KURA Internship Application 2023/2024 : Latest News And Updates

Looking for an internship that bridges education and industry? Explore the opportunities offered by the KURA Internship Program and enhance your employability.

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KURA Internship Application 2023/2024 : Latest News And Updates
KURA Internship Application 2023/2024 : Latest News And Updates

Are you a young and ambitious individual eager to kickstart your career in civil engineering, social/environmental safeguards, finance, supply chain management, human resources, law, or communication/public relations? Look no further! The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) offers an exciting internship opportunity for graduates and undergraduates, allowing you to gain real-world experience and enhance your employability. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of the KURA Internship Application for 2023/2024, offering insights into eligibility, application procedures, benefits, and much more.

Who Is KURA?

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) is a statutory body established under the Kenya Roads Act of 2007. Its mission revolves around managing, developing, rehabilitating, and maintaining National Trunk Roads within Kenya's urban areas. Since its inception in the fiscal year 2007/2008, KURA has grown exponentially, boasting a head office in Nairobi and ten regional offices spread across various counties, including Nairobi, Coast, Central, and many more.

KURA's Expansive Network: A Closer Look

As urbanization surges, KURA's road network has expanded to encompass over 4,000 kilometers of road, catering to the evolving needs of a rapidly growing society. A pivotal moment came in January 2016 when the road network underwent a reclassification in alignment with the Constitution of Kenya (CoK, 2010). This transition extended KURA's mandate to all counties and established a more nuanced and adaptable framework for road management.

Key Achievements and Growth

KURA's accomplishments have been nothing short of remarkable. The alignment of its mandate with the Constitution of Kenya 2010 was achieved through strategic capacity-building and implementation of roadworks under devolved government systems. Oversight, coordination, and goal achievement have been consistently exceeded, making KURA a powerhouse in the road management domain. This success is attributed to bolstered internal capacity, clear cross-cutting policies, and unwavering dedication to substance abuse, gender equality, disability inclusion, and more.

KURA Internship Application Process

Are you a graduate or undergraduate searching for an internship experience that bridges the gap between education and industry? Look no further than the KURA Internship Program. This one-year program is specifically tailored to university and college graduates seeking practical exposure to real-world challenges. By participating in this program, you gain essential skills and enhance your employability in a competitive job market.

Is the KURA Internship Application Form for 2023 Out?

Yes, the KURA Internship Application Form for the year 2023 is available for eager applicants. The application process is seamless and can be accessed through the official portal: www.kura.go.ke. Ensure you thoroughly review the provided information before applying to increase your chances of success.

Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Apply?

The KURA Internship Program welcomes applications from both fresh graduates and undergraduates. The program is open to youth between the ages of 20 and 35 who hail from various counties across Kenya. Reviewing the list of eligible counties to ensure you meet the geographical criteria is important. Additionally, the program is designed for candidates who have completed their training and graduated by 2018.

Diverse Internship Opportunities Await

The KURA Internship Program offers diverse opportunities, each catering to specific disciplines. There's something for everyone from Civil Engineering and Social/Environmental Safeguards to Finance and Accounts, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Law, and Communication/Public Relations. It's important to note that these opportunities are exclusively available to candidates with relevant degrees or diplomas.

S. No. Discipline No. Required
1 Civil Engineering 10
2 Social/Environmental Safeguards 1
3 Finance and Accounts 1
4 Supply Chain Management 1
5 Human Resource Management 1
6 Law 1
7 Communication/Public Relations 2

Crucial Requirements for Application

To be considered for an internship position, aspiring candidates must meet specific requirements:

  • Possession of a relevant degree/diploma from a recognized institution.
  • Age between 20 and 35 years.
  • Graduation by 2018.
  • A recommendation/reference letter from the University/College attended.

 Application Deadline: Mark Your Calendar

The deadline for submitting your KURA Internship Application is Friday, 15th September 2023. It's essential to ensure your application is complete and submitted before this date to avoid disqualification.

The Journey Continues: What Awaits Selected Interns?

For those fortunate enough to be selected, a monthly stipend awaits. Degree holders can expect Kshs. 25,000, while diploma holders will receive Kshs. 20,000, both subject to statutory deductions. Additionally, candidates must submit proof of a valid Personal Accident Insurance Cover, Certificate of Good Conduct, KRA PIN Certificate, NHIF, NSSF, and Bank Account Details.

How to Apply

Are you ready to embark on this enriching journey? Follow these steps to submit a successful application:

  1. Download the Application Form: Visit KURA's official website at www.kura.go.ke and navigate to the "Careers" section. Here, you can find and download the KURA Internship Program Application Form.
  2. Compile Supporting Documents: Alongside the application form, ensure you gather certified copies of relevant certificates and testimonials, a comprehensive resume/curriculum vitae, and a copy of your national identity card/passport in PDF format.
  3. Compose a Cover Letter: Craft a compelling cover letter that showcases your enthusiasm, qualifications, and motivation for the specific internship area you are applying for. Address your cover letter to the Director General of KURA.
  4. Submit Your Application: Send your completed application form, cover letter, and supporting documents to the official email address: [email protected]. Use the internship area you're interested in as the subject heading of your email (e.g., "CIVIL ENGINEERING INTERNSHIP APPLICATION").
  5. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on your email for potential updates or communications from KURA's official email address or the provided telephone numbers (0717105233/0208013844/0202722222). Be cautious of fraudulent communication and only rely on official sources.

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The KURA Internship Program stands as a gateway to hands-on experience, skill enhancement, and a brighter career future. As you embark on this journey, remember to adhere to the guidelines, meet the requirements, and submit your application before the deadline. With determination and the right mindset, you could be on your way to a fulfilling internship that sets the stage for your professional growth. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to thrive in the world of urban road management – apply for the KURA Internship Program today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who can apply for the KURA Internship Program? Both fresh graduates and undergraduates aged between 20 and 35 years can apply. You must hold a relevant degree/diploma and have graduated not earlier than 2018.
  2. What are the available internship positions? KURA offers internships in fields such as Civil Engineering, Social/Environmental Safeguards, Finance and Accounts, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Law, and Communication/Public Relations.
  3. How do I apply for the KURA Internship Program? Download the application form from www.kura.go.ke, complete it, and send it to [email protected] along with a cover letter, certified copies of certificates, a resume, and your national ID/passport.
  4. When is the application deadline? The application deadline is Friday, 15th September 2023. Make sure to submit your application before this date.
  5. What is the stipend for interns? Interns receive a monthly stipend of Kshs.25,000 for degree holders and Kshs.20,000 for diploma holders. The stipend is subject to statutory deductions.
  6. Is employment guaranteed after the internship program? No, the Authority does not guarantee employment after completion of the internship program, and the internship itself is not renewable.


The information provided in this article is based on the official KURA internship application guidelines. Applicants are advised to refer to the official KURA website and communication channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Be wary of conmen and ensure your communication with KURA is directed to the official email address and telephone numbers provided.

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