How to write an emoji on Mac?

On smartphones, emojis can be accessed immediately on the virtual keyboard, which is not Mac. We will explain how to write an emoji on your Mac, like your MacBook.

How to write an emoji on Mac?

Do you like to share your emotions in your texts? Emojis are then one of the best solutions. But on Mac, they are not integrated into the keyboard, as is the case on the virtual keyboard of your smartphone. Here's like writing an emoji on Mac.

Not being integrated into your keyboard, you will have to display a virtual keyboard dedicated to emojis. 

  • Press the Control + Command + Space Or press the fn key once on new Macs and MacBooks.
  • A kind of virtual keyboard appears where emojis are presented in 14 categories (including the most used ones): Emoticons and Characters, Animals and Nature, Foods and Drinks, Activities, Travel and Places, Objects, Symbols, Flags, and a series of monochrome symbols.
  • The document where you want to embed the emoji must be opened.
  • Click in the virtual keyboard on the emoji of your choice
  • Drag and drop into the document by aiming at the specific place where you want to place it.
  • Your text is now embellished with an emoji.

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If you have a MacBook with the Touch Bar, press the emoji ???? icon to see a whole series of emojis to integrate with your texts. Be careful. The most frequently used ones appear first. It would be best to press the box on the left (representing a clock) to access the list, which will then scroll horizontally. A little tedious to use but not convenient to have under your nose.

Voilà, you now know how to easily and quickly embed an emoji in your documents. All you have to do is use it or even abuse it.