Top 100 Accredited NHIF Outpatient Hospitals in Nairobi And Their Codes in 2024

NHIF provides affordable and accessible healthcare to Kenyans. In Nairobi, NHIF members can access outpatient services from various accredited hospitals. Read on for a comprehensive guide to accredited NHIF outpatient hospitals in Nairobi.

Feb 11, 2024 - 14:50
Feb 11, 2024 - 14:51
Top 100 Accredited NHIF Outpatient Hospitals in Nairobi And Their Codes in 2024
Top 100 Accredited NHIF Outpatient Hospitals in Nairobi And Their Codes in 2024

Healthcare in Kenya has undergone significant transformations over the years, with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) playing a pivotal role in this evolution. Established as a state corporation, NHIF's mandate is to provide accessible, sustainable, and quality health insurance to its members. This initiative is crucial, especially in urban areas like Nairobi, where the demand for healthcare services is continually rising.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the world of NHIF, mainly focusing on accredited outpatient hospitals in Nairobi. The relevance of NHIF in Kenya's healthcare landscape must be considered. It is a lifeline for many, offering much-needed medical coverage in times of health crises. For residents of Nairobi, understanding which hospitals are accredited by NHIF for outpatient services is essential. This knowledge not only equips them with the necessary information to seek timely medical care but also ensures they maximize the benefits of their NHIF coverage.

Throughout this article, we'll explore various facets of NHIF's services in Nairobi. From a detailed list of accredited outpatient hospitals to understanding how to use NHIF for outpatient services effectively, this guide aims to provide you with all the necessary information. We'll also touch upon the prospects of NHIF and its impact on healthcare accessibility in Nairobi.

Whether you're a long-time resident of Nairobi, a new member of NHIF, or simply someone interested in Kenya's healthcare system, this guide is tailored to help you navigate the intricacies of outpatient services under NHIF. So, let's embark on this informative journey together, unraveling the essentials of accredited NHIF outpatient hospitals in Nairobi.

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Understanding NHIF and Its Services in Nairobi

What is NHIF?

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a cornerstone of Kenya's healthcare system. It is a government-owned corporation with a vital mission: to provide affordable and quality health insurance to Kenyans nationwide, including Nairobi's diverse population. This initiative is particularly significant given the many challenges in accessing healthcare services. NHIF offers hope, ensuring that medical services are within reach of its members, irrespective of their economic status​​.

NHIF's Role in Healthcare in Nairobi

The demand for healthcare services is ever-growing in Nairobi, the capital city with a bustling population. NHIF plays an instrumental role here. It bridges the gap between healthcare needs and affordability. By partnering with various healthcare providers, including hospitals and clinics, NHIF ensures its members have access to various medical services. This partnership is especially vital in catering to outpatient needs, where frequent and sometimes unexpected medical attention is required.

Benefits of NHIF for Outpatient Services

The benefits of NHIF for outpatient services are manifold. Firstly, it provides financial relief to families who otherwise might struggle with medical bills. NHIF alleviates the economic burden on individuals and families by covering a significant portion of outpatient expenses. NHIF's coverage extends to various outpatient services, ranging from general consultations and diagnostics to more specialized treatments. This extensive coverage ensures that NHIF members in Nairobi have access to comprehensive healthcare without worrying about prohibitive costs.

List of 100 Accredited NHIF Outpatient Hospitals in Nairobi

One of the most crucial aspects for NHIF members is knowing where to receive outpatient services under their coverage. Nairobi is a major urban center with a comprehensive list of NHIF-accredited hospitals. This part of the article provides a detailed look at these facilities, helping NHIF members easily navigate their healthcare options.

As Kenya's capital city, Nairobi boasts an extensive network of hospitals and clinics accredited by NHIF for outpatient services. This list includes a variety of healthcare institutions, from large, well-equipped hospitals to smaller, specialized clinics. Each of these facilities meets the NHIF's standards for quality care, ensuring that members receive the best possible treatment.

The list of accredited hospitals is diverse, catering to different medical needs and locations across Nairobi. Members can find facilities offering general medical care, pediatric services, maternity care, and specialized treatments like cardiology, orthopedics, and more. This variety ensures that regardless of the medical issue, there is likely an NHIF-accredited hospital in Nairobi that can provide the needed care.

Comprehensive Government Hospitals:

NHIF Hospital Code Hospital Name
80005786 Bahati Health Centre
80005789 Jericho Health Centre
80005787 Kayole I Health Centre
80005784 Kayole II Health Centre
80005792 Kibera Amref Health Centre
80005785 Makadara Health Centre
80005783 Mama Lucy Kibaki Health Centre
8000651 Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital
80005791 Mbagathi Health Centre
80005790 Mutuini Health Centre
80002178 Njiru Health Centre
80005788 Umoja Health Centre
80005795 Eastleigh Health Centre
8000118 Pumwani Hospital Management Board
80002408 Kaloleni Health Centre
80001545 Administration Police Training College
80005900 Embakasi Health Centre
22201455 Loco Health Centre
80005898 Mukuru Health Centre
8000058 Kenyatta National Hospital (General Ward)
80002289 Kangemi Health Centre
80008646 Aptc Embakasi Health Centre
80007619 Bomas Of Kenya Dispensary
80007620 Central Bank Staff Clinic
80007621 Chandaria Health Centre
80002464 Dagoretti Sub-County Hospital
80007622 Dog Unit Dispensary (O P Kenya Police)
80007623 Gsu Dispensary (Nairobi West)
80007624 Gsu Hq Dispensary (Ruaraka)
80007629 Jinnah Ave Clinic
80007630 Jkia Health Centre
80007631 Kabete Approved School Dispensary
80007632 Kahawa Garrison Health Centre
80007633 Kamiti Maximum Clinic
80007634 Kapu Medical Clinic
80007635 Karanja Road Community Clinic
80007636 Kariobangi South Clinic
80007637 Kariokor Clinic
80007640 Kemsa Staff Clinic
80007641 Kenya Institute Of Special Education Dispensary
80007642 Kenya Police Staff College Clinic
80007643 Kenyatta University Dispensary
80007644 Kianda 42 Community Clinic
80007645 Kibera D O Dispensary
80007647 KMTC Dispensary
80007648 KTTID Dispensary
80007649 Kware Dispensary
80007650 Lady Northey Dispensary
80007651 Lagos Road Dispensary
80007652 Langata Women Prison Dispensary
80007654 Lower Kabete Dispensary (Kabete)
80007656 Makina Community Clinic
80007658 Mathare Police Depot Dispensary
8000006 Mbagathi District Hospital
80007661 Mihang'o Community Dispensary
80007663 Mji Wa Huruma Dispensary
80007665 Mow Dispensary
80007666 Muthurwa Clinic
80007667 Nairobi County Beyond Zero Clinic
80007668 Nairobi Earc St Anne Medical Clinic
80007669 Nairobi Remand Prison Health Centre
80007671 Nairobi West Men's Prison Dispensary
8000125 National Spinal Injury Hospital
80007673 National Youth Service Hq Dispensary (Ruaraka)
80007674 Ngaira Rhodes Dispensary
80007675 Ngong Road Dispensary
80007676 NSIS Health Centre
80007678 Pangani Dispensary
80007679 Port Health Dispensary (Langata)
80002393 Pumwani Dispensary
80007680 Pumwani Majengo Dispensary
80007681 Railway Training Institute Dispensary South B
80007682 Redemeed Health Centre
80007684 Riruta Health Centre
80007685 Rural Aid Vct Dispensary
80007687 Shauri Moyo Clinic
80002915 Shining Hope For Community Johanna Jinich Clinic
80007690 South B Police Band Dispensary
80007691 Soweto West Community Clinic
80007692 Special Treatment Clinic
80007693 Starehe Boys Centre School Clinic
80007694 State House Clinic
80007695 State House Dispensary
80007696 Teachers Service Commission Dispensary
80007697 Technical University Of Kenya Student/Staff Clinic
80008647 Uhuru Camp Health Centre
8000943 University Dental Hospital, Nairobi

Comprehensive Private and Faith-Based Hospitals:

NHIF Hospital Code Hospital Name
80006168 St. Bridget Dispensary
80001576 St. Teresas Parish Dispensary
80002556 Church Army Medical Centre
8000872 Divine Word Parish Health Center
22201476 Annunciation Mission Dispensary Mwihoko
80008848 Jumuia Hospital Huruma
00192828 Mercy Mission Medical Centre
80008618 Mission Care Nursing Home
80001749 Mwangaza Ulio Na Tumaini Clinic-Korogocho
80001953 Neema Hospital
80001965 St. Joseph The Worker Dispensary
80001488 Abrar Health Services Ltd

Comprehensive Cancer Hospitals:

NHIF Hospital Code Hospital Name
800014663 Reale Hospital Utawala Ltd
800014735 Njenga Hospital
80002347 Vitalray Health Solutions Limited

Comprehensive Dialysis Hospitals:

NHIF Hospital Code Hospital Name
8000142 Edelvale Trust Jamaa H$M Hospital
80001015 Alliance Medical Centre Ltd
80008889 Cks Dialysis -Pangani
80001134 Ladnan Hospital Limited
8000694 Mother & Child Hospital
80001739 Nairobi East Hospital Limited
8000058 Kenyatta National Hospital (General Ward)
80006188 Blue Ridge Medical Ltd
80009863 Kidney Aid Dialysis Centre
800014716 London Medical & Dialysis Centre Limited
8000006 Mbagathi District Hospital
80006223 Nephro Med Limited
80008713 Quality Dialysis Ltd Upperhill
80008423 Uhai Quality Dialysis Centre Ltd
800014717 Menorah Hospital (K) Ltd-Westlands Medical Centre
800014360 Nairobi Adventist Hospital

Comprehensive MRI Hospitals:

NHIF Hospital Code Hospital Name
80001507 German Medical Centre
8000058 Kenyatta National Hospital (General Ward)
80008757 Kenyatta University Teaching Referral And Research Hospital (Amenity)
8000125 National Spinal Injury Hospital
80002773 Plaza Magneti Resonance Imaging
80002285 Precise Diagnostic Upperhill
80002347 Vitalray Health Solutions Limited

Comprehensive Rehab Hospitals:

NHIF Hospital Code Hospital Name
80006341 Mariakani Nursing And Rehabilitation Centre
80008468 Lifebridge Cottage Hospital Limited
222014714 Dove Mental Health Hospital
80008719 Oasis Mental Health Limited
22208502 Zawena Treatment Centre
800014713 Chiromo Mental Health Hospital
8000676 Chiromo Lane Medical Centre

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Accessing Healthcare with NHIF in Nairobi

Navigating the healthcare system can be daunting, especially involving insurance coverage. For NHIF members in Nairobi, understanding how to access outpatient services and dealing with potential challenges is crucial. This section guides these aspects.

How to Use NHIF for Outpatient Services

Using NHIF for outpatient services in Nairobi is a straightforward process, but members must be well informed. The first step is always to ensure your NHIF membership is active and up-to-date. This involves regular contributions and adherence to any required formalities set by NHIF.

The member must present their NHIF card and a national ID at the hospital when seeking outpatient services. The hospital then uses the NHIF code to process the member's visit. This process includes routine check-ups, diagnostic tests, and other outpatient services covered under the NHIF scheme.

It's also essential for members to be aware of the range of services NHIF covers for outpatient care. While NHIF provides comprehensive coverage, there might be certain limitations or exclusions, depending on the type of plan one is enrolled in. Understanding these details helps in avoiding unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Navigating Challenges

Despite its many benefits, members might need help accessing NHIF outpatient services. These can range from hospital overcrowding to occasional administrative hiccups like delays in service provision or confusion over coverage limits.

To navigate these challenges, members should consider visiting NHIF-accredited hospitals during off-peak hours to avoid long waits. It's also advisable to keep abreast of any changes in NHIF policies or coverage details, often communicated through official NHIF channels or the NHIF website.

In case of any disputes or issues with accessing services, members should contact NHIF customer service or visit the nearest NHIF office for assistance. The organization has mechanisms to handle member concerns and ensure they receive the entitled benefits without undue hassle.

Future of NHIF and Outpatient Care in Nairobi

As we look towards the future, we must consider how NHIF's role in outpatient care in Nairobi might evolve. This final section of the article explores upcoming trends and developments in NHIF outpatient services and their potential impact on healthcare accessibility in the city.

Trends and Developments

The healthcare landscape in Nairobi, and Kenya at large, is continuously evolving. With advancements in medical technology and a growing emphasis on patient-centered care, NHIF is likely to adapt and innovate its services. This could mean more digital integration, more accessible access to services and information, and new, more comprehensive healthcare packages catering to Nairobi's residents' changing needs.

Another potential development is the expansion of NHIF's network of accredited hospitals. This expansion would provide members with more options for outpatient care, reducing congestion in existing facilities and improving the overall quality of care.

Impact on Healthcare Accessibility

These developments could have a profound impact on healthcare accessibility in Nairobi. Increased digital integration can make healthcare more accessible, especially for the younger, tech-savvy population. It could also streamline administrative processes, making it easier for members to utilize their NHIF benefits.

Expanding the network of accredited hospitals would be a significant step towards addressing the healthcare needs of Nairobi's growing population. It would offer more choices to NHIF members and likely lead to shorter waiting times and more efficient healthcare delivery.

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In this comprehensive guide, we have navigated the intricacies of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and its accredited outpatient hospitals in Nairobi. From understanding what NHIF is and its critical role in Nairobi's healthcare system to exploring the extensive list of accredited outpatient facilities, we've covered the essential aspects that NHIF members need to know.

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