How to Okoa Jahazi and check your balance

Learn how to access Safaricom's Okoa Jahazi service, borrow airtime, and stay connected with ease

Aug 1, 2023 - 12:32
How to Okoa Jahazi and check your balance
How to Okoa Jahazi and check your balance

Okoa Jahazi is a unique service by Safaricom designed to keep you connected even when you run out of airtime. This essential feature has saved many in dire need of making urgent calls or surfing the web. Here's everything you need to know about Okoa Jahazi, from accessing it to repaying the borrowed airtime.

What is Okoa Jahazi?

Okoa Jahazi is an innovative service introduced by Safaricom for its PrePay users. The primary aim is to ensure that users never miss important calls due to insufficient airtime. As a user, you can request airtime credit, pay it off later, and stay connected. The amount you can borrow depends on factors like airtime usage and repayment history.

How to Access Okoa Jahazi Service

Dial the shortcode *131# on your Safaricom line and follow the subsequent prompts. This will lead you to different airtime amounts you can borrow based on your usage and repayment history. Remember, to qualify, your Safaricom mobile number must have been active for at least six months, and you must have an airtime balance of less than KES 2.

Features and Conditions of Okoa Jahazi

  • Okoa Jahazi comes with several features and conditions you must keep in mind:
  • Borrow airtime from a minimum of KES 10 to a maximum of KES 1,000.
  • A service charge of 10% applies every time you request credit.
  • The borrowed airtime can be used for calls, texts, and internet browsing.
  • The repayment period for the borrowed airtime is five days.
  • The borrowed airtime cannot be transferred to another user.
  • You cannot request another credit if you have an outstanding balance.

Repaying Your Okoa Jahazi Debt

After receiving your credit, Safaricom provides a window period to repay. The best way to repay your Okoa Jahazi debt is by topping up airtime on your number. The borrowed amount will be automatically deducted. Safaricom will deduct the remaining credit from your account if you fail to repay within the stipulated time.

How is Your Okoa Jahazi Loan Amount Determined?

Two main factors determine your Okoa Jahazi credit limit:

  1. Your Airtime Usage: Higher airtime usage increases the amount of airtime credit you can access. For instance, if your airtime usage in the past seven days is KES 1,000, your credit limit will be KES 1,000.
  2. Repayment History: Prompt repayment of your credit can improve your credit limit.

How to Check Your Okoa Jahazi Balance

To check your Okoa Jahazi balance, dial 1444#. Alternatively, you can send a text message with the word "Balance" to 144, and you'll receive a message with all the details.

The Multiple Okoa Feature

The Multiple Okoa feature allows subscribers to borrow airtime as often as needed, up to their weekly limit. Each additional credit has its separate five-day validity. Remember, you cannot transfer the borrowed airtime to another number.

 How to Access Multiple Okoa Credit

To access Multiple Okoa Credit, dial *131#. You'll receive details on the amount you can borrow and in what denominations. Choose the credit you want to borrow and accept. A confirmation message will be sent to your account.

How to Check Multiple Okoa Balances

To check your withstanding Okoa Jahazi loans, dial the USSD code 1444#. You can also dial *131# and select option 0.

How to Repay Multiple Okoa Jahazi Credit

Repayment of Multiple Okoa Jahazi Credit is similar to the basic Okoa Jahazi service. Load credit to your Safaricom line as usual, and Safaricom will deduct the credit from each top-up you make until it's fully recovered.

Safaricom Auto Okoa Service

This service enables eligible Safaricom Prepay subscribers to receive an Okoa Jahazi credit facility every time their airtime falls below KSh 5. The service charges an advance fee of 10% for each request. To subscribe, dial *131# or 4562#, select "Auto-Okoa," choose "Subscribe," and select the amount of Okoa Jahazi you wish to borrow.

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In a world where communication is paramount, running out of airtime can be a significant setback. Safaricom's Okoa Jahazi provides a lifeline during these times, ensuring you stay connected. Remember to use the service responsibly and repay your credit in time to keep enjoying its benefits.


 What is Okoa Jahazi?

Okoa Jahazi is a service by Safaricom that allows prepay users to borrow airtime and repay it later.

How do I access Okoa Jahazi Service?

To access Okoa Jahazi service, dial the shortcode *131# on your Safaricom line and follow the prompts.

What are the conditions for Okoa Jahazi?

The conditions for Okoa Jahazi include:

  • A 10% service charge.
  • A minimum airtime borrowing of KES 10.
  • A repayment period of five days.

Additionally, borrowed airtime cannot be transferred, and you must clear any existing debt before borrowing more.

How do I repay my Okoa Jahazi credit?

Repay your Okoa Jahazi credit by topping up airtime on your number. Safaricom will automatically deduct the borrowed amount.

How do I check my Okoa Jahazi balance?

To check your Okoa Jahazi balance, dial 1444# or text "Balance" to 144.

What is the Multiple Okoa feature?

The Multiple Okoa feature allows subscribers to borrow airtime multiple times, up to their weekly limit, each with a five-day validity period.

How do I access Multiple Okoa credits?

Access Multiple Okoa Credit by dialing *131#. Follow the prompts to see the amount you can borrow.

How do I repay Multiple Okoa Jahazi credit?

Repay Multiple Okoa Jahazi credits by loading credit to your Safaricom line. Safaricom will deduct the credit from each top-up until fully recovered.

What is Safaricom Auto Okoa service?

Auto Okoa service allows eligible Safaricom Prepay subscribers to automatically receive Okoa Jahazi credit every time their airtime falls below KSh 5. stands proudly as a preeminent Publication Blog in Kenya, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled wealth of informative content across a multitude of subjects that resonate with both the Kenyan audience and the global community at large. Our unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy has made us a trusted resource for readers not only in Kenya but also in the United States and South Africa.