List Of 45 Centers In Kenya Offering Free Revision Guide for KCSE Candidates

Are you a KCSE candidate planning to revise your course options? KUCCPS has partnered with universities nationwide to offer free guidance at 45 resource centers. Learn more about the revision process here!

May 23, 2023 - 13:26
Jun 20, 2023 - 20:12
List Of 45 Centers In Kenya Offering Free Revision Guide for KCSE Candidates
List Of 45 Centers In Ken ya Offering Free Revision Guide for KCSE Candidates

Are you a (KCSE) candidate planning to revise your university course selection? Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service covered you. The KUCCPS has partnered with other colleges to open 45 nationwide centers to help students lacking computer literacy.

These resource centers are aimed at helping candidates who are revising their course options. In this article, we will analyze the process of revising your career choices and make recommendations for a successful revision.

Importance of Course Revisions

  • Your ability to pick suitable courses will determine your academic success. 
  • You can reevaluate your interests, professional aspirations, and program eligibility by changing your choices. 
  • You can be assured that you are headed in the right direction for a joyful and prosperous future. The KUCCPS has taken proactive measures to support you during the revision process.

KUCCPS Revision Centers

KUCCPS has collaborated with multiple universities to support students during the course revision period. These are distributed nationwide, ensuring accessibility for candidates from different regions.


Universities involved in the initiative:

  1. University of Embu
  2. Pwani University
  3. Taita Taveta University
  4. Kisii National Polytechnic
  5. Kibabii University
  6. Alupe University
  7. Tharaka University
  8. Machakos University
  9. Tom Mboya University
  10. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University
  11. University of Turkana

Other centers established by KUCCPS:

  1. South Eastern Kenya University-Wote Campus
  2. Baringo Technical College
  3. Kericho Teachers Training College
  4. Nyandarua National Polytechnic
  5. Rongo University
  6. Laisamis Technical & Vocational College
  7. Bomet University College
  8. Chesta Teachers Training College
  9. Garsen Technical & Vocational College
  10. Borabu Technical Training Institute
  11. Kipsoen Technical & Vocational College
  12. Masai Technical Training Institute
  13. Kwale Teachers Training College
  14. Ol'lessos Technical Training Institute
  15. Kirinyaga University
  16. Murang'a University
  17. Kaimosi Friends University

Huduma service centers established as revision centers by KUCCPS:

  1. Samburu Huduma Center
  2. Kakamega Huduma Center
  3. Kisumu Huduma Center
  4. Meru Huduma Center
  5. Kitui Huduma Center
  6. Garissa Huduma Center
  7. Nairobi Huduma Center
  8. Mombasa Huduma Center
  9. Eldoret Huduma Center
  10. Nakuru Huduma Center
  11. Trans-Nzoia Huduma Center
  12. Isiolo Huduma Center
  13. Narok Huduma Center
  14. Laikipia Huduma Center
  15. Kiambu Huduma Center
  16. Wajir Huduma Center
  17. Maralal Huduma Center
  18. Lamu Huduma Center

KUCCPS Process of Revising Your Course Choices

Revising your course choices through the KUCCPS portal is an easy process. Follow the steps below to make your course revision process more convenient;

  1. Log in to your KUCCPS account.
  2.  Once logged in, navigate to the "Application/Revision" tab.
  3. Enter program codes In the "New program code" column, enter the program codes for the courses you wish to revise.
  4. Select courses to revise.
  5. Submit your choices by tapping on the "Submit" button to save your revised preferences.

You can now view your revised choices on the "My Choices" page. Take note that you are only allowed to revise your preferences once. If you are unhappy with your revisions, you must wait until the following application cycle to make adjustments.

Tips for Successful Course Revisions

It's crucial to take into account a variety of criteria when revising your choices in order to make the most excellent choices. Here are some suggestions to help you;

  1. Check eligibility: Verify your eligibility by checking the requirements for the courses you are considering. This data is available on the KUCCPS website.
  2. Consider your interests and goals: Consider your interests, passions, and long-term goals during your selection process. Pick subjects corresponding to your aspirations and contributing to your future success.
  3. Analyze career scope and opportunities: Conduct thorough research on available courses. Learn about the course content, career opportunities, and admission requirements to understand your choice.
  4. Consult your mentors: For helpful ideas, speak with your friends, counselors, and teachers. They can offer you advice and information so that you can choose your academic path wisely.

These pointers can help you successfully choose courses that will put you on a fulfilling route toward your chosen career. Use them whenever you revise your course selections.

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The course revision period facilitated by KUCCPS is a valuable opportunity for KCSE candidates to reassess their university course choices. With the establishment of 45 revision centers across the country and additional centers in Huduma service centers, KUCCPS aims to provide comprehensive support to students. You can choose courses that suit your interests and career goals, considering the instructions offered in this article and considering the advice given. Make the most of this opportunity to influence your future and start a fascinating academic path!

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I revise my course choices more than once?

 You can only revise your course choices once during the designated revision period. If you are dissatisfied with your amended selections, you must wait until the following application cycle to make additional adjustments.

2. What if I need clarification on whether I qualify for a particular course?

 It is advised to verify the eligibility requirements listed on the KUCCPS website if you are still determining whether you qualify for a particular course. You can consult your teachers or mentors to get any questions answered.

3. How can I ensure my selected courses reflect my interests and objectives? 

Consider your passions and long-term ambitions as you select your courses to ensure they match your interests and objectives. Take note of the topics that motivate you and research possible career opportunities in those fields. To make wise selections, research the course's subject matter and potential outcomes extensively.

4. Can students from all regions access the revision centers?

 Yes, the revision centers set up by KUCCPS are dispersed throughout the nation to guarantee accessibility for applicants from various places. The association with Huduma service centers also offers additional locations in multiple cities, further improving convenience.

5. How can I get advice while the course revision process?

You can ask your teachers, counselors, and friends for advice while you revise your course. Based on their experiences and knowledge, they can provide insightful commentary and sound counsel. University and KUCCPS representatives can also offer more assistance and clarity.

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