How to turn off the PS5's Microphone by default?

A microphone is built into the Playstation 5 controller, allowing you to communicate with your online gaming acquaintances. This adds yet another microphone to an Internet-connected gadget. We'll show you how to disable the PS5's default microphone if you want to keep your privacy as much as possible or if you never use it.

Nov 25, 2021 - 14:41
Jan 18, 2023 - 13:58
How to turn off the PS5's Microphone by default?

t's very easy to turn off the microphone function, but as soon as you turn off the console and restart it, it will be active again. So we are going to detail the simple procedure that allows you to disable the Microphone of the PS5 by default.

The mute button directly below the PlayStation logo is switched off while the DualSense's built-in Microphone is enabled. The Microphone is switched off and the button becomes orange when you push it.This is the technique to take so that this state of affairs becomes the default and you no longer need to trim it manually:

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  • Go to the PS5's Settings menu
  • Look for the Sound line and select it
  • Then choose Microphone
  • Then select Microphone status after connection
  • Choose Disabled and validate

From now on, every time the console is started, the DualSense Microphone will be disabled. A press on the micro button of the controller will reactivate it if you feel the need.

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