How To Make Money Online In Kenya With My Phone

Are you trying to find mobile-friendly internet jobs? Learn how to conduct this straightforward internet job on your phone and make more than KSH 7,000 daily. This article mentions one of the most straightforward phone jobs anyone can perform from home. Keep Reading to the end to Know which Job suits you better.

How To Make Money Online In Kenya With My Phone
How To Make Money Online In Kenya With My Phone

Making money online is everyone's dream, and I'm guessing that includes you; otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this article, would you? Now I'm going to show you one of the easiest ways to make money online using your smartphone, so yes, you are in the right place. However, I want to let you know that to make money online, you have to do something, so if you want to do absolutely nothing online, this article is not for you.

Let us get started

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 user testing jobs

User testing is a type of online job where you get paid to test the usability and functionality of websites, apps, and other digital products, and no, it's not as difficult as it sounds. Here is how it works companies and brands usually want to know how normal users find their websites and mobile apps; for instance, a company like Facebook, or is it meta now, would like to know whether Facebook is easy to use in terms of uploading pictures and videos adding captions searching for people on Facebook joining Facebook groups and their likes, so they look for people to use their platform and give them feedback which they then use to improve the platform these people are called user testers and they get paid for each test they do in addition to getting paid as a user tester

Affiliate Promotion

Another best way to earn more here in Kenya is by venturing into affiliate marketing. Many affiliate programs here in Kenya are willing to pay you to promote their services. You will get paid when someone uses your affiliate link to buy something. Affiliate product promotion can be done in various ways, including through social media, your website, and even email marketing. You can start with Jumia, Kilimall, and others here in Kenya.

Become  A Social Media Influencer

This is one of the easiest by which any Kenyan Adult or youth Can Easily Make some quick Cash. So Longus you have enough following on your Social media Pages, Many businesses will likely pay you to advertise their goods and services on your social media platforms.

Creating a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel if you have something to say and are creative. You can make money through sponsorships, advertising, or even the sale of goods. You need to produce compelling material if you want to succeed on YouTube. Additionally, you must advertise your channel and expand your viewership.

So long as you are creative enough, Your art will always sell and Make you enough money

Sell any items you no longer need.

Everybody has items they don't need. You may sell them for money on several internet marketplaces. Take detailed images of the things you want to sell and post them online, together with a price tag and your contact information. You can trade on Jiji, Jumia, eBay:  and Many More

Play Games

Some apps pay you to test their games and provide comments, so gamers are not left out. An illustration of an app that charges users to play games is Qriket. You have to spin a wheel to win money on this app. After choosing your colors, you turn the wheel. Despite the app's lack of significant money-making potential, you will undoubtedly receive a respectable sum.

Take Part In Online surveys

Online surveys are another intriguing option to earn money on your phone. Companies are willing to pay cash for your opinions because they value them. On survey websites, you can get paid by sharing your ideas. Such websites and apps include, for instance, Opinion space


Lastly, you can work as a freelancer if you have any abilities or talents to offer. Anything from writing to web development could be included in this. Through online markets like Upwork or Fiver, you can find clients. Creating a website or blog that advertises your services is another technique to attract customers. Social networking is another tool you can use to advertise your services.

Watch Online Videos

Many websites and apps provide rewards for visiting them and seeing their advertisements, promotional videos, and other content. One of the most well-known apps for earning money by shopping, watching movies, and participating in paid surveys is called Swagbucks. Finally, you can get your money back using PayPal or gift cards.

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