KRA 2024/2025 Internship: Open Positions, Requirements, Deadline, Application Forms, and More

Learn about the diverse array of internship opportunities offered by the KRA. Find key dates, stipends, and 2023 KRA Internship Program requirements.

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KRA 2024/2025 Internship: Open Positions, Requirements, Deadline, Application Forms, and More
KRA 2024/2025 Internship: Open Positions, Requirements, Deadline, Application Forms, and More

Are you a recent graduate looking for an exciting opportunity to kickstart your career in Kenya? Look no further! The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) invites applications for its January to December 2023 Internship Programme. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about KRA's Internship Programme, including eligibility requirements, how to apply, application deadline, and much more.

The KRA Internship Programme is part of the Government's Youth Initiative to nurture young talent for the Kenyan labor market. It offers fresh Bachelor's Degree and Diploma graduates the chance to gain practical experience in their respective fields while contributing to the Authority's various Support Services departments. Whether you are a finance enthusiast, a creative mind, or an engineering whiz, KRA has opportunities for you!

Eligibility Requirements for KRA Vacancies

To qualify for the KRA Internship Programme, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Kenyan Citizenship: Applicants must be Kenyan citizens between 20 and 35.

  2. Educational Background: You should have graduated with a first degree (undergraduate) or diploma from a recognized institution between January 2023 and December 2023.

  3. Full-Time Commitment: Successful candidates must be available full-time for the twelve-month program.

  4. No Prior Internships: Applicants should not have had any other internships or employment experience in their field of study after graduation.


The KRA offers diverse internship opportunities encompassing multiple fields, from Finance and Accounting to Telecommunications and Structural Engineering. This is a golden opportunity for interns to garner practical experience in their field of interest, making the KRA Internship program a stepping-stone towards a successful career.

Summary: Here Is A Complete list of all the available opportunities:

Serial No. Department Specializations
1 Support Services Finance
2 Support Services Accounting
3 Support Services Economics
4 Support Services Statistics
5 Support Services Data Analytics
6 Support Services Mathematics
7 Support Services Supply Chain Management
8 Support Services Human Resource Management
9 Support Services Marketing & Communication
10 Support Services Communications
11 Support Services International Relations
12 Support Services Diplomacy
13 Support Services Public Relations
14 Support Services Media Studies
15 Support Services Photography
16 Support Services Videography
17 Support Services Film Production
18 Support Services Animation
19 Support Services ICT
20 Support Services Telecommunications
21 Support Services Food & Beverage
22 Support Services Hotel Management
23 Support Services Housekeeping and Laundry management
24 Support Services Records Management
25 Support Services Records & Archives
26 Support Services Library & Information Science
27 Support Services Security & Safety
28 Support Services Security Management
29 Support Services Criminology
30 Support Services Criminal Justice
31 Support Services Forensics
32 Support Services Business Administration
33 Support Services Business Management
34 Support Services Project Management
35 Support Services Monitoring & Evaluation
36 Support Services Counselling Psychology
37 Support Services Occupational Health
38 Support Services Disaster Management
39 Support Services Electrical Engineering
40 Support Services Mechanical Engineering
41 Support Services Civil Engineering
42 Support Services Structural Engineering
43 Support Services Land Economics
44 Support Services Property Management
45 Support Services Quantity Survey
46 Support Services Actuarial Science
47 Support Services Transport & Logistics
48 Support Services Fleet management
49 Support Services Law
50 Support Services Education
51 Support Services Chemistry
52 Support Services Analytical Chemistry
53 Support Services Stenographers

How to Register and Apply for the Vacancies

Registration Process

  1. Visit the KRA e-recruitment portal at and click the 'Register' option.

  2. After registration, check your email for instructions on how to confirm your email address and complete your registration.

Application Process

  1. Log in to your account on the e-recruitment portal by entering your username and password.

  2. Once logged in, you will find the 'Applicant Cockpit.' Navigate to the 'Candidate Profile' tab on this page.

  3. Click on 'My Profile' to create or update your profile, following the instructions.

  4. Ensure you complete your profile by clicking the 'Overview and Release' option and checking the box on the page.

  5. To view available job postings, go to the 'Applicant Cockpit' and click the 'Employment Opportunities' tab.

  6. Under 'Job Search,' click the 'Start' button to explore all available vacancies.

  7. Click on a job posting to see detailed information about the position.

  8. To apply for a specific position, click the 'Apply' button at the top of the page and follow the provided instructions.

  9. Make sure to complete all mandatory fields in your application.

  10. After reviewing and accepting the 'Data Privacy Statement,' click the 'Send Application Now' button to submit your application.

All applications must be submitted online through the KRA e-recruitment portal. Incomplete applications will not be considered; only selected candidates will be contacted.

How to Apply for KRA Internship 2023

Filling out the KRA Internship Application Form

To apply for the KRA Internship Program, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit the KRA official website
  2. Click careers from the top menu bar
  3. You will be redirected to
  4. Register by providing the required information
  5. Return to the application portal and sign in with your username and password
  6. Click 'Applicant Cockpit' and select 'Internship.'
  7. Fill out the online application form and upload relevant documents/certificates/testimonials
  8. Review your application and submit it if everything is in order

Remember to print out your application acknowledgment slip immediately after completing the form. Application Deadline, Stipend, and Additional Information

  • Application Deadline: The deadline for application submission is Sunday,  19th November 2023. Make sure to apply before this date to be considered.

  • Monthly Stipend: Interns selected for the program will receive a monthly stipend of Ksh15,000, subject to statutory deductions.

  • Additional Notes: It's essential to remember that the application process must be completed through the KRA e-recruitment platform. The Internship program does not guarantee employment with the Authority after completion and is not extended. Selected candidates must provide various documents, including proof of a valid Personal Accident Insurance Cover, a Certificate of Good Conduct, copies of their KRA PIN Certificate, NHIF, NSSF, ID card, and bank account details.

If you encounter any difficulties during the application process, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance via email at

Tips for a Successful KRA Internship Application

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a successful KRA Internship application:

  • Ensure a stable network connection during application.
  • Adhere to the required document size during upload.
  • Submit your form on or before the deadline.
  • The KRA Internship application form is free; only pay people concerning the application form.

What is the Duration of the KRA Internship Program?

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) offers a variety of internship programs for students and recent graduates. The duration of these programs varies depending on the program, but most last for three to six months.

Three-Month Internship Program

The KRA's three-month internship program is designed for students in their final year of study. The program allows interns to gain hands-on experience in various KRA departments, such as Tax Administration, Customs and Excise, and Information Technology. Interns are also entitled to attend training workshops and seminars.

Six-Month Internship Program

The KRA's six-month internship program is designed for recent graduates. The program allows interns to gain in-depth experience in a specific KRA department. Interns are also entitled to work on real-world projects.


The Kenya Revenue Authority's Internship Programme for 2023 offers an incredible opportunity for young graduates to gain valuable experience and contribute to the growth of their careers. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are enthusiastic about making a difference, don't miss the application deadline. Apply now and embark on a journey to kickstart your career with KRA!

Please note that this article provides an overview of the KRA Internship Programme and application process based on the information available at the time of writing. It is essential to visit the official KRA e-recruitment portal for the most up-to-date information and guidelines.

Apply now for the KRA Internship Programme.

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