How to Purchase Starlink Internet in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide

Ordering Starlink Internet in Kenya is easy! Learn the steps and costs involved to unlock fast and reliable internet access in underserved areas

Oct 28, 2023 - 20:09
How to Purchase Starlink Internet in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide
How to Purchase Starlink Internet in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide

In a world where connectivity is critical, Elon Musk's brainchild, Starlink, is making waves by providing high-speed, low-latency internet access via satellite. This innovative technology has finally reached Kenya, offering a solution to those in underserved or remote areas where traditional internet infrastructure falls short. In this article, we'll guide you through purchasing Starlink Internet in Kenya, answering the essential "Who, How, and Why" to ensure you get the best possible internet experience.

Who Can Get Starlink in Kenya?

Starlink is designed to bridge the digital divide, making it available to users in Kenya and over 60 countries. Whether you're in a bustling city or a remote village, Starlink's network of advanced satellites has got you covered.

How to Order Starlink Satellite Internet in Kenya

Ordering Starlink internet in Kenya is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Visit the Starlink Website: Begin by going to
  2. Enter Your Location: On the homepage, locate the 'SERVICE ADDRESS' box and enter your precise location.
  3. Click 'ORDER NOW': After entering your address, click the 'ORDER NOW' button.
  4. Provide Your Contact Information: Fill in your name, phone number, and email address.
  5. Shipping Address: Proceed to fill in your shipping address details.
  6. Confirm and Place Order: Double-check all the details, and when you're satisfied, click 'PLACE ORDER.'
  7. Billing Information: You'll be redirected to a page where you can enter your banking card details for payment.

How Much Does Starlink Internet Cost in Kenya?

To enjoy Starlink internet in Kenya, you'll need to consider the costs involved:

  • Hardware: The initial hardware purchase is priced at Ksh89,000.
  • Shipping and Handling: There's an additional fee of Ksh3,100 for shipping and handling.
  • Monthly Subscription: The monthly subscription fee for Starlink Internet in Kenya is Ksh6,500.

The total initial cost for Starlink Internet in Kenya is Ksh92,100. Please note that M-PESA is not accepted as a payment method.

Starlink Internet Plans and Pricing in Kenya

Starlink offers various internet packages tailored to different needs. Here's a breakdown of the available packages:

  • Starlink Residential: For Ksh92,100, you get speeds ranging from 25–220Mbps with a monthly subscription of Ksh6,500 and latency of 25–50ms.
  • Starlink Business: Priced at Ksh356,606, you'll enjoy speeds of up to 220Mbps with a monthly subscription of Ksh13,572 and similar latency.
  • Starlink Roam: For Ksh92,100, you can get 5–50Mbps with a monthly subscription fee of Ksh7,900 and latency of 25–50ms.
  • Starlink Mobility: Priced at Ksh356,606, this option offers up to 220Mbps with a monthly subscription fee of Ksh34,910 and latency under 20ms.
  • Starlink Maritime: Similar to Mobility, it offers up to 220Mbps with a monthly subscription of Ksh32,800 and latency under 20ms.

Starlink's Speed and Performance in Kenya

Starlink promises high-speed internet with low latency, making it suitable for various online activities, including streaming, gaming, and remote work. While early users in Kenya have reported speeds close to 300Mbps down, upload speeds are slightly lower, averaging around 30Mbps. Latency, however, ranges from 76ms to 300ms, with some users experiencing intermittent outages. SpaceX is actively working on improving the service with more satellite launches.

Starlink vs. Traditional Internet in Kenya

Starlink offers a game-changing alternative to traditional internet providers in Kenya. With speeds up to 10 times faster than fibre-to-the-home services and competitive pricing, it's a compelling option for residential and business users. While Safaricom and Airtel Kenya expand their 4G coverage, Starlink's satellite internet provides a viable solution, especially in underserved areas.

Starlink Resellers in Kenya

Karibu Connect has proudly become the first authorized reseller of Starlink in Kenya. This partnership aims to enhance connectivity infrastructure across the country. Remember that resellers may have their markup, so it's essential to inquire about pricing and services offered.

Starlink's Competition in Kenya

Just as Starlink made its debut in Kenya, Safaricom announced plans to launch satellite internet services in collaboration with AST SpaceMobile, a rival of Starlink. This move aims to improve coverage in rural areas and disrupt traditional telecom services. With the satellite deployments expanding, Kenyan users can expect more options for high-speed internet shortly.

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Starlink has brought the future of internet connectivity to Kenya, offering high-speed, low-latency satellite internet access. With a simple ordering process and competitive pricing, it's a viable choice for those seeking reliable internet, even in remote areas. As technology evolves, competition in the Kenyan internet market is set to benefit consumers with more options and improved connectivity.


Is Starlink available in all parts of Kenya?

Starlink aims to cover both urban and rural areas in Kenya. However, coverage may vary depending on your specific location.

Can I use M-PESA to pay for Starlink?

Currently, M-PESA is not accepted as a payment method for Starlink. You'll need to use a banking card for payment.

Are there any data caps with Starlink's internet plans in Kenya?

Starlink offers unlimited data for residential users, providing freedom from data caps.

What is the expected timeline for Starlink's service improvements in Kenya?

SpaceX plans to continually improve Starlink's service in Kenya and worldwide as more satellites are launched. Expect ongoing enhancements in speed and reliability.

Can I become a Starlink reseller in Kenya?

While Karibu Connect is the first authorized reseller, more reseller opportunities may arise. Keep an eye on official announcements from Starlink.

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