Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) Job Vacancies 2023: Latest News And Updates

Looking for a new job? Check out KIPI's job vacancies for 2023 and learn how you can be part of their dynamic team.

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Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) Job Vacancies 2023: Latest News And Updates
Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) Job Vacancies 2023: Latest News And Updates

Regarding unlocking opportunities in the Kenyan job market, the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) holds a unique position. Not only does this state corporation under the Ministry of Investments, Trade, and Industry offer a chance for professionals to showcase their skills, but it also offers a platform for innovation and economic growth. The good news is that KIPI has recently opened many job opportunities for 2023. Let's explore everything you need to know about these job vacancies and how you can apply.

Understanding KIPI's Role

To begin with, understanding KIPI's mandate is crucial. Established under the Industrial Property Act, No. 3 of 2001, and the Trade Marks Act, Cap 506, KIPI's role is to promote inventive and innovative activities in Kenya. It facilitates technology acquisition, registering and regulating tents, utility models, tech novations, industrial designs, and trademarks. In essence, KIPI is the backbone of Kenya's intellectual property regime.

The functions of KIPI range from considering applications for and granting industrial property rights to screening technology transfer agreements and licenses. They provide industrial property information for technological and economic development and promote inventiveness and innovativeness in Kenya. They also organize and conduct training, competitions, and awards for industrial property matters.

KIPI's 2023 Job Vacancies

In line with the Government's Bottom-Up Economic Transformational Agenda (BETA), KIPI is keen on recruiting dynamic, result-oriented, and self-driven individuals to fill various vacant positions. 54 job vacancies have been announced, ranging from managerial to support staff positions. Some of the prominent roles include :

S/ No Position Job Vacancy No. Grade Number of Positions
1 Deputy Managing Director, Technical Services KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/2 KP '2' 1
2 Manager, Research, Innovation and IP Information KIPI/ADM/HR/RI/2023/3 KP '3' 1
3 Manager, Finance and Accounts KIPI/ADM/HR/FA/2023/4 KP '3' 1
4 Human Resource Manager KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/5 KP '3' 1
5 Assistant Manager, Legal Services KIPI/ADM/HR/LS/2023/6 KP '4' 2
6 Assistant Manager, Finance and Accounts KIPI/ADM/HR/FA/2023/7 KP '4' 1
7 Assistant Manager, Supply Chain Management KIPI/ADM/HR/SCM/2023/8 KP '4' 1
8 Assistant Manager, Internal Audit KIPI/ADM/HR/IA/2023/9 KP '4' 1
9 Senior Patent Examiner KIPI/ADM/HR/PA/2023/10 KP '5' 2
10 Senior Accountant KIPI/ADM/HR/FA/2023/11 KP '5' 1
11 Senior Human Resource Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/12 KP '5' 1
12 Senior Supply Chain Management Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/SCM/2023/13 KP '5' 1
13 Senior ICT Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/ICT/2023/14 KP '5' 1
14 Senior Strategy and Planning Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/SP/2023/15 KP '5' 1
15 Legal Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/LS/2023/16 KP '5' 1
16 Patent Examiner KIPI/ADM/HR/PA/2023/17 KP '6' 2
17 Trade Mark Examiner KIPI/ADM/HR/TM/2023/18 KP '6' 2
18 Accountant KIPI/ADM/HR/FA/2023/19 KP '6' 2
19 ICT Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/ICT/2023/20 KP '6' 2
20 Administration Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/21 KP '6' 1
21 Principal Assistant Office Administrator KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/22 KP '6' 2
22 Librarian KIPI/ADM/HR/RI/2023/23 KP '7' 1
23 Accounts Assistant KIPI/ADM/HR/FA/2023/24 KP '7' 1
24 Senior Assistant Human Resource Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/25 KP '7' 1
25 Senior Assistant Supply Chain Management Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/SCM/2023/26 KP '7' 1
26 Senior Assistant Office Administrator KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/27 KP '7' 2
27 Patent Assistant I KIPI/ADM/HR/PA/2023/28 KP '8' 2
28 Trade Mark Assistant I KIPI/ADM/HR/TM/2023/29 KP '8' 1
29 Assistant Office Administrator I KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/30 KP '8' 1
30 Senior Clerical Officer KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/31 KP '8' 1
31 Executive Driver KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/32 KP '8' 1
32 Trade Mark Assistant II KIPI/ADM/HR/TM/2023/33 KP '9' 1
33 Senior Driver KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/34 KP '9' 2
34 Senior Receptionist KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/35 KP '9' 1
35 Driver KIPI/ADM/HR/2023/36 KP '10' 2

A comprehensive list of the job vacancies and specifications can be accessed from the KIPI official website. Each role is unique and demands different skills and qualifications. Therefore, applicants need to keenly review the requirements of each position to ensure they qualify before applying.

How to Apply for KIPI Jobs

Interested and eligible individuals must complete the KIPI Application for Employment Form, which can be downloaded directly from the KIPI website. Along with the application form, applicants must attach copies of their National Identity Card, Academic and Professional Certificates and Transcripts, supporting documents and testimonials, and a detailed Curriculum Vitae. If applicable, the application package should include a letter of appointment to their current substantive post, their previous post, and equating degree certificates obtained from foreign institutions certified by the Commission for University Education.

Application forms, accompanied by all the necessary documents, should be sent to:

The Managing Director
Kenya Industrial Property Institute
17 Kabarsiran Avenue, Lavington,
Off Waiyaki Way
P.O. Box 51648-00200, NAIROBI.

Note: Applications must reach the Office of the Managing Director by Monday, 14th August 2023, at 5:00 P.M. (East African Time).

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The KIPI job vacancies present a golden opportunity for professionals seeking to advance their careers in a dynamic and progressive environment. Whether you're an experienced professional or a budding talent, the vast array of roles promises something for everyone. Remember that KIPI is an equal opportunity employer, and persons with disabilities (PwDs), the marginalized, and minorities are encouraged to apply. Canvassing in any form will lead to automatic disqualification. So, put your best foot forward and boost your career with KIPI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for submitting applications for KIPI job vacancies?

    • The deadline is Monday, 14th August 2023, at 5:00 P.M. (East African Time).

How many job vacancies has KIPI announced for 2023?

    • KIPI has announced a total of 54 job vacancies.

How do I apply for the KIPI jobs?

    • Interested applicants must download and complete the KIPI application for Employment Form from the KIPI website and attach all necessary documents.

Who is eligible to apply for the KIPI jobs?

    • Eligibility depends on the specific requirements for each job position. All candidates, however, must possess a National Identity Card and have relevant academic and professional qualifications.

Is KIPI an equal-opportunity employer?

    • Yes, KIPI is an equal-opportunity employer. Persons with disabilities, the marginalized, and minorities are encouraged to apply.


The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to provide the most accurate and timely information, please visit the official KIPI website or contact them directly for any changes or updates regarding the job vacancies.

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