Inside the Lavish Hotels and Restaurants Owned by Kenya's Most Powerful Politicians

From beachfront havens to countryside retreats, explore the luxurious hotels and restaurants owned by Kenya's political elite.

Jun 3, 2023 - 18:00
Jun 3, 2023 - 22:54
Inside the Lavish Hotels and Restaurants Owned by Kenya's Most Powerful Politicians
 Multi-Billion Hotels Owned by President Rutto and other Kenyan Politicians

Kenya's political landscape is not only defined by power and influence but also by the abundant wealth possessed by its top politicians. These individuals have diversified their portfolios by investing in the hospitality industry, establishing luxurious hotels and restaurants catering to local and international clientele. In this article, we shall explore the high-end hotels owned by Kenyan politicians, delving into their grandeur and the notable figures behind them.

Dolphin Hotel: President Ruto's Coastal Retreat

Nestled in the vibrant city of Mombasa, Dolphin Hotel stands as a testament to luxury and elegance. Owned by President William Ruto, this beachfront haven offers an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking the epitome of indulgence.

With its completion in 2020, Dolphin Hotel quickly gained recognition as one of the most prestigious establishments in Mombasa. While it falls under the Weston Hotel chain, it bears the name Dolphin, which pays homage to its idyllic location near the majestic Indian Ocean.

Dolphin Hotel is a true gem in the hospitality landscape, boasting the title of the largest hotel in Mombasa. Its impressive stature is matched by its expansive 10-acre property, enveloped by swaying palm trees that create a serene and tropical atmosphere. The hotel's lease period of 95 years ensures its long-standing presence in the coastal region.

Heritage Hotels: The Pride of Former President Uhuru Kenyatta

Heritage Hotels, owned by former President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family, boasts a collection of exquisite properties that epitomize luxury and grandeur. One of these esteemed establishments is the Great Rift Valley Lodge, which overlooks breathtaking mountains, bushland, and the shimmering Lake Naivasha. Offering 21 twin and nine double rooms with balconies that offer stunning views over the Rift Valley, the lodge caters to those seeking a truly remarkable experience. It also features a golf resort that provides golfers with unparalleled vacation opportunities.

Weston Hotel: A Tranquil Retreat

Nestled in the serene Lang'ata area of Nairobi City, Weston Hotel provides a delightful retreat for its guests. President Ruto's wife, Rachel, and their daughter Charlene Chelagat are among the shareholders of Matiny Ltd, which owns Weston Hotel. The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with complimentary WiFi, ensuring seamless connectivity. The rooms are tastefully outfitted with luxuries like a desk, flat-screen TV, refrigerator, kettle, and bathroom shower. Some rooms offer captivating pool views, while others have a private bathroom and comfortable seating. The hotel's diverse accommodation options cater to various preferences, ensuring a memorable stay.

 A & L Hotel: Mutua's Contemporary Elegance

A & L Hotel, a contemporary five-star establishment near the Nairobi-Machakos junction, offers convenience and sophistication. Situated close to Machakos town and Machakos Peoples' Park, the hotel features affordable, well-appointed rooms, meeting and conference facilities, a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool. Cabinet Secretary for Foreign & Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Kenya, Alfred Mutua, and his ex-partner Lilian Ng'ang'a opened the hotel in 2020. Its modern amenities and prime location make it an ideal choice for discerning travelers.

Lord Erroll Restaurant: Culinary Excellence in Runda

Lord Erroll restaurant, nestled in the heart of Runda, Nairobi, has secured its place as a premier establishment in the local hospitality sector, garnering recognition and accolades nationally and internationally. Since its establishment in 1997, this French and gourmet restaurant has consistently delighted guests with its exquisite cuisine. With multiple dining rooms, Lord Erroll offers ample space for events of various sizes, accommodating groups ranging from six to one hundred people. The restaurant became part of Gideon Moi's portfolio when he acquired it in February 2013.

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Kenyan politicians have ventured into the hospitality industry, establishing high-end hotels and restaurants that embody luxury and refinement. From the Dolphin Hotel, owned by President William Ruto, to the Lord Erroll Restaurant, under Gideon Moi's ownership, these establishments epitomize elegance and sophistication. As Kenya's political figures diversify their investments, its hospitality sector thrives, attracting local and international tourists seeking exquisite experiences.


Are these hotels open to the public?

Yes, These hotels are open to the public. They also cater for both local and international guests.

What makes Weston Hotel a tranquil retreat?

Weston Hotel's serene location in the Lang'ata area of Nairobi and its amenities, including an outdoor pool, contribute to its tranquil ambiance.

What distinguishes Lord Erroll restaurant in Runda?

Lord Erroll restaurant is renowned for its French and gourmet cuisine and its ability to host various events.

Which politician owns the Great Rift Valley Lodge?

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta owns the Great Rift Valley Lodge under the Heritage Group of Hotels.

Can non-guests dine at Dolphin Hotel's restaurants? 

Absolutely! Dolphin Hotel welcomes guests and non-guests to indulge in its exquisite dining options.

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