How to Obtain M-Pesa Statement Online quickly, step-by-step guide

This article seeks to empower you with a vast knowledge of how to obtain your Mpesa Statement quickly without much hustle? Are you stuck or don't know where to start quickly? Read to the end to know which step suits you more easily?

How to Obtain M-Pesa Statement Online quickly, step-by-step guide
How to Obtain M-Pesa Statement Online quickly, step-by-step guide

An M-Pesa statement records all transactions you've done via your Mpesa account when transferring or receiving money. The statement also includes any fees associated with M-Pesa withdrawals and any other transactions you may have completed using M-pesa.

Before proceeding with what the topic of this article requires us to do, a Mpesa statement is categorized mainly into forms: the Mini statement or the complete statement. Hold, don't freak out yet; these are just terms that can be explained easily by just reading them. These documents can be easily accessed if your smartphone is registered with Safaricom. The beauty of these products is that you will be charged any cent when requesting the service.

The Mpesa statement may seem like just some piece of the document, but later on, you will come to know its many benefits. First, the statement will help to be aware of how you spend your money(Your Monthly expenditure in general). In return, you may learn from your spending behaviour and act accordingly.

Various ways use to obtain your monthly statement. The magic with it is that you can either opt to have it delivered as an SMS or directly to your Mail Box.

How to Activate the Safaricom Mpesa statement on your phone

As mentioned before, receiving your MPESA statement allows you to keep tabs on your spending and take responsibility for your MPESA transactions. Let's go through the many methods you may use to get your MPESA in depth.

Method 1: Via SMS

This method is only acceptable if your want to obtain a mini statement which inc; uses your most recent transactions, An MPESA mini statement is often sent to you through SMS, and you may request one by one of the following two means:

  • Dial *334# on your Mobile Phone and press enter
  • Choose option seven as My account
  • Tap on Option 3 as the MPESA statement
  • Choose option one, which is the Mpesa statement
  • Select option one as a Request statement
  • Tap on option 2, Summary Statement
  • Wait for an SMS with your most recent MPESA transactions to arrive.

Method 2: SIM Toolkit

By visiting your MPESA toolbox, please don't confuse it with the Mpesa app. Unlike the step above, which allows you to see your various transactions, using the toolkit on your phone will allow you to view the most recent transaction only. Here is how you can achieve the process.

  • Go to your phone's SIM toolkit.
  • Activate the MPESA menu.
  • Tap on Safaricom then Mpesa
  • Choose My Account
  • Select Mini statement.
  • Enter your Mpesa Pin
  • Wait for an SMS with your most recent MPESA transaction.

Now you are probably wondering how you can obtain your Full Mpesa statement. Now take note that you will not be able to access the complete Mpesa statement unless your Mpesa number had carried Mpesa transactions for at least Six Months from the day it was registered. Here is how you can go about it

Method 3: Gmail

  • on your phone, enter *334#
  • Tap option 7, My Account
  • Choose Option 3,
  • Tap on option 1, Mpesa Statement
  • Tap on  option 1, Request a statement
  • Choose option 1, Full statement
  • Choose the period that you want to get the statement from
  • Enter your email address
  • Renter the same address if prompted
  • Finish by entering your Mpesa pin

Go to your email address and see if Safaricom has sent you the email address for the specified period

Method 4: Using the MySafaricom app

  • Install the MySafaricom mobile app from your favourite app store.
  • Register with the Safaricom app. At this stage, please use your Mobile data
  • At the bottom of the application, Look for the Mpesa Icon and Tap on it
  • Tap on the Mpesa statement on the redirected page, accept the terms and conditions, then tap on Activate
  • Enter your Mpesa Pin to activate the M-PESA statement.
  • Wait for an SMS informing you that your Mpesa statement has been activated successfully.

Method 5: Use the Safaricom Self-Care Portal

So far, this is the easiest step to take to get your Full statement quickly. All you require is a mobile phone that can easily access the internet. How do you go about it? Follow the procedures mentioned down below:

  • Visit
  • Choose self-care.
  • Select the desired registration type.
  • Create a username by entering your Safaricom mobile number.
  • Accept  Safaricom's terms and Conditions
  • An activation number will be sent to your mobile number
  • Enter the code, then sign in to the Safaricom site using the username and password you generated.
  • You will see a verification message after logging in.

As simple as that!

Now that we have discussed how to activate your Safaricom Mpesa Statement, how do you go about vice versa? However, you should be aware that until you opt back in, you won't get MPESA statements once you choose to stop receiving them.

  • Dial *334#
  • Go to option 7 (My Account)
  • Choose the MPESA statement under Option 3
  • To reject, choose option 4.

As I conclude, remember that all the steps mentioned in this guide have a common objective: to find your Mpesa statement with one Tap of your smartphone screen. So when getting started, the question that you should be asking yourself is how you can quickly obtain either a full or a mini statement. It's that easy!

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