LG G2 OLED TV Test: New Features, Specifications and Price in Kenya

Another year, New Begining, yes, the LG brand is trying to do. Their 2022 televisions are now better than their predecessors and offer a complete experience to those who will renew their old devices.

May 12, 2022 - 11:12
Jan 18, 2023 - 11:56
LG G2 OLED TV Test: New Features, Specifications and Price in Kenya
LG G2 OLED TV Test: New Features, Specifications and Price in Kenya

Still, the OLED TV market leader, LG, is taking advantage of its annual range renewal to make its products even a little more attractive. After introducing its OLED Evo technology last year with the LG OLED G1, South Korea has new plans for 2022.

LG G2 OLED TV specifications

LG OLED65G2 datasheet


Diagonal: 65in
Screen resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels - 4K
Screen technology: OLED
Video processor:α9 Gen5 AI
HDR compatibility: HLG, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, Dolby Vision IQ
Refresh rate:120Hz


Speaker Power (Watts):60
Number of speakers:4
Dolby Atmos:Non DTS


HDMI Port Name: 4
Standard HDMI: HDMI 2.1
Dynamic synchronization:VRR, Freesync, G-Sync
Other entries:3x usb, 1x ethernet, 1x CI+
Other outings:1x optique (SPDIF), 1x HDMI ARC/ eARC, 1x casque


Operating system:WebOS
Standard Wi-Fi:6 (AX)
Assistant vocal:Google Assistant, Alexa, LG ThinQ
Airplay 2:Oui

Physical characteristics

Height (without stand):821m
Width (without foot):1 441m
Depth (without foot):24.3m
Weight (without stand):22,8kg



video games are now a must-have when talking about television, and as such, LG is undoubtedly the one who has best grasped the contours of the issue in recent years. The G2 is not taking a giant leap into the "future" but is still refining the excellent performance of these precursors. First, by offering a "Game Optimizer" with convenient menus, different image modes depending on the type of game, and all the features that players have a right to expect: ALLM, 4K at 120 Hz, VRR with G-Sync and FreeSync.Want to enjoy 4K at 120 Hz, HDR? No problem!

Image quality

The qualities of the G2 are obvious from the first images. Of course, the strong advantages of OLED technology play a lot on display, with blacks of great depth, a deep and detailed image, and excellent viewing angles. These aspects continue to fly in LCD and even Mini-LED TVs. Nevertheless, it is on the processor side that the South Korean's efforts are most noticeable this year.

The image takes advantage of artificial intelligence in SDR as in HDR. The advantage is noticeable, especially when watching TV or content of lower quality. The AI Picture Pro brings an extra soul to the image.


The LG G2 has a 4.2 audio system, compatible with Dolby Atmos (but not DTS), for a total power of 60 W. The sound of this new model takes good advantage of the improvements based on artificial intelligence, with the novelty of an AI Sound Pro mode capable of generating a virtual 7.1.2 experience but, overall, it lacks power, bass and scale.

Prices and availability

In addition to its state-of-the-art technology, the G2 range has a big advantage this year: it has two additional diagonals, 83 and 97 inches. LG, of course, keeps its 55, 65 and 77-inch variants. On the other hand, the prices reach a new threshold.

The price gap between the C and G series thus widens a little more. The prices of the LG G2 range start at KES 303,432 for the 55-inch, compared to KES 254,974 last year for the G1. The 65 inches cost KES 400,531, and the 77-inch version comes close to KES 607,409 7 . Naturally, the prices are even saltier for the two new and generous diagonals. 

To sum up, the entrance ticket is higher than before for this range, on the other hand, the fares on the larger diagonals have been adjusted and significantly reduced compared to last year.

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