KRA PIN Checker: How to Verify Your KRA PIN Number's Validity on iTax

Avoid the confusion surrounding your KRA PIN. With iTax PIN Checker, you can easily confirm the validity of your PIN for transparent financial interactions

Sep 5, 2023 - 23:47
KRA PIN Checker: How to Verify Your KRA PIN Number's Validity on iTax
KRA PIN Checker: How to Verify Your KRA PIN Number's Validity on iTax

When managing your financial matters, having a valid KRA PIN is essential. However, the process of verifying whether your KRA PIN is valid and active can be a confusing task for many. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of using the iTax PIN Checker functionality provided by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). This tool allows you to confirm the authenticity and status of your KRA PIN, ensuring you have accurate information for your financial transactions.

Key Takeaways from Using iTax PIN Checker:

  1. Verifying your KRA PIN's validity is crucial for accurate financial transactions.
  2. iTax PIN Checker confirms whether your KRA PIN is genuine and active.
  3. Taxpayer Details and Obligation Details are provided in the results.
  4. You can use iTax PIN Checker to avoid incorrect or inactive KRA PINs.
  5. The tool ensures transparency and accuracy in your financial interactions.

Why is a KRA PIN Necessary?

In the context of Kenyan taxation laws, a KRA Personal Identification Number (PIN) becomes necessary once an individual reaches the age of 18. This PIN is a fundamental identifier facilitating interactions with the tax authority, government institutions, and service providers. For individuals earning income through employment, business, or rentals, having a KRA PIN becomes mandatory for tax filing. Additionally, job seekers may find having a KRA PIN advantageous, as some employers consider it a prerequisite. Even students seeking educational loans from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) need a KRA PIN, which acts as security for loan repayment.

How to Use iTax PIN Checker

The iTax PIN Checker is a valuable tool provided by KRA that allows you to confirm the validity and status of your KRA PIN. Follow these steps to utilize the functionality effectively:

Step 1: Visit the KRA iTax Web Portal 

Begin by accessing the official KRA iTax Web Portal. You can do this by clicking on the provided link or typing in the portal's URL in your web browser.

Step 2: Click on the iTax PIN Checker Link

 Once you're on the KRA iTax Web Portal, locate and click on the iTax PIN Checker link. This link will direct you to the tool that verifies the authenticity of your KRA PIN.

Step 3: Enter Your KRA PIN and Solve the Arithmetic Question 

On the iTax PIN Checker page, enter your KRA PIN in the designated field. If you've forgotten your KRA PIN, you can request a retrieval through the KRA portal. Additionally, solve the arithmetic question provided as a security measure. This helps ensure that you are a genuine user, not a bot attempting to access the system.

Step 4: View iTax PIN Checker Results 

After entering your KRA PIN and successfully solving the arithmetic question, click the "Submit" button. The iTax PIN Checker will then display the results, confirming the validity and status of your KRA PIN. The results are divided into two sections: Taxpayer Details and Obligation Details.

Taxpayer Details:

  • Your KRA PIN Number
  • Full Names as per your National ID
  • KRA PIN Status (Active or Dormant)
  • KRA iTax Status (Registered or iPage Updated)

Obligation Details:

  • Type of Tax Obligation registered on iTax Portal (e.g., Income Tax Resident, Income Tax Company, Value Added Tax)
  • Current Status (Registered)
  • Effective From Date (Date of KRA PIN registration on iTax)
  • Effective Date To (Not as significant)

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Essential Transactions Requiring a KRA PIN

The scope of transactions where a KRA PIN is necessary is wide-ranging. Some of the critical areas where your KRA PIN is required include:

  1. Registration of land titles, instrument stamping, and land rent payment.
  2. Business permits, trade licenses, and water deposit payments.
  3. Motor vehicle registration and licensing under traffic regulations.
  4. Business name and company registration.
  5. Value Added Tax (VAT) registration applications.
  6. Facilitating importation and customs processes.
  7. Insurance policy underwriting by insurance companies.
  8. Facilitating power connection deposits with utility companies.
  9. Enabling contracts for goods and services supplied to government entities.
  10. Accessing loans and financing from various institutions.

Required Documents for KRA PIN Registration

To register for a KRA PIN, specific documents are necessary based on your circumstances:


  • National ID or Alien ID card details.
  • Employers' PIN details for employees.
  • Business registration certificate details for business owners.

Non-Citizen Employees or Professionals (Residing in Kenya):

  • Original passport and a copy.
  • Letter of introduction by the employer or agent.
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt.

Non-Citizen Diplomats (Residing in Kenya):

  • Original passport and a copy.
  • Diplomatic card and a copy.
  • Certified letter of introduction by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt.

Non-Citizen Married to a Kenyan Citizen:

  • Original passport and a copy.
  • Dependent's Pass and endorsed page of special pass.
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate.
  • Kenyan Identity card and PIN of a spouse.
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt.

Non-Citizen Students or Interns:

  • Original passport and a copy.
  • Student ID and copies of both documents.
  • Letter of introduction from the Institute of Learning.
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt.

Employees of Privileged Organizations:

  • Original passport and identity card for officials.
  • Introduction or endorsement by the relevant Ministry.
  • KRA Acknowledgement Receipt.

How to Register for a KRA PIN

Registering for a KRA PIN is now a streamlined process through the iTax portal. Here's a step-by-step guide to get your KRA PIN:

Step 1: Access the iTax Portal

  • Visit the official KRA website and navigate to the iTax portal.

Step 2: New PIN Registration

  • If you're an unregistered user, click "New PIN Registration" under the Unregistered Users section.

Step 3: e-Registration

  • Choose the taxpayer type (Individual or Non-Individual) and the registration mode (Online or Upload Form).

Step 4: Basic Information

  • Enter accurate personal details in the provided form and click "Next."

Step 5: Tax Obligation Details

  • Select the tax obligations you're subject to and provide relevant details.

Step 6: Source of Income

  • Indicate your source of income, whether employment, business, or rental income.

Step 7: Agent Details (if applicable)

  • If using a tax agent, provide their details.

Step 8: Download & Print

  • After submission, you'll receive a message confirming your registration, and your new KRA PIN will be displayed on the screen. Download and print your PIN certificate.

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The iTax PIN Checker is a powerful tool that empowers you to verify the validity and status of your KRA PIN quickly. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your financial transactions are conducted using accurate and authentic information. Checking your KRA PIN using iTax PIN Checker is a proactive approach to financial management, contributing to a smooth and hassle-free experience when dealing with government institutions and service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is having a valid KRA PIN essential?

Having a valid KRA PIN is essential for conducting various financial transactions and interactions with government institutions in Kenya. It ensures compliance with tax regulations and facilitates efficient financial operations.

2. How do I retrieve my KRA PIN if I've forgotten it? 

If you've forgotten your KRA PIN, you can request a retrieval through the KRA portal. You may also seek assistance through KRA's social media channels or email.

3. What information does the iTax PIN Checker provide? 

The iTax PIN Checker provides Taxpayer Details (KRA PIN, Full Names, KRA PIN Status, KRA iTax Status) and Obligation Details (Tax Obligation, Current Status, Effective Dates).

4. Can I use the iTax PIN Checker for business-related KRA PINs? 

Yes, the iTax PIN Checker can verify the validity and status of individual and business-related KRA PINs.

5. How often should I use the iTax PIN Checker? 

You can use the iTax PIN Checker whenever you need to confirm the validity and status of your KRA PIN, especially before engaging in critical financial transactions.

6. Is the iTax PIN Checker tool secure to use? 

Yes, the iTax PIN Checker is designed with security measures, including arithmetic questions, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that users are genuine individuals.

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