Kenya Prisons Salary Scale 2023: What You Need to Know

In this article, we discuss Kenya Prisons' salary scale for 2023, including the salary differences based on rank and job grade.

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Kenya Prisons Salary Scale 2023: What You Need to Know
Kenya Prisons Salary Scale 2023: What You Need to Know

Entering public service in Kenya is a cherished goal for many, given the abundance of benefits like job security, a retirement package, and health insurance. One eminent government institution is the Kenya Prisons Service, known for its rewarding benefits. But a crucial question often arises: how much do wardens earn according to the Kenya Prisons salary scale in 2023?

Overview of Kenya Prisons Salary Scale

Due to financial limitations, the Kenya Prisons salary scale underwent revisions. Wardens previously earning below the minimum wage now take home a more significant paycheck. This increase was recommended by The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and received approval from the Public Service Commission (PSC).

The SRC, a government entity, is responsible for setting and revising salaries and benefits for all State officers. They ensure the regulation and updating of wages for all government institutions, including the Kenya Prisons Service.

How Much Do Wardens Earn in 2023?

In 2023, Prison wardens, encompassing job groups F to N, earn between KES 16,890 and KES 55,110 monthly. The SRC established this new salary scale following a governmental increase in Kenya Prisons wages in 2020.

The reformed grading system led to a pay raise ranging from 6% to 19% and harmonized prison pay with the National Police Service (NPS). Under the new salary scale, the Commissioner General (CG) fits into pay Grade 14 and job Group U. At the same time, the Deputy Commissioner General (DCG) falls under pay Grade 13 and job Group T.


Rank Job Group Pay Grade Salary Range (KES)
Prison Warden (lowest rank) F 6 16,890 - 25,470
G 7 21,320 - 27,890
H 8 23,780 - 31,020
I 9 26,410 - 35,910
J 10 29,200 - 41,570
K 11 33,990 - 48,190
L 12 38,270 - 54,300
M 13 42,750 - 60,120
Prison Warden (highest rank) N 14 48,190 - 55,110
Deputy Commissioner General T 13 130,590 - 160,020
Commissioner General U 14 152,060 - 302,980

Kenya Prisons Salary Scale with Allowances

A new salary scale introduced by the government triggered significant changes in the prison service. It is crucial to understand the structure of this new salary scale and the various ranks in the Kenyan prison service. Additionally, all civil servants are entitled to housing allowances, which differ based on location.

Kenya Prisons Recruitment Requirements

There are specific prerequisites for individuals wishing to join the prison service. These requirements range from being a Kenyan citizen and having a valid National Identification Card to age and physical fitness criteria. Candidates selected go through an intensive government-sponsored paramilitary initial training course, varying in duration based on the specific role.

Is Kenya Prisons Under the National Police Service?

Despite misconceptions, the Kenya Prisons Service is not part of the National Police Service. It is a department under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. Its mandate is to ensure the safe custody of all legally committed to prison facilities and facilitate the rehabilitation of custodial sentenced offenders for community reintegration.


The Kenya Prisons' salary scale has risen significantly due to government reforms. Prison wardens, who used to earn less than the minimum wage, have received a significant salary boost since SRC aligned the salary scale with the National Police Service.

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