iOS 15: what's new, interface and release date, we tell you all about the update

A few days before the summer, Apple has made a habit of announcing the future of its mobile operating system and 2021 does not escape the rule. The manufacturer therefore took advantage of WWDC, its conference dedicated to developers, to present iOS 15, the next update of the iPhone .

Jun 26, 2021 - 07:45
iOS 15: what's new, interface and release date, we tell you all about the update
iOS 15 release date

This version will not be available for several months but a beta edition is currently available for developers who can try out the new features of the OS and track down the bugs still present before the final release.


iOS 15 is not the most supplied or spectacular update that Apple has proposed but incorporates many improvements throughout the system as well as some novelties in the management of notifications or the sharing of content with its loved ones.


iOS 15 release date

Every year the release of the latest version of iOS coincides with the presentation of the new iPhones. We can therefore say that iOS 15 will not be available to the general public until the second half of September 2021, in the wake of the announcement of the iPhone 13 and its various variants.

 However, it is possible to discover iOS 15 a little before everyone else by installing a beta version of the mobile operating system. For now only developers have access to this version but Apple should make it public by July. Several versions should be offered throughout the summer for the most curious.


Which are iOS 15 supported devices?

This year Apple did not seek to complicate the lives of users. iOS 15 will be offered to all iOS 14 users .

 This obviously concerns the latest iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 but also older terminals since even the iPhone 6s, released in 2015, will be able to switch to iOS 15 once the final version is updated.

iOS 15 Compatibility © Apple

For those also using an iPod Touch, only the latest model (7th generation) released in 2019 will be able to accommodate iOS 15.


Finally all iPads already on iPadOS 14 will benefit from an update to iPadOS 15, the version of the system 15 for the Apple tablet. The entire iPad Pro range is concerned, as well as the iPad Air 2 and above, the iPad mini 4 and 5 and finally the 5th generation iPad and its successors.


How to install iOS 15 ?

As we said a little above, at the moment only developers are invited to install a first beta on their terminal. Access is reserved for them through Apple's developer portal.


Obviously it is easy in a few clicks on the web to find a developer profile and install this test version but we strongly advise against doing so. These pre-versions are still very unstable, accompanied by bugs sometimes blocking and autonomy in free fall.


If you are really looking forward to getting your hands on iOS 15, we invite you instead to wait for the release of a public beta by Apple in July and to sign up for the program offered by Apple in order to be notified as soon as this first version of test is available.

Apple Beta iOS 15 © Apple

This version should be more stable and usable on a daily basis, although we recommend caution and installing this update on a secondary device.


When it launches next September, if everything goes well, iOS 15 will be offered as an update in the system settings. Users who have enabled automatic iPhone updates will automatically switch to this new system when charging their phone within a few days of going live.


What's new in iOS 15

iOS 15 is not the most impressive update offered by Apple and at first glance nothing really changes between iOS 14 and this latest update. The improvements are however numerous through the different software.


FaceTime does its moult

This is probably the application that undergoes the most radical transformation. After more than a year of pandemic and the explosion of video conferencing services like Zoom or Microsoft Teams , Apple finally decides to catch up with a new version of FaceTime.

Now it is possible to launch a FaceTime call but also to create a FaceTime link, to share with all his contacts to invite them to join a chat room. Android or Windows users can also join the audio/video conversation from their browser.

It is also possible with SharePlay to stream music from Apple Music or a video from Apple TV or Disney + to its contacts. The content will be played on each device, perfectly synchronized between the different participants to enjoy the same content remotely.


Finally FaceTime allows (finally) to apply a background blur to hide its interior during a call and benefits from spatial audio to hear the different participants according to their position on the grid. Be careful though, these features are only available for iPhone Xs and above.


More collected notifications

Apple has also reviewed the presentation of its notifications. Alerts are more compact and take up fewer places on the lock screen.

The manufacturer also offers a summary of notifications that allows to find at a fixed time each day the alerts of the applications selected beforehand. A very convenient system to avoid being constantly asked during his rest periods without risk of missing an important notification.


Concentration: a custom "Do not disturb" mode

iOS 15 goes with Concentration mode ensuring that your smartphone remains as discreet as possible when you work, play sports or just want to spend a few moments with your family.

Available from the control center or through settings, Focus allows you to create custom modes that let alerts pass only from certain apps or contacts based on your activity. Each scenario is customizable to your liking, even though iOS 15 uses machine learning to offer you the most consistent software for each mode.

Concentration also makes it possible to automatically display the necessary applications at every moment of the day in order to avoid distractions, such as social networks or video streaming applications.


Safari: a brand new browser interface

Safari gets a makeover with iOS15 by inaugurating a new interface that will shake up users ' habits. Apple has moved the address bar from the top to the bottom of the screen that now falls under the finger. To switch from one tab to another simply swipe to the right or left on this same bar.

Safari also offers a revamped and customizable homepage, inherited from macOS Big Sur, and a new feature called Tab Groups. It's about grouping tabs on a theme, such as preparing for a trip, to find all your saved links with a single click. These tab groups are then synced between all devices connected to the same iCloud account.

Privacy: Apple tightens the screw a little more

Respect for privacy is the workhorse of the brand and iOS 15 will introduce new behaviors to guarantee the privacy of the user.


The first novelty is at the level of the Mail client. Now the message content will be loaded remotely and the IP hidden in order to avoid the retrieval of personal information when receiving a newsletter.

iCloud subscribers will get IP address protection through a feature called Private Relay when logging in from Safari. They will also be able to use disposable email addresses to avoid communicating their true address to correspondents they do not know.


Users who prefer to stay on iOS 14 for a few more months will still benefit from the latest security patches, a first for the manufacturer which is used to offering only one channel of updates.


Maps: greener and more detailed maps

Apple Maps takes advantage of a small renovation of the facade with maps emphasizing more on the vegetation of each area.


In the United States, the manufacturer has gone much further by reproducing more faithfully the roads, the trees that border them or the pedestrian crossings. These ultra-detailed maps will only be available in a few US cities including San Francisco before the end of the year. For France, it will probably take several more years.

Finally the in-car navigation interface has been slightly revised with fewer on-screen options and wider and much more convenient icons to access an option without taking your eyes off the road for too long.


Photos: personalized souvenirs

The Photos application revises the interface of Memories, these small films made automatically around an event, one or more people or a date.


Until then only a few templates and soundtracks were offered and we quickly went around the possibilities offered by the manufacturer. This year Apple Music makes its appearance in Photos and it is possible to choose from songs recommended by Apple according to the selected photos or to choose its favorite title from the 70 million tracks present in the streaming catalog.

Clips will be automatically reworked with filters and editing depending on whether the song is playful or sadder.


Weather: always more information

The Weather app hadn't moved much since iOS 7 and its complete graphical redesign. Apple today offers a revised and improved interface when it comes to wallpapers.

The latter always adapt to the current weather in a city but the manufacturer explains to have several thousand variants in store to stick precisely to the climate of the day. Here again only the iPhone XS at least will be able to enjoy it.

The page also displays a lot of additional information such as the temperature felt, the expected rainfall during the day or the humidity level.


Messages: finally a better presentation for photos

The Messages app brings only one real novelty but of importance : a new presentation of the photos sent by a correspondent.


When you receive two photos, they are displayed side-by-side in the app. Beyond it is a small carousel of images that just swipe to see all the shots.

Namely that the photos received are also sent to your Photos library in a new section called "Shared with you". Images are also automatically integrated into your own photo collection.


Finally Memoji fans will be happy to learn that Apple has added new expressions but also clothes and accessories to customize even more its avatar


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