KMTC Nurse Salary in Kenya , Allowances, Job Groups And More in 2023

Discover the salary landscape for KMTC nurses in Kenya. Learn about compensation, benefits, and factors influencing earnings.

Aug 22, 2023 - 17:31
KMTC Nurse Salary in Kenya , Allowances, Job Groups  And More in 2023
KMTC Nurse Salary in Kenya , Allowances, Job Groups And More in 2023

If you're considering a career in nursing and have your sights set on Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), you're likely eager to learn about the potential salary and allowances you could earn upon completing your studies. This comprehensive guide will explore KMTC nurse salaries across various cadres and the factors influencing these earnings. By the end of this article, you'll clearly understand what to expect regarding compensation and benefits as a nurse in Kenya.

KMTC Nurse Salary Overview

For aspiring nurses, it's crucial to grasp the salary landscape before embarking on your educational journey. KMTC graduates can anticipate a basic salary ranging from KES 23,000 to 119,000, depending on their nursing cadre, level of education, and experience. Here's a breakdown of KMTC nurse salary by designation:

Designation Job Group Minimum Salary (Ksh) Maximum Salary (Ksh)
Enrolled Nurse II G 23,369 29,826
H 27,052 34,527
J 32,061 38,893
Senior Enrolled Nurse II K 40,326 54,067
L 46,683 59,644
Registered Nurses II H 39,450 44,730
J 42,850 47,630
Senior Registered Nurse L 50,315 54,100
M 54,217 58,430
Chief Registered Nurse N 58,415 63,415

Nursing Officer Salary Ranges

For nursing officers with a degree in nursing, the salary structure varies based on their role and experience:

    Designation Job Group Minimum Salary (Ksh) Maximum Salary (Ksh)
    Nursing Officer (Intern) - 46,580 65,430
    Senior Nursing Officer L 50,640 69,790
    Principal Nursing Officer N 62,247 84,877
    Assistant Director, Nursing Services P 96,909 129,868
    Senior Assistant Director, Nursing Services Q 112,185 129,868
    Deputy Director, Nursing Service R 129,950 136,825
    Director, Nursing Services S 136,915 144,220

    Nurse Allowances

    In addition to their base salaries, nurses in Kenya are entitled to various allowances that contribute to their overall compensation package. Job group, work location, and other considerations influence these allowances. Nurses can receive house allowances, extraneous expenses, health risk allowances, uniform allowances, and commuter allowances, each ranging in value depending on the circumstances.

    Factors Influencing KMTC Nurse Salary

    Several key factors influence the remuneration of KMTC nurses:

    Education and Credentials

    Your level of education plays a substantial role in determining your KMTC nurse salary. Those with higher qualifications, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), tend to earn more than those with diplomas or certificates. Moreover, specialized certifications in areas like critical care can lead to enhanced compensation.


    As with any profession, experience matters in nursing. The longer you've been practicing, the more valuable your skills become. This is reflected in your salary, as nurses with extensive experience typically earn higher wages due to their proficiency and contributions to patient care.

    Geographic Placement

    Your work location significantly impacts your salary. Urban nurses generally earn more than their rural counterparts, as the cost of living tends to be higher in metropolitan areas. Employers often offer competitive salaries to attract and retain skilled nurses in these locations.

    Nursing Courses and Qualifications

    KMTC offers various nursing courses, including certificates, diplomas, higher diplomas, and degree programs. Each level requires specific academic qualifications and durations of study:

    • Certificate in Nursing: Offered at KMTC campuses, requiring a minimum aggregate of C- in KCSE and relevant subject combinations.
    • Diploma in Nursing: Available at KMTC and other institutions, requiring a minimum mean grade of C in KCSE.
    • Higher Diploma in Nursing: Requires a diploma in nursing or community health nursing as a prerequisite.
    • Degree in Nursing: Attainable by upgrading a diploma to a BSc in Nursing at certain universities, like Mt Kenya University.

    Expected Salaries and Allowances for Nurses in Kenya

    The salary structure for nurses varies based on job group and academic qualifications:

    • Entry-Level Nurses (Group G): Earn between Ksh 23,369 and Ksh 29,826.
    • Nurses in Job Group K: Basic salary of Ksh 40,000.
    • Nurses in Job Group R: Earn between Ksh 109,089 and Ksh 144,928.
    • Additional Allowances: Nurses are eligible for the house, extraneous expenses, health risks, uniforms, and commuter allowances.

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    Becoming a nurse through KMTC is not just a profession—it's a calling to contribute to the well-being of individuals and the healthcare system. As you embark on this journey, it's essential to understand the potential rewards that come with your dedication and hard work. KMTC nurse salaries in Kenya are diverse and influenced by your educational background, experience, and where you choose to work. By pursuing higher education and accumulating experience, you enhance your skills and position yourself for better financial rewards. 


    Who qualifies to become a nurse in Kenya?

     To become a nurse in Kenya, one must pursue a nursing course in an accredited institution, such as KMTC.

    What are the major nursing courses offered in Kenya? 

    The primary nursing courses in Kenya include Certificate in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, Higher Diploma in Nursing, and Degree in Nursing.

    How do qualifications impact nurse salaries?

     Education levels, such as certificates, diplomas, and degrees, significantly influence nurse salaries. More advanced qualifications often lead to higher earnings.

    What role does experience play in nurse remuneration? 

    Experience plays a crucial role in determining a nurse's salary. More experienced nurses are often rewarded with higher compensation due to their expertise.

    What allowances do nurses in Kenya receive?

    Nurses in Kenya receive various allowances, including house allowances, extraneous expenses, health risk allowances, uniform allowances, and commuter allowances, which supplement their salaries.

    How do location and geographic placement affect nurse salaries? 

    Urban nurses earn more than their rural counterparts due to the higher cost of living in metropolitan areas.

    Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available data and should be used for informational purposes only. Salary ranges and allowances may change over time and are subject to the policies of relevant institutions and regulatory bodies.

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