Inside Kenyatta Family's Sh500bn Dream City in Ruiru

Explore Northlands City, an ambitious Kenyatta family project, aims to redefine urban living in Kenya with a harmonious blend of residential, industrial, and commercial spaces.

Jul 13, 2023 - 12:06
Inside Kenyatta Family's Sh500bn Dream City in Ruiru
Inside Kenyatta Family's Sh500bn Dream City in Ruiru

The Kenyatta family, one of Kenya's most influential and prosperous clans, has embarked on a transformative venture that promises to redefine the face of urban living in the country. This ambitious project, known as Northlands City, aspires to establish a harmonious blend of residential, industrial, and commercial spaces to accommodate about a quarter of a million people. Situated on an expansive 11,576-acre tract of land in Ruiru, just 15km from Nairobi city center, Northlands City symbolizes a futuristic approach to urban development.

Northlands City: The Dream Unveiled 

A Glimpse into the Master Plan

The Northlands City project is slated to transmute the land, which currently houses the Kenyatta family's dairy processor Brookside and Gicheha Farm, into a bustling urban hub. The development of this city will be systematically phased over a half-century period.

The master plan reveals that the city's layout precedes housing, with 3,570 acres dedicated to this purpose. These spaces are intelligently categorized into low-density, high-density, and medium-density residential areas. The low-density zone is slated to feature 601 villas and 1,320 townhouses, while the medium-density precinct will accommodate 670 townhouses and 368 flats. In the high-density section, plans are underway to erect about 6,980 apartment units and 3,100 townhouses. This diverse mix of housing options intends to cater to a wide range of residents, including families, young professionals, and the emerging middle class, without leaving out low-income earners.

The Industrial and Commercial Facets 

Northlands City will feature a dedicated business district sprawled over 390 acres to meet growing commercial and industrial needs. This space includes 33 acres for a shopping mall or hotel and two acres for a clubhouse. This district is envisioned as a bustling center of economic activity that will drive the growth and prosperity of the city.

On the industrial side, a sprawling 695-acre park is planned. Of this, 650 acres are earmarked for a logistics park, with the remainder accommodating Brookside Dairies, reinforcing the family's commitment to its existing enterprises.

Embracing Open Spaces and Nature 

Open Recreational Spaces 

A futuristic city has vast open spaces allowing residents to connect with nature and unwind. The Northlands City plan has set aside a generous 1,697 acres for recreational activities, with 266 acres exclusively dedicated to water features. These spaces are designed to offer residents a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and improve the overall quality of life within the city.

Wildlife Conservation and Agriculture 

Remarkably, the largest segment of land — 5,156 acres — is reserved for wildlife conservation and agriculture. This allocation underscores the family's commitment to environmental preservation and belief in the coexistence between urban development and nature. This vast expanse will remain the home of Gicheha Farm, thereby preserving its agricultural heritage.


The Sh500bn Northlands City project signifies a significant shift in Kenya's urban development strategy. The Kenyatta family's ambitious endeavor is to create a comprehensive blend of residential, commercial, and industrial units underpinned by an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. If realized as planned, Northlands City will redefine urban living in Ruiru and serve as a blueprint for future city planning in Kenya and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are the key players behind the Northlands City project? The Northlands City project is a significant venture by the Kenyatta family, one of Kenya's most influential and prosperous families.
  2. Where is Northlands City located? Northlands City is situated in Ruiru, approximately 15km from Nairobi city center.
  3. What is the expected population of Northlands City? Once completed, Northlands City is projected to accommodate about 250,000 residents.
  4. What are the different types of housing units available in Northlands City? The city will offer low, medium, and high-density housing, including villas, townhouses, and apartment blocks.
  5. What amenities will Northlands City offer? Northlands City plans to offer a range of amenities, including a business district, industrial and logistics parks, and open recreational spaces. Much of the land is also allocated for wildlife conservation and agriculture.
  6. What is the timeline for the completion of Northlands City? The master plan for Northlands City will be executed in four phases over 50 years.


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