KRA Offices, Locations, and Contacts in 2024: All You Need to Know

Get to know KRA's extensive network of offices across Kenya. Find the nearest location and explore various ways to get in touch with them

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KRA Offices, Locations, and Contacts in 2024: All You Need to Know
KRA Offices, Locations, and Contacts: All You Need to Know

Regarding revenue collection in Kenya, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is the central body entrusted with this crucial responsibility. Established through an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya, on 1st July 1995, KRA plays a pivotal role in collecting revenue on behalf of the Kenyan government. In this guide, I will take you through all you need to know about KRA, including its offices, locations, contacts, and more. 

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Kenya Revenue Authority

Before we dive into the details of KRA's offices and contacts, it's essential to understand this institution's core functions and significance. KRA is not just any government agency; it's a lifeline for Kenya's financial stability. Its primary functions can be summarized as follows:

  1. Revenue Collection: The core responsibility of KRA is to assess, collect, and account for all revenues stipulated by Kenyan laws. This revenue is critical for financing essential public services, from healthcare to infrastructure development.
  2. Advisory Role: KRA also plays an advisory role in revenue administration and collection matters. Its expertise is crucial in shaping effective fiscal policies and strategies.
  3. Additional Functions: Beyond its primary functions, KRA can perform other tasks related to revenue collection as directed by the Minister, making it a versatile institution in Kenya's economic landscape.

KRA Branches Across Kenya

To ensure efficient revenue collection and taxpayer support, KRA has strategically positioned its branches across various regions of Kenya. Here's a breakdown of KRA offices by region:

Nairobi Region

  1. Headquarters

    • Location: Times Tower Building, Haile Selassie Avenue.
    • Contacts: 020 499 9999/ 0711 099 999.
  2. Sameer Park

    • Contacts: 0709 016 616/ 020 239 6006.
  3. Ushuru Pension Towers

    • Contact: 0709 011 501.
  4. KESRA Centre

    • Location: Along Waiyaki Way.
  5. Forodha House, JKIA

    • Contact: 020 682 2854.

South Rift Region

  1. Nakuru Office

    • Location: Generation House
    • Contacts: 0725 777 409/ 051 221 3926.
  2. Kajiado Office

    • Location: Kitengela Mall, 4th Floor.
  3. Maralal

    • Location: Maralal Town.
  4. Kericho

    • Location: Kericho DC’s Compound.
  5. Nyahururu

    • Location: Along Sharpe Road, Nyahururu Town.
  6. Nakuru PPO

  7. Nakuru KPC

  8. Naivasha

    • Location: Jubilee Mall.
    • Contact: 052 201 04/ 2020108/ 201122.

Northern Region

  1. Machakos

    • Location: Sartaj Building, 3rd Floor, Off Kangundo.
    • Contacts: 020 202 0348/ 044 202 0232.
  2. Embu

    • Location: Mugo House, Ground Floor.
    • Contact: 068 31360.
  3. Mandera

    • Location: Along Isiolo- Mandera Road.
  4. Garissa

    • Contact: 046 210 2580.
  5. Wajir

    • Location: KRA Custom Building, Mandera Road.
  6. Kitui

    • Location: Bondeni.
    • Contact: 0771 095 931.
  7. Meru

    • Location: Angaine Plaza, Tom Mboya Street.
    • Contact: 064 30713.
  8. Isiolo

    • Location: My Space Building, Next to Isiolo Ardhi House.
  9. Moyale

    • Location: Moyale OSBP.

Western Region

  1. Kisumu

    • Location: Lake Basin Mall.
  2. Kakamega

    • Location: Posta House.
    • Contact: 0206 900 000.
  3. Kisii

    • Location: Umoja Plaza.
    • Contact: 0780 999 995.
  4. Malaba OSBP

    • Location: Along Eldoret- Malaba Road.
  5. Busia OSBP

    • Location: Along Kisumu-Busia Road.
  6. Isebania OSBP

    • Location: Migori Road.
  7. Kisumu- Forodha House

    • Location: Swan Centre, Ground Floor.
  8. Kisumu Pier

  9. Kisumu KPC

  10. Kisumu Airport

  11. Bungoma

    • Location: Moge Plaza, Moi Avenue.
    • Contact: 053 30543.

Central Region

  1. Thika

    • Location: Thika House, Thika Town.
    • Contacts: 0741 852 035/ 067 222 1701.
  2. KRA Central Region Headquarters- Nyeri

    • Location: Veka Plaza, Kenyatta Road, Opposite Kamukunji Grounds.
    • Contact: 0709 011 111.
  3. Kerugoya

    • Location: Machere Plaza.
  4. Nanyuki

    • Location: Ubii Plaza.
  5. Murang’a

    • Location: Ngeka Centre.
    • Contact: 060 203 0700.
  6. Kiambu

    • Location: Kiambu Mall.

South Coast

  1. Mombasa- Custom House

    • Contact: 041 231 4070.
  2. Malindi

    • Location: Malindi Complex.
    • Contact: 042 213 0955.
  3. Voi

    • Location: Potter’s House.
    • Contact: 043 203 1120.
  4. Lamu

    • Location: Mkunguri Square.
    • Contact: 0792 973 791.
  5. Ukunda

    • Location: Holding Meridian.
  6. Ngomeni

  7. Diani

    • Location: Near Dola Depot, Off Ukunda- Ramisi Road.

North Rift Region

  1. Eldoret- Domestic Taxes Department

    • Location: Kiptagich House.
    • Contact: 053 206 2300.
  2. Eldoret KPC

  3. Eldoret EIA (Eldoret Airport Warehouse)

  4. Eldoret EIA (Eldoret Airport Bargage Hall)

  5. Lodwar

    • Contacts: 020 239 8852/ 0770 016 179.
  6. Kitale

    • Location: Trans Nzoia Women Plaza.
    • Contacts: 020 239 8707/ 020 785 9501.

This extensive network of KRA offices ensures accessibility to their services across Kenya's diverse regions, catering to the needs of businesses and individuals alike.

Different Ways to Contact KRA

Gone are the days of long queues and limited access to KRA services. In the digital age, KRA has embraced various communication channels to enhance customer experience. Here are some ways you can contact KRA:

Social Media Pages

KRA is active on various social media platforms, where you can seek assistance from their agents. You can find them on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (@KRACare).


For specific inquiries, you can reach out to KRA via email:

  • For inquiries on the Revenue Administration Reform and Modernization Programme (RARMP), email
  • For inquiries on KRA operations and procedures, contact the call centre at


KRA offers telephone and cell phone numbers for direct contact:

  • Tel: +254 (020) 4999 999
  • Tel: +254 (020) 4998 000
  • Cell: +254 (0711) 099 999

Office Visit

You can visit the nearest KRA office based on your location if you prefer in-person assistance.

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In conclusion, the Kenya Revenue Authority plays a vital role in collecting revenue for the Kenyan government. With its extensive network of offices and multiple contact options, KRA aims to provide quality and timely services to Kenyan taxpayers. Whether you need assistance with tax-related matters or have general inquiries, KRA is readily accessible to serve your needs. Remember, efficient tax compliance supports government programs and contributes to the growth and development of Kenya as a whole.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)?

    • The Kenya Revenue Authority is a government agency responsible for collecting revenue from the Kenyan government.

When was KRA established?

    • KRA was established on 1st July 1995 through an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya.

What are KRA's core functions?

    • KRA's core functions include assessing, collecting, and accounting for state revenue, offering advisory services on revenue matters, and performing other functions directed by the Minister.

How can I contact KRA for assistance?

    • You can contact KRA through various channels, including social media, email, and phone. Additionally, you can visit the nearest KRA office based on your location.

What is KRA iTax?

    • KRA iTax online platform allows Kenyan taxpayers to access services and information conveniently.

Why is it essential to know KRA's contacts and locations?

    • Knowing KRA's contacts and locations is crucial for efficient communication and access to tax-related services, ensuring compliance with tax laws.

How does KRA contribute to Kenya's development?

    • KRA's revenue collection supports government programs and initiatives, contributing to the growth and development of Kenya.

What should I do if I have specific inquiries about KRA's operations?

    • You can email your inquiries to KRA or contact their call centre for assistance with specific questions about KRA's operations and procedures.
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