KEBS Internship Salary 2024: Open Positions, Requirements, and How to Apply

Find out everything about KEBS internships, from open positions to eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Oct 12, 2023 - 10:36
Oct 12, 2023 - 10:37
KEBS Internship Salary 2024: Open Positions, Requirements, and How to Apply
KEBS Internship Salary 2024: Open Positions, Requirements, and How to Apply

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) stands as a stalwart government agency in Kenya, championing Standards, Metrology, and Conformity Assessment (SMCA) services since its inception in 1974. Over the years, KEBS has evolved from its initial role of developing standards and quality control for a limited number of locally made products to providing comprehensive services in Standards development, Metrology, Conformity Assessment, Training, and Certification. In the wake of the re-establishment of the East African Community (EAC) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), KEBS has extended its activities to regional SMCA initiatives, harmonizing standards, measurements, and conformity assessments for regional integration. Additionally, KEBS operates as the National Enquiry Point, supporting the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT).

Understanding KEBS' Mandate

KEBS' mandate, as stipulated in the Standards Act, Chapter 496 of Kenya's laws, encompasses various pivotal functions:

(a) Promoting Standardization in Industry and Commerce: KEBS promotes standardization, fostering consistency and quality across various industries and sectors.

(b) Testing and Calibration: It facilitates the testing and calibrating of precision instruments, gauges, and scientific apparatus to determine accuracy compared to approved standards.

(c) Examination and Testing: KEBS conducts examinations and tests on commodities, materials, and substances to ensure adherence to manufacturing, production, processing, and treatment standards.

(d) Control of Standardization Marks: It oversees using standardization marks and distinctive marks in compliance with relevant provisions.

(e) Specifications and Codes: KEBS prepares, frames, modifies, or amends specifications and codes of practice to ensure industry-wide compliance.

(f) Educational Initiatives: It actively engages in educational endeavors related to standardization, disseminating knowledge and awareness.

(g) Collaboration: KEBS collaborates with government bodies, industries, local authorities, and individuals to facilitate the adoption and practical application of standards.

(h) Testing on Behalf of the Government: It conducts testing, upon government request, to ascertain compliance with quality standards and legal provisions.

Key Roles of KEBS

  1. Provision of Quality Infrastructure for Trade Facilitation: In the age of globalization, entry into international markets hinges on adherence to international standards. KEBS is pivotal in establishing and maintaining quality infrastructure, encompassing Standards, Measurement Systems (Metrology), Conformity Assessment, and Accreditation.
  2. Support for Kenyan Industries: KEBS contributes to increased productivity in the manufacturing and service sectors. This elevation in productivity generates employment, attracts investments, and fosters responsible resource utilization.
  3. Sustainability of Production Systems: KEBS' quality infrastructure promotes sustainable practices in environmental protection, healthcare, consumer protection, and equitable wealth distribution through knowledge transfer to small enterprises.

KEBS Intern Monthly Pay

As of  2024, the estimated monthly pay for an Intern at KEBS is KES 25,000. This figure represents the median derived from proprietary Total Pay Estimate models and user data. The estimated base pay for an intern is also KES 25,000 per month. The "Most Likely Range" encompasses values within the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data available for this role.

Salary Insights for KEBS Employees

At KEBS, salaries vary based on job titles and functions. As of the writing, here are some insights into the salaries at KEBS:

  • Interns: The pay for interns at KEBS ranges from KES 64,000 to KES 300,000 per year, with a base pay of KES 240,000.
  • Other Positions: The salary for various job positions within KEBS can vary widely based on the role and experience.

How to Secure an Internship at KEBS

KEBS offers internship opportunities to diploma and degree graduates, enabling them to lay the foundation for promising careers. Here's how to navigate the process:

KEBS Internship Vacancies

KEBS annually advertises internship vacancies on its official website, social media platforms, and newspapers. Aspiring interns should have a background in Electrical Engineering, Agriculture, Accounting, Mechatronic Engineering, Laboratory Analysis, or other related disciplines. The internship initially spans three months, with the potential for renewal based on individual performance.

Qualifications/Requirements for KEBS Internship

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Be unemployed and have yet to undergo another internship.
  • Have graduated from a reputable tertiary institution.
  • Be available for the entire internship duration.
  • Possessing computer literacy is considered an added advantage.
  • Exhibit teamwork and collaboration skills.

KEBS Internship Application Process

The application process for KEBS internships is conducted online through the recruitment portal. Follow these steps:

  1. Review available internship openings and select the most suitable one based on your university course.
  2. Provide the required details and attach relevant documents, including academic certificates, transcripts, an updated CV, and a certificate of good conduct.
  3. KEBS will only contact shortlisted candidates, so ensure you submit your application before the set deadline to avoid disqualification.
  4. Beware of fraudulent online advertisements that do not originate from the official KEBS website to avoid scams.

KEBS Internship Salary

KEBS offers interns a monthly stipend to cover food, transport, and accommodation expenses. While KEBS does not explicitly disclose the exact stipend amount in their advertisements, various salary information compilation sites suggest an average monthly pay ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 Kenyan Shillings. This estimate is based on anonymous submissions by KEBS employees and interns.

Additional Information About KEBS Internships

Here are some additional insights into KEBS' internship program:

  • KEBS encourages persons with disabilities to apply for internships, promoting inclusivity.
  • Completion of the training does not guarantee employment with KEBS, as this is contingent on various factors.

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In conclusion, KEBS' internship program provides a valuable opportunity for young talents to gain practical experience and enhance their employability. Adhering to the application guidelines and meeting the requirements, aspiring interns can embark on a rewarding journey with KEBS, contributing to their personal growth and career development. stands proudly as a preeminent Publication Blog in Kenya, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled wealth of informative content across a multitude of subjects that resonate with both the Kenyan audience and the global community at large. Our unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy has made us a trusted resource for readers not only in Kenya but also in the United States and South Africa.