How to rate Spotify Podcasts and view your ratings

Learn how to rate and view podcasts on Spotify with this comprehensive guide. Discover the power of podcast ratings in enhancing your listening experience

Jun 20, 2023 - 12:35
Jun 20, 2023 - 12:38
How to rate Spotify Podcasts and view your ratings
How to rate Spotify Podcasts and view your ratings

If you're a regular listener of podcasts on Spotify or a podcast creator, you've come across the star rating feature. It's a simple yet potent tool introduced by Spotify to enhance podcast discovery and provide a feedback channel between podcast creators and listeners. But how exactly do you rate podcasts on Spotify, and how can you view your ratings? This article will guide you through these processes step by step.

Understanding Podcast Ratings

What are Podcast Ratings?

Podcast ratings are a quantitative measure of a listener's liking for a podcast, ranging from a 1-star rating (indicating least liked) to a 5-star rating (most liked). They differ from reviews, which are qualitative and text-based, providing feedback about the podcast.

On platforms like Apple Podcasts and Podchaser, listeners can leave a review and rating, combining a qualitative statement with a quantitative measure. However, Spotify allows only ratings, making the process quicker and more streamlined for users.

Rating a Podcast on Spotify

How to Rate a Podcast on Spotify?

Navigating to the podcast you wish to rate is the first step. Once you are on the podcast's main page (not on a specific episode), tap on the star icon below the podcast description. There's one condition, though - you must listen to at least one episode before you can rate the podcast. Remember, this rating feature is available only on the Spotify mobile app.

Why Rate a Podcast?

Ratings help to build social proof for your favorite podcasts and serve as a way for you to support the creators. More ratings lead to higher visibility, which can attract new listeners. As a podcast creator, ratings can provide an invaluable overview of how the audience receives your podcast.

For listeners, ratings offer a quick snapshot of the podcast's popularity, helping them decide whether to try a new podcast. If you find value in a podcast, rating it supports the creators and helps other like-minded listeners discover the show.

Seeing Your Ratings

How to View Your Podcast Ratings on Spotify?

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing this guide, Spotify does not allow listeners to view their previously given ratings. However, podcast creators can view their ratings in aggregate. Once a podcast has received at least ten ratings, the average and total ratings are displayed on the podcast's show page.

Encouraging Ratings

H3: How Can Podcast Creators Encourage Ratings?

Promoting your Spotify ratings to your audience is crucial as a podcast creator. Here are a few suggested prompts you can tailor to your show's voice and tone:

"Thank you for tuning into [show name]. Don't forget to rate us on Spotify."
"Enjoying our show? Leave us a rating on our Spotify show page!"
"Support us by giving [show name] a rating on Spotify."

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Podcast ratings on Spotify serve as a beneficial feature for both podcast listeners and creators. They assist in podcast discovery and provide an essential feedback mechanism. Understanding how to rate and leverage, ratings can contribute to your favorite podcasts' growth and influence the podcasting landscape.

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