kplc power interruptions today: How To Check Power Interruption's In Your Area

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company supplies electricity to virtually every home in Kenya. Therefore, they are highly relied upon for electricity in the country.

Jun 12, 2023 - 19:15
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kplc power interruptions today: How To Check Power Interruption's In Your Area
KPLC Blackout Areas Today: How To Check Power Interruption's In Your Area

Millions of people in Kenya purchase power from the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), which is the country's leading electrical transmission and distribution firm. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure everything runs appropriately with such an extensive infrastructure. As the impacted areas' transmission infrastructure is maintained, power will remain off in those areas. Why not learn more about the planned outages for KPLC instead of being in the dark? We'll walk you through how to know when and where the planned outages will occur in this article.

How to check KPLC planned outages.

In the modern, technologically advanced world, nearly every aspect of our daily life depends on electricity, as do almost all appliances. Without a generator, power outages, which can occasionally last up to a whole day, might result in lost revenue for some, lost food supplies, or at the very least, boredom for many.

You can learn more about any expected Kenya Power outage in your area or any other place by visiting the company's various networks. The corporation has fully embraced information technology to make it simpler for its customers to learn about these interruptions. This way, you will prepare yourself accordingly to deal with the power outage.

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KPLC official website

The first way you can find out about a planned power outage is by visiting the official Kenya Power website, then selecting the "Customer Service" page to learn more about a planned outage. A drop-down menu will show when the pointer is over the "Customer Service" tab. Select Scheduled Power Interruptions from the menu.

The interruptions are arranged in date order, with the most recent at the top. A PDF document displaying all the affected locations will appear when you click on the date that interests you. Also, the official website has more for you if you want more services from the power distributor. 

KPLC's official Twitter Page

The KPLC Twitter page is one of the best resources for learning more about the areas affected by a blackout. Twitter accounts for the company are @KenyaPower_Care. The electrical distribution provider typically posts a region scheduled for a blackout one day in advance. 

Visit their Twitter page to learn more about their planned outage in your area or any other place a day beforehand. The regions with particular lengths of the blackout are used to group the impacted locations. For instance, if your part is listed for an outage, you will see it under the header "region."

You can also subscribe to their notifications to ensure you are alerted whenever they publish a new tweet and check if your area is affected.

KPLC's official Facebook Page

Visit the official KPLC Facebook page to learn more about a power outage in your neighborhood. Clients have noticed that the firm's adoption of social media for communication over the years has successfully reduced visits to the many KPLC offices. 

Similar to posting information on Twitter, they also update their Facebook page, perhaps with images of the anticipated outages or comments. The business is listed on Facebook as @ KenyaPowerLtd.

Call or Send an Email

Due to the enhancement of technology, the company mainly posts all of its information on its social media. Hence it isn't peculiar for one to call or send an email. However, suppose you are in a situation where you can't access the internet or any of the company's social media. In that case, you can call or text them using the following contact information.

National Contact Centre: 97771 or 0703 070 707 | 0732 170 170. 

USSD & Telephone number: Dial *977# or +254 203201000.

 Email: [email protected]

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Permanently save yourself from being left in the dark unaware. You can always find out more about KPLC's planned outages through their socials. They have a Facebook and Twitter page with the latest information about the areas affected by a power cut.

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