JTL Faiba WiFi Packages: Affordability, Coverage, and Unbeatable Speeds

Looking for fast and affordable internet? Check out JTL Faiba WiFi and choose from their range of packages to meet your specific needs. Stay connected with reliable internet at competitive prices

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JTL Faiba WiFi Packages: Affordability, Coverage, and Unbeatable Speeds
JTL Faiba WiFi Packages: Affordability, Coverage, and Unbeatable Speeds

In the digital age, an effective internet connection is more than a luxury - it's necessary. One of the trailblazers in Kenya's digital revolution is Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL), with its Faiba WiFi services. Since its establishment in 2017, Faiba has dramatically altered the Kenyan digital space by offering affordable, high-speed internet that caters to various user requirements. Let's delve deeper into what makes JTL Faiba stand out.

Unpacking the JTL Faiba WiFi Packages

Faiba WiFi, a JTL product, offers internet users refreshing and dependable solutions. Known for its affordability and high-speed internet, Faiba provides a range of packages to meet diverse consumer needs, from individual home users to large-scale business enterprises.

Faiba Data Bundles: Speed and Affordability Combined

The cost of Faiba bundles varies from Ksh. 50 to Ksh. 6,000, accommodating daily, weekly, and monthly packages. The three primary options are data, mobile, and unlimited plans. Here are some of the standout offerings:

  • Faiba 4G bundles: With prices as low as Ksh. 50 for daily 1GB to Ksh. 6,000 for monthly 210GB; these packages cater to diverse internet needs and budgets.
  • Monthly Faiba MiFi bundles mobile plans: These packages offer unlimited on-net calls and SMS, with additional benefits for off-net services. They range from the Kifaru plan at Ksh—4,000 for 90GB.
  • Fisi hour unlimited bundle plan: This unlimited plan lasts an hour and costs only Ksh. 150. It's ideal for users who want high-speed downloads.


Bundle Type Data Allowance Price (Ksh.) Validity
Modem Bundles
Daily 1 GB 50 1 day
Weekly 8 GB 300 7 days
Weekly 15 GB 500 7 days
Monthly 25 GB 1,000 30 days
Monthly 40 GB 2,000 30 days
Monthly 70 GB 3,000 30 days
Monthly 120 GB 4,000 30 days
Monthly 210 GB 6,000 30 days
MiFi Bundles
Kifaru Plan 30 GB 1,500 30 days
200 min, 200 SMS
Ndovu Plan 60 GB 2,500 30 days
350 min, 500 SMS
Simba Plan 90 GB 4,000 30 days
700 min, 700 SMS
Other Bundles
Fisi Hour Unlimited 150 1 hour

Faiba WiFi Packages for Home, Business, and Konnect

The Faiba Home packages are perfect for those seeking unlimited monthly internet access with dedicated customer support services. They offer speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to Ksh. 5,000 to 125 Mbps at Ksh. 20,000. Faiba Business packages offer reliable, high-speed broadband internet for businesses starting at 15 Mbps for Ksh. 10,000 up to 100 Mbps for Ksh. 55,000.ON THE OTHER HAND, the JTL Faiba Konnect plans are designed to provide reliable Point-to-Point (P2P) connectivity solutions, especially for businesses aiming to connect head office servers with their remote branches.


Package Type Speed (Mbps) Monthly Rate (Ksh)
Home Packages 30 5,000
50 10,000
75 15,000
125 20,000
Business Packages 15 10,000
25 15,000
40 25,000
60 30,000
75 40,000
100 55,000
Faiba Konnect 1 9,000
2 15,000
3 20,000
5 30,000
10 57,000
20 90,000
50 150,000

Installing and Buying JTL Faiba WiFi Packages

Installing Faiba 4G WiFi internet costs Ksh—15,000 for new subscribers. After setup, purchasing Faiba bundles is easy via MPesa. Subscribers can also buy bundles through the JTL Faiba self-care platform or the Faiba App, readily available on Google Play Store, AppGallery, and App Store.

The Faiba Sim card is priced at Ksh. 450 in JTL shops and Jumia Kenya, making it accessible for users seeking a seamless transition to high-speed internet.

Coverage of JTL Faiba WiFi Packages Across Kenya

Faiba's coverage across Kenya is growing exponentially. It is available in major urban centers, including Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Thika. In addition, Faiba continues to expand its coverage to more regions to provide Kenyans with quality, affordable internet connectivity. You can check the range of Faiba services in your area via the Faiba4G website.

Here is a comprehensive list:

  1. Athi River
  2. Busia
  3. Juja
  4. Kakamega
  5. Kiambu
  6. Kikuyu
  7. Kiserian
  8. Kitengela
  9. Limuru
  10. Nairobi
  11. Ngong town
  12. Rongai
  13. Ruiru
  14. Syokimau area
  15. Centre
  16. Miwani
  17. Machakos town
  18. Industrial area
  19. Landless
  20. Makongeni
  21. Thika Town
  22. Nyeri
  23. Meru
  24. Embu
  25. Nanyuki
  26. Barracks
  27. Bondeni
  28. Eden
  29. Engoshura Jandu
  30. Kiamunyeki
  31. Kiamunyi
  32. Koinange
  33. Lanet
  34. Milimani
  35. Naka
  36. Pangani
  37. Railway Station
  38. Unga Estate
  39. Eldoret East
  40. Kapsoya
  41. Kimumu
  42. Langas
  43. Railways
  44. Testimony
  45. West Indies
  46. Carwash
  47. Industrial Area
  48. Mamboleo
  49. Manyatta 2
  50. Migosi
  51. Milimani
  52. Mountain View
  53. Nyalenda
  54. Stadium
  55. Bamburi Cement
  56. Bombolulu
  57. Kiembeni
  58. Makaburini
  59. Makadara
  60. Mbaraki
  61. Mikindani
  62. Mombasa Polytechnic
  63. Mtwapa
  64. NSSF
  65. Shimanzi road
  66. Voyager

JTL Faiba Customer Support

And if you need to be assisted urgently please contact JTL using the following contact details down below:

  • Phone number: +254747585100
  • Telephone: +254208405100
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: jtl.com
  • Address: 47419 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

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The Verdict: Is JTL Faiba WiFi Worth It?

Given the affordability, fast speeds, broad coverage, and diversity of packages offered by JTL Faiba WiFi, it's safe to say it is a worthwhile investment for individuals, homes, and businesses. Their customer service is responsive, and the setup process is straightforward, reducing the typical frustrations associated with internet connectivity.


In conclusion, JTL Faiba WiFi is a game-changer in the Kenyan internet landscape. By offering affordable, reliable, high-speed internet solutions, Faiba empowers Kenyans to stay connected and thrive in the digital era. Whether you're an individual, a business, or an institution, Faiba's range of packages ensures you can find a plan that suits your internet needs and budget. Join the Faiba revolution today and experience unparalleled internet connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I check my Faiba data balance?

You can check your data balance using the Faiba App, the Faiba self-care portal, or dialing *544# from your Faiba Mobile.

Q2: Can I use Faiba 4G bundles on any phone?

No. Faiba 4G SIM cards use VoLTE (Voice over LTE). Your phone must be VoLTE enabled and compatible with the 700 MHz band (28) to use Faiba 4G bundles.

Q3: How do I top up my Faiba account?

You can top up your Faiba account via MPesa Paybill number 776611, using your Faiba number as the account number. You can also use the Faiba App or self-care portal to top up.

Q4: Can I roll over unused Faiba data?

Yes. Any unused data in your Faiba bundle will roll over to the next month, provided you renew the same bundle before expiry.

 Q5: Do Faiba bundles have a fair usage policy (FUP)?

Yes. Unlimited bundles have a fair usage policy. The FUP limit varies based on the package. After reaching the FUP limit, your internet speed will be reduced.

Q6: How can I reach Faiba customer service?

You can reach Faiba customer service via email at [email protected] or call their helpline at 0747 585100. They are also available on Facebook and Twitter.


The information in this article is based on the details available on the official JTL Faiba website and other reliable sources as of the time of writing. Prices, terms, and conditions of the packages may vary over time. Users are advised to visit the official JTL Faiba website or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information. The author is not responsible for any discrepancies in the details provided.

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