Kemri Internship 2023/2024: Register, LogIn Vacancies, and Apply for Kemri Open Internships

Looking for real-world experience in medical research? Look no further! KEMRI offers internships for recent graduates. Visit their website and apply today!

Sep 13, 2023 - 10:27
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Kemri Internship 2023/2024: Register, LogIn Vacancies, and Apply for Kemri Open Internships
Kemri Internship 2023/2024: Register, LogIn Vacancies, and Apply for Kemri Open Internships

Suppose you're a recent graduate or a student seeking valuable hands-on experience in research. In that case, you've come to the right place. The Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) offers a remarkable internship program that provides you with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of medical research. In this article, I will explain everything you need to know, from registering, logging in, exploring available vacancies, and applying for Kemri's open internships. 

Now, let us get started.

Key Takeaways

Here are six key takeaways to remember when considering a KEMRI internship:

  1. KEMRI offers valuable internship opportunities for recent graduates and aspiring researchers.
  2. Interns gain hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to cutting-edge medical research.
  3. Eligibility criteria include possessing a degree or diploma, being under 30, and meeting specific requirements for each internship.
  4. Monthly stipends are provided to assist interns with living expenses.
  5. KEMRI internships can significantly enhance employability but do not guarantee employment.
  6. Stay updated on internship opportunities by visiting the KEMRI website and following their official social media accounts.


Before we dive into the details of the internship application process, let's take a moment to learn more about the Kenya Medical Research Institute. Established in Kenya in 1979, KEMRI operates under the Science Technology and Innovation Act of 2013 and is the national body responsible for researching human health within Kenya. Over the past four decades, KEMRI has evolved into a regional leader in human health research, earning recognition in Africa and globally.

KEMRI's Mandate

  1. Conduct Health Research: KEMRI's primary focus is to conduct health, biomedical, and public health research to enhance human health.
  2. Capacity Building: The institute aims to build the capacity of researchers and professionals in human health research.
  3. Collaboration: KEMRI collaborates with local and international research bodies and institutions to conduct research and capacity building.
  4. Policy Advice: The institute provides valuable advice to the Ministry of Health on health research policies and priorities.
  5. Scientific Innovation: KEMRI is dedicated to scientific and technological innovation, knowledge enhancement, and contributing to economic, social, cultural, scientific, and technical development.
  6. Incubation Centers: KEMRI establishes incubation centers for innovation and fosters collaboration between research, academia, policymakers, and industry in the health products value chain.
  7. Functionality: KEMRI is committed to doing all that is necessary or desirable to carry out its functions, serving as the government's medical research arm.

Notably, KEMRI plays a pivotal role in national disease surveillance and rapid response to significant disease outbreaks such as Cholera, Chikungunya Virus, H1N1 Flu, Yellow Fever, Rift Valley Fever, Ebola, and Aflatoxicosis, among others.

KEMRI Internship

Now that we've gained insights into KEMRI's significance in medical research, let's focus on the exciting part – KEMRI internships. Many students and recent graduates may not be aware of the opportunities that KEMRI offers through its internship program. We'll guide you through the whats, the whys, and the hows of the KEMRI Kenya internship program.

What is a KEMRI Internship?

KEMRI internship is a program designed to provide young graduates with practical exposure to medical research's technical and research aspects. This hands-on experience is invaluable for recent graduates seeking knowledge and expertise in the dynamic field. Interns are privileged to work alongside senior scientists, contribute to ongoing research projects, and gain a broader perspective of the sector.

Internship opportunities are extended to students with degrees in various fields, including but not limited to:

  • Medicine
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Virology
  • Biochemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Parasitology
  • Molecular/Biomedical Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Health Systems
  • Biostatistics
  • Social Science

Those with diplomas in fields such as Health Records and Science Laboratory Technology are also eligible to apply.

Apart from technical internships, KEMRI offers internship opportunities in support services. These roles include positions in Accounting, Procurement and Supply, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Communication, Mass Communication in Electronic Media, Law, Economics, Mechanical Engineering, and Records Management.

It's important to note that KEMRI periodically releases lists of available internship opportunities and the number of positions open. To stay informed, keep an eye on their website for updates on the latest internship news.

The Internship Period

The standard duration of a KEMRI internship is six months. During this period, diploma and bachelor's degree holders receive a monthly stipend of Sh. 15,000 and Sh. 25,000, respectively. This stipend is designed to help cover living expenses, making the internship accessible to a broader range of candidates.

KEMRI Wellcome Trust Internships

In addition to its regular internship program, KEMRI offers the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Internships, which is internationally recognized for its contributions to health research in East Africa. This program also spans six months and is open to students who have achieved first or second-class upper honours in specific programs accepted by the institute. Stipends are provided based on the chosen program.

Candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree within the last two years to be eligible for this program. The program accepts graduates with backgrounds in Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Social Sciences, Anthropology, Geography, and Economics, among others.

The KEMRI Wellcome Trust Internships allow students to participate in various research programs while working under the guidance of senior scientists at the institute.

The High Demand for Internships in Kenya

The country's youth highly seeks internship opportunities in Kenya. Securing a paid internship, like those offered by KEMRI, can significantly shape one's future career. The ability to gain practical experience in a reputable research institute can be the key to a promising career.

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As the number of graduates in Kenya continues to rise, internship opportunities have become limited. Organizations like KEMRI recognize the importance of offering internships to enhance the employability of Kenyan youth, thereby contributing to the nation's vision for 2030.

Now that you have a solid understanding of the value of KEMRI internships and the wide range of opportunities available let's delve into the application process.

How to Apply for KEMRI Internships

The KEMRI internship application process is relatively straightforward but involves several key steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the application process:

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Before you begin the application process, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by KEMRI. These criteria may vary depending on the specific internship opportunity, but some common requirements include:

  • Possessing a degree or diploma certificate from an accredited university.
  • Being below the age of 30.
  • Holding a certificate of good conduct.
  • Proficiency in computer applications.
  • Not having undergone another internship or having employment experience.
  • Demonstrating strong interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills.
  • Passing an integrity test.
  • Being a Kenyan youth aged 30 years and below.

Step 2: Prepare Your Application

Once you've confirmed your eligibility, it's time to prepare your application. Here's what you'll need:

  • A formal application letter addressed to the Director of KEMRI.
  • An updated CV with your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Copies of your certificates and transcripts.

Ensure your application letter is well-crafted and reflects your genuine interest in the internship. Highlight your qualifications, skills, and what you hope to gain from the experience.

Step 3: Send Your Application

Applications for KEMRI internships are typically submitted through an online process. Follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the KEMRI website using your email address.
  • Log in to your account using the registered email and password.
  • Access the application form, which will be used to submit your internship application.

Please note that KEMRI does not accept late applications, so it's essential to stay updated on internship opportunities by regularly visiting their website or following their social media accounts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The Selection Process

KEMRI employs a rigorous selection process to choose the most qualified candidates for its internship opportunities. The selection process typically consists of two stages:

Stage 1: Application Review

KEMRI invites applications from candidates who have completed their undergraduate education in the past two years. From the received applications, KEMRI selects a limited number of candidates, usually between 100 and 150, to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2: Selection Interviews

In the second stage of the selection process, the shortlisted candidates are invited to Nairobi for interviews and other evaluation activities. This stage includes:

  • Information sessions about KEMRI's research programs.
  • A written examination to assess the candidates' knowledge and suitability.
  • Face-to-face interviews vary depending on the subject area chosen by the candidate.

Candidates who pass all stages of the selection process are contacted and offered internship opportunities.

KEMRI Internship Salary

As a government institution, KEMRI provides its interns with monthly stipends to support their expenses during the internship period. The stipends are as follows:

  • Degree interns receive a monthly stipend ranging from Ksh. 25,000 to Ksh. 35,000 for 12 months.
  • Diploma interns receive a monthly stipend ranging from Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 25,000 for six months.

These stipends help interns cover transportation, accommodation, food, and other utilities. It's important to note that no additional benefits are provided beyond the monthly salary.

Additional Information About KEMRI Internships

Before you embark on your journey to apply for KEMRI internships, here are some additional important details you should be aware of:

  • KEMRI only contacts candidates who are shortlisted for internships.
  • KEMRI encourages its interns to take personal accident and health insurance covers during training.
  • KEMRI does not require any fees during the application process. If you encounter any fee requests, report them immediately, as this could be a fraudulent activity.
  • KEMRI is an equal opportunity employer and encourages individuals with disabilities, youth, women, and those from marginalized areas to apply for internship opportunities.

Available 2023/2024 Internship Vacancies

As you consider applying for KEMRI internships, it's worth noting that the institute periodically advertises new internship positions. At the time of writing, KEMRI has announced two internship positions, seeking seven interns in total for its research centres in Kisumu and Nairobi. These positions have an application deadline of May 2, 2023. Below are more details about these opportunities:

Centre for Global Health Research Entomology Department Kisumu (4 Interns)

  • Location: Kisumu and Siaya
  • Qualifications:
    • Kenyan citizenship
    • Below 30 years old
    • Bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, or Biochemistry.
    • Certificate of Good Conduct
    • Graduated with a final Degree certificate

Research Interns (3 Interns)

  • Locations: Nairobi and Kisumu
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor's in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genomics, or related disciplines from accredited Kenyan universities.
    • Basic knowledge of microbial culture techniques and epidemiology.
    • Familiarity with conducting comprehensive literature reviews.

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Final Thoughts

Embarking on an internship at KEMRI can be a transformative experience that sets you on a path to success in the field of medical research. The institute's dedication to fostering talent, advancing knowledge, and addressing critical health issues makes it an ideal place to launch your career.

If you're eager to make a difference, gain practical skills, and contribute to cutting-edge research, don't miss the opportunity to apply for a KEMRI internship. Remember to regularly check KEMRI's website, stay updated on the latest internship vacancies, and prepare your application diligently to maximize your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To provide you with even more clarity about KEMRI internships, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

Who is eligible for KEMRI internships?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific internship opportunity. Still, standard requirements include possessing a degree or diploma certificate from an accredited university, being below 30, holding a certificate of good conduct, demonstrating proficiency in computer applications, and needing to undergo another internship or have employment experience. Strong interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills are also typically sought after.

How long is the standard internship period at KEMRI?

The standard duration of a KEMRI internship is six months for diploma graduates and 12 months for degree graduates. The internship period is not renewable and is subject to budgetary allocation.

What is the monthly stipend for KEMRI interns?

KEMRI provides monthly stipends to interns to assist with living expenses during the internship period. Degree interns typically earn a salary ranging from Ksh. 25,000 to Ksh. 35,000, while diploma interns receive a stipend ranging from Ksh. 15,000 to Ksh. 25,000.

Does KEMRI guarantee employment after the internship?

KEMRI does not guarantee employment after the completion of the internship. However, the practical experience gained during the training can significantly enhance your employability in the job market, and KEMRI interns have gone on to secure permanent or contract positions in various fields.

How can I stay updated on KEMRI internship opportunities?

To stay updated on KEMRI internship opportunities, regularly visit the KEMRI website or follow their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. They announce internship vacancies on their official channels.

Is there an age limit for KEMRI internships?

Yes, there is typically an age limit for KEMRI internships, with applicants expected to be below the age of 30. This age limit may vary depending on the specific internship opportunity.

Can international students apply for KEMRI internships?

KEMRI internships are primarily aimed at Kenyan youth, and eligibility criteria may require Kenyan citizenship. International students should carefully review the specific requirements for each internship opportunity to determine if they are eligible.

Are KEMRI internships paid?

Yes, KEMRI internships are paid, and interns receive monthly stipends to cover their living expenses during the internship period. The stipend amount varies depending on whether the intern holds a degree or diploma.

Can I apply for multiple KEMRI internship opportunities?

Yes, you can apply for multiple KEMRI internship opportunities if you meet the eligibility criteria for each position. Be sure to submit separate applications for each chance you wish to pursue.

What should I include in my KEMRI internship application?

When applying for a KEMRI internship, include a formal application letter addressed to the KEMRI Director or Deputy Director, indicating the vacancy number and field of study. Attach your updated CV with your name, phone number, email address, and copies of your certificates and transcripts. Follow the application instructions provided for each internship opportunity.

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