Jumia Food Kenya contacts and voucher codes[2024]

Savor the Flavors with Jumia Food Kenya: The Ultimate Dining Experience

Oct 16, 2023 - 13:39
Oct 16, 2023 - 13:41
Jumia Food Kenya contacts and voucher codes[2024]
Jumia Food Kenya contacts and voucher codes[2024]

Our forefathers would marvel at the idea of instant meals delivered right to their doorstep. Jumia Food Kenya makes it an everyday reality for thousands across the nation. Imagine craving a pizza or a steaming bowl of pasta and having it arrive at your doorstep just moments later. Sounds surreal? Let's delve into the world of Jumia Food Kenya, their contact details, and the magic of voucher codes in 2024.

Jumia Food, a subsidiary of the globally acclaimed Jumia Technologies, isn't a novice in the African market. Starting its journey in 2012, the primary focus was on the middle class. But as we've seen, their target audience has drastically expanded with the influx of smartphones and affordable data. Even those with modest incomes now see the allure of convenience, as Joe Falter, the CEO, poignantly remarked. Interestingly, their evolution mirrors the growth patterns of giants like Uber and Huawei Technologies, who've also set their sights on Africa.

 Being dubbed the best e-commerce business in the region, Jumia's diversification into food delivery has propelled it further. The promise? Satisfy your hunger anytime, anywhere.

Diverse Restaurant Partnerships

From Nairobi to Mombasa, Jumia has fostered partnerships with renowned establishments:

  • Nairobi: ArtCaffe, Java House, KFC Delivery, and more.
  • Mombasa: Blueroom Restaurant, Java House Nyali, and Osteria Del Chianti, to name a few.

Moreover, they've expanded their palate, offering everything from Pizza and Pasta to local Kenyan delicacies and delicious pastries.

Who doesn't love a discount? Jumia Food understands the thrill of a good deal. Their voucher codes, available on platforms like CollectOffers.com, provide discounts and perks like free delivery. Using these vouchers is a breeze. Choose your meal, proceed to checkout, and apply your coupon. Voilà! Your sumptuous meal now comes with a side of savings.

Reaching Out to Jumia Food Kenya

Have a query or need to express gratitude for a particularly delicious meal? Jumia Food Kenya is just a call or click away.

  • Physical Address: Kaka House, 4th Floor, Maua Close, Westlands – Nairobi.
  • Contact Details: Phone - + 254 (0) 709 768 000 or 020 523 9999.
  • Digital Connect: Twitter and Facebook handle: @JumiaFoodKE.
  • Email: For restaurant and press inquiries: restaurant.food@jumia.co.ke, and for corporate services: service.food@jumia.co.ke.

Seizing the Month's Best Deals

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Concluding Thoughts

In this digital age, convenience has a new name: Jumia Food Kenya. An extensive list of restaurant partnerships, diverse cuisines, and enticing voucher codes has transformed how Kenyans perceive dining. While the joy of cooking will always have its unique charm, the allure of having a myriad of cuisines at your fingertips is undeniable. So, the next time you're debating between cooking and order in, remember that Jumia Food Kenya is just a click away. And who knows? There might be a voucher code waiting to make your day. 

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