privacy when accessing a statement for another number. Always obtain the necessary permissions and abide by all terms and conditions set by Safaricom. We hold no responsibility for any misuse of this information. Please use this guide responsibly.

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