Kisumu Postal Code: A Complete Guide to Area Codes and Zip Codes

Uncover the Kisumu postal, area, and ZIP codes with our comprehensive guide. Discover how to send mail to this beautiful lakeside city in Kenya

Jul 19, 2023 - 14:37
Kisumu Postal Code: A Complete Guide to Area Codes and Zip Codes
Kisumu Postal Code: A Complete Guide to Area Codes and Zip Codes

This article comprehensively explains the Kisumu postal code, postal offices, area codes, and ZIP codes. We aim to provide valuable insights to locals, tourists, or anyone interested in sending a letter or package to the beautiful lakeside city of Kisumu, Kenya.

What is a Postal Code?

A postal code, also known as a postcode, postcode, PIN, or ZIP Code, is a series of letters, digits, or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for sorting mail. Postal codes are used in many countries worldwide, and they help ensure that mail is delivered quickly and accurately. They are also used for statistical purposes, such as tracking population growth and migration. 

History of Postal Codes

The first postal codes were introduced in the early 1900s in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. These codes were relatively simple, consisting of only a few digits. In the 1950s, more complex postal codes were introduced in countries like the United States and Canada. These codes were designed to improve the efficiency of mail sorting and helped reduce the number of misdelivered letters. Today, postal codes are used in over 160 countries worldwide. The format of postal codes varies from country to country, but they all serve the same primary purpose: to help ensure that mail is delivered quickly and accurately.

Kisumu City

Kisumu is Kenya's third-largest city, situated on Lake Victoria's shores. It is a bustling hub of activity, boasting a population of over 1.1 million people as of the 2019 national census. However, amidst its unique attractions and vibrant culture, one feature that often goes unnoticed is its robust postal system.

Kisumu Postal Code

What is the Kisumu postal code? The answer is simple: 40100. This number is crucial in facilitating mail delivery throughout the county. Like others across Kenya, this code forms an essential part of the vast postal system managed by the Kenya Postal Services.

Let us break it down even further, taking a closer look at the postal codes for Kisumu County's seven constituencies: Kisumu Central, Kisumu East, Kisumu West, Muhoroni, Nyakach, Nyando, and Seme.

Kisumu Central Postal Codes

This constituency houses various regions, including Manyatta 'A,' Kisumu Milimani, Migosi, Nyalenda 'A' & 'B,' Railways, and Shaurimoyo Kaloleni. Each region sports the postal code 40100.

Kisumu East Postal Codes

Known for regions like Kajulu, Kolwa Central, Kolwa East, and Manyatta 'B,' Kisumu East shares the standard postal code 40100.

Kisumu West Postal Codes

Home to Central Kisumu, Kisumu North, North West Kisumu, South West Kisumu, and West Kisumu, Kisumu West boasts the postal code 40100, with an exception for Dago, which has the postal code 40112.

Beyond Kisumu City

Reaching out to the sugar-laden lands of Muhoroni, the diverse terrains of Nyakach, the sugarcane fields of Nyando, and the distinct landscapes of Seme, we find the postal code 40100 reigning supreme. However, some regions, like Kibigori and Koru in Muhoroni, and East Reru in Seme, flaunt unique postal codes 40119, 40104, and 40133, respectively.

Kisumu's Postal Offices and ZIP Codes

The web of Kisumu's postal system would be complete with its postal offices sprinkled across the city and beyond. Armed with the ZIP code 40100, each office ensures seamless mail delivery. Key postal offices are in Kisumu town, Kondele, Migosi, Chemelil, Ahero, and Fort Tenan.

Complete List Of All Postal Codes In Kisumu

Constituency Postal Code
Kisumu Central 40100
Kondele 40100
Kisumu Milimani 40100
Migosi 40100
Nyalenda 'A' 40100
Nyalenda 'B' 40100
Railways 40100
Kanyakwar 40100
Kogony 40100
Nyawita 40100
Shaurimoyo Kaloleni 40100
Northern 40100
Kisumu East 40100
Got Nyabondo 40100
Kadero 40100
Konya 40100
Okok 40100
Wathorego 40100
Kasule 40100
Nyalunya 40100
Kolwa East 40100
Buoye 40100
Chiga 40100
Mayenya 40100
Manyatta 'B' 40100
Kisumu West 40100
Korando 'A' 40100
Korando 'B' 40100
Dago 40112
Mkendwa 40100
Nyahera 40100
East Karateng 40100
Marera 40100
Sunga 40100
West Karateng 40100
Kanyawegi 40100
Ojolla 40100
Osiri 40100
West Kisumu 40100
Bar 'A' 40100
Bar 'B' 40100
Lower Kadongo 40100
Newa 40100
North Kapuonja 40100
South Kapuonja 40100
Upper Kadongo 40100
Muhoroni 40100
Chemilil 40100
E. Songhor 40100
God Abuoro 40100
Lower Tamu 40100
Nyangore 40100
Upper Tamu 40100
W. Songhor 40100
Kabar Central 40100
Kabar East 40100
Kamswa North 40100
Kamswa South 40100
Sidho East I 40100
Sidho East II 40100
Wangaya I 40100
Wangaya II 40100
Miwani 40100
Central Miwani 40100
Kibigori 40119
Miwani East 40106
Miwani North 40106
Miwani West 40106
Muhoroni/Koru 40100
Fort Tenan 40100
Homalime 40100
Koru 40104
Muhoroni East 40107
Nyando 40100
Ochoria 40100
Orego 40100
Owaga 40100
Tonde 40100
Ombeyi 40100
Ahero Irrigation Scheme 40100
Kabar West 40100
Kango 40100
Kore 40100
Obumba 40100
Ramula 40100
Nyakach 40100
Jimo West 40100
Kabodho East 40100
Moro 40100
N. Kabodho 40100
Olwalo 40100
W. Kabodho 40100
Agoro East 40100
Agoro West 40100
Awach 40100
Gem Nam 40100
Gem Rae 40100
Jimo East 40100
Jimo Midlle 40100
Kasae 40100
Lisana 40100
Rarieda 40100
East Kadiang'A 40100
East Koguta 40100
Kandaria 40100
Ramogi 40100
South West Nyakach 40100
Gari 40100
Kajimbo 40100
West Kadiang'A 40100
Anding'O Opanga 40100
Lower Kadiang'A 40100
Nyongong'A 40100
Upper Kadiang'A 40100
West Koguta 40100
Nyando 40100
Kakmie 40100
Kakola-Ahero 40100
Kakola-Ombaka 40100
Kobongo 40100
Kochogo N. 40100
Kochogo South 40100
Tura 40100
Awasi/Onjiko 40100
Ayucha 40100
Border I 40100
Border II 40100
Wanganga 40100
East Kano/Wawidhi 40100
Achego 40100
Ayweyo 40100
Katolo 40100
Kochogo C. 40100
Magina 40100
Nyakongo 40100
Kabonyo/Kanyagwal 40100
Central Bwanda 40100
Irrigation 40100
Kadhiambo 40100
Kapiyo 40100
Kolal 40100
Kwakungu 40100
Lower Bwanda 40100
Upper Bwanda 40100
Kobura 40100
Katho 40100
Kochieng 40100
Lela 40100
Masogo 40100
N. Nyamware 40100
Nyamwera S. 40100
Central Seme 40100
East Kanyadwera 40100
East Othany 40100
Lower Kombewa 40100
Upper Kombewa 40100
West Othany 40100
East Seme 40100
East Kolunje 40100
Kaila 40100
Kit Mikayi 40100
Koker Kajulu 40100
South Rata 40100
West Kolunje 40100
East Katieno 40100
Kadero 40100
North Kowe 40100
North Rata 40100
South Kowe 40100
West Kanyadwera 40100
West Katieno 40100
Alwala 40100
Ang'Oga 40100
East Kadinga 40100
East Ngere 40100
East Reru 40133
North Alungo 40100
South Alungo 40100
West Kadinga 40100
West Ngere 40100
West Reru 40133

What are the differences between ZIP codes and postal codes?

There are several key differences between ZIP codes and postal codes:

  • Format: ZIP codes are always five digits long, while postal codes can vary in length. For example, postal codes in the United Kingdom are typically seven digits long, while postal codes in Canada are typically six digits long.
  • Usage: ZIP codes are only used in the United States and the Philippines, while postal codes are used in many countries around the world.
  • Purpose: ZIP codes are primarily used to help sort and route mail more efficiently, while postal codes are also used for other purposes, such as collecting demographic information and route planning.

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Unearthing Kisumu's postal, area and ZIP codes reveals a well-organized postal network. This intricate system, bound by the code 40100, ensures that the county's over 1.1 million residents remain interconnected. Whether in the heart of Kisumu city or the outskirts of Nyakach, your mail is guaranteed to reach you, thanks to this efficient system.


What is Kisumu County's general postal code?

    • Kisumu County's general postal code is 40100.

How many constituencies does Kisumu County have?

    • Kisumu County is divided into seven constituencies.

Do all regions in Kisumu County share the same postal code?

    • Most regions in Kisumu County share the postal code 40100, but a few, like Dago, Kibigori, and Koru, have unique codes.

Where are the postal offices in Kisumu located?

    • Postal offices are dispersed across Kisumu, with key offices in Kisumu town, Kondele, Migosi, Chemelil, Ahero, and Fort Tenan.

What is the ZIP code for Kisumu's postal offices?

    • The ZIP code for Kisumu's postal offices is 40100.

What is the significance of Kisumu's postal codes?

    • Kisumu's postal codes ensure efficient mail delivery within the county.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for informational purposes only and does not serve as an official source of postal code data. For the most accurate information, always refer to the Kenya Postal Services.

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