How to install an M.2 SSD in a PlayStation 5 and transfer games

It is now possible to increase the storage capacity of the PS5 by adding a new SSD to the console. On the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, there are numerous options for increasing console storage. If the two manufacturers plan to add an external hard drive to the console, it will no longer be possible to run a next-gen game natively, which is why they are currently considered to run on high-speed SSDs.

Nov 25, 2021 - 14:07
Jan 18, 2023 - 13:58
How to install an M.2 SSD in a PlayStation 5 and transfer games

Microsoft and Sony have chosen various approaches to solve this challenge. The first provides an easy-to-install proprietary extension card, while the second opts for a more typical alternative, a PC NVMe SSD, which is a bit more challenging to install. Another benefit of the PlayStation solution is playing more readily on costs, which helps the PC market compete.

What to consider

There are various factors to consider while selecting a suitable SSD for the PS5. The SSD must be a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD with at least 5500 MB/s transfer speed and physical dimensions of 22 mm wide by 30 to 110 mm long.

Another thing to think about is the heat sink. Physical dimensions must be taken into consideration, or it does not have one and must be installed. In this instance, the be silent heatsink is a good choice! MC1.

Staying with the Upgrades

Your console will not boot with the SSD inserted if it is not running at least version 21.02- As a result, updating the console is a must before proceeding with the extra storage installation. The most straightforward approach to ensure that the console is up to date is to go to settings, then to the system area, and search for an update. If your console is up to date, remember to disconnect it before turning it off.

How to install SSD in PS5

It is essential to add a heat sink before installing the SSD if it does not already have one. The installation is pretty straightforward.

 In terms of length, all that is required is to align the SSD and the two components of the heatsink so that the screw holes are on the same side. The top of the heatsink, which is the most voluminous section and is responsible for cooling, must be on the side of the SSD's storage chips. There is a lot of information here, but it is primarily intuitive, and the heat sink comes with an explanatory pamphlet.


Remove the plastic tab that protects the stickers on each side of the heatsink to rest it in the exact area on the SSD once it has been appropriately positioned. It is then sufficient to place the screws provided with the device to firmly tighten the heatsink with the SSD in the case of the Be Quiet heatsink.

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opening the console

 First and foremost, make sure the PlayStation 5's replaceable foot is removed. Place the console horizontally after that, making sure the face with the PlayStation logo is against the worktop.After that, the white wall must be removed. Pushing up the console while pulling outwards is required for this. The PlayStation 5 panel should come off with a bit of force, showing the chassis with the fan and a few air holes.


It is vital to find the location of the SSD when the PlayStation 5 is still horizontal and without its white wall. A gray metal cover and a screw protect this thin slot. 

Before installing the SSD, begin unscrewing the screw, which should be situated at the marking 110 mm by default. In this surgery, there is also a little metal ring to recover. Make sure the metal ring is in the right place for your SSD. Because we're using a Samsung 980 Pro, a very standard NVMe 2280 SSD on a PC, we set the ring to 80 mm.

The SSD must then be installed, beginning with the PCI Express connection being inserted into the port designated for this purpose. The use of a keyfob avoids incorrect installation.

The heatsink should be facing the outside of the console by default. Therefore there is only one option. If you press a bit into the port, you should feel the SSD sink, indicating properly fitted.

how do to transfer a ps5 game to an m.2 SSD? 

To distinguish it from the "Console Storage" SSD, the PlayStation 5 interface will now refer to your extra SSD as the "M.2 SSD." From the console settings, you can quickly relocate your games to the storage area. Then choose "games and applications" to get a list of available games. The titles you wish to migrate to the console's M.2 SSD storage can then be chosen.


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