Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 (How to Make Payments via Mpesa) 

Imarika Sacco offers a variety of savings accounts and loan options. Find out how you can grow your finances with Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050

Nov 1, 2023 - 17:46
Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 (How to Make Payments via Mpesa) 
Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 (How to Make Payments via Mpesa) 

Imarika Sacco has emerged as a reliable and secure institution catering to the financial needs of its members. Established initially as Malindi Teachers Sacco and later rebranded as Imarika Sacco, this cooperative society has grown exponentially, now boasting over 38,000 members across Kenya and beyond. Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 has played a pivotal role in ensuring members can conveniently make payments and access mobile banking, savings, loans, and other financial services. 

Imarika Sacco's Evolution

Imarika Sacco's journey began as Malindi Teachers Sacco, serving educators in the region. As membership expanded to encompass individuals from the greater Kilifi County and even the Diaspora, it transformed into Kilifi Teachers Sacco. The essence of this transformation was to establish a financial institution that guarantees stability and growth, ensuring the security of its members' finances.

Mobile Banking Convenience

Imarika Sacco recognizes the importance of convenience in accessing banking services. With their mobile banking system, Mbanking/Spotcash, members can manage their accounts anytime, anywhere. The range of services accessible through mobile banking is impressive and includes:

  1. Mobile Cash Withdrawals: Easily withdraw cash on the go.
  2. Mobile Deposits: Deposit money into your account seamlessly.
  3. Balance Enquiry: Check your account balance with ease.
  4. Savings: Manage your savings effortlessly.
  5. Shares: Keep track of your claims within the Sacco.
  6. Loans: Access loan services conveniently.
  7. Airtime: Top up your mobile airtime whenever you need it.
  8. Mini-Statement: Obtain a quick summary of your account activity.
  9. Mobile Funds Transfer: Transfer funds to other accounts seamlessly.
  10. Mkopo Hewani (E-loan) Advance: Get quick access to an E-loan advance.
  11. SMS Alerts: Receive essential alerts about your account activity.
  12. Salary Alerts: Stay informed about your salary deposits.
  13. Loan Granted Alerts: Receive notifications about approved loans.
  14. Cheque Maturity Alerts: Get alerts when your cheques mature.
  15. Guarantor Notification Alerts: Stay informed about your role as a guarantor.
  16. ATM Transaction Alerts: Monitor your ATM transactions effectively.

Making Payments via Mpesa

Now, let's explore the straightforward process of making payments through Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 using Mpesa:

  1. Go to your Mpesa Menu.
  2. Select the "Pay Bill" option from your M-PESA menu.
  3. Enter "Finnlemm Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050."
  4. Input your Imarika Sacco membership number as the account number.
  5. Specify the amount you wish to pay.
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN.
  7. Confirm that all the details are correct and press "OK."
  8. You will receive a confirmation message from Safaricom.

Imarika Sacco Savings Products

Imarika Sacco offers a range of savings products to cater to different financial goals and needs. Members can save prudently and efficiently through Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 in various accounts, including:

  1. Malaika Junior Savings Account
  2. Ordinary Savings Account
  3. School Fees Account
  4. Holiday Account
  5. Medical Account
  6. Ekeza Savings Account
  7. Mavuno Tele Loan
  8. Current Account
  9. Fixed Deposit Account
  10. Msca Savings

Imarika Sacco Loan Products

Imarika Sacco provides various loan products designed to meet members' financial requirements. Some of the loan products available include:


  1. Development Loan (Formerly Normal Loan)
  2. Smart Loan
  3. Karibu Loan
  4. Scholarplus Loan
  5. Swift Loan
  6. Emergency Loan
  7. School Fees Loan


  1. Ufanisi Loan
  2. Imarika Vijana Loan
  3. Prestige Advance
  4. Ordinary Advance
  5. One-Month Advance
  6. Advance Top-Up

Imarika Sacco Contacts

Should you have any queries or require assistance regarding Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 or any other services, you can reach out to Imarika Sacco through the following channels:

  • Address: Kitecoh Complex, P.O. Box 712, Kilifi
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 041-7522572 / 7525017
  • Fax: 041-752 5001

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Imarika Sacco has come a long way since its inception in 1973. From its humble beginnings as Malindi Teachers Sacco to its current status as Imarika Sacco, it has continuously evolved to cater to the diverse financial needs of its members. The introduction of mobile banking services and the ease of making payments via Mpesa through Imarika Sacco Paybill Number 350 050 demonstrate their commitment to convenience and efficiency.

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