List of National Schools in Kenya per County 2023

Learn about Kenya's prestigious national schools, their exceptional performance, and the opportunities they provide for students to excel.

Oct 30, 2023 - 17:45
Oct 30, 2023 - 17:45
List of National Schools in Kenya per County 2023
List of National Schools in Kenya per County 2023

Kenya's national schools are often described as the "crown jewels" of the country's education system. These institutions are crucial in nurturing the brightest minds and laying a foundation for future leaders and innovators. In this article, I will take you through all the national schools in Kenya for every country and explore their significance, distribution, and much more.

What are National Schools in Kenya?

In Kenya, national schools are the apex of high school education. They are highly regarded and represent a significant milestone in a student's academic journey. Historically, there were only a handful of these elite institutions, but over the years, the number has grown substantially, reflecting the government's commitment to quality education.

The Growth and Importance of National Schools

Originally, Kenya had only 17 national schools. However, as more and more parents sought top-tier education for their children, the need to expand the number of these schools became apparent. Today, there are over 100 national schools spread across various counties.

These schools are not just academic powerhouses; they are also symbols of national unity and pride. They admit students from all corners of the country, fostering a sense of national cohesion and bridging regional divides. The diverse student body in these schools reflects Kenya's rich cultural tapestry.

Characteristics of National Schools

  • High Performance: National schools have consistently topped national examinations, showcasing their commitment to academic excellence.
  • Large Capacities: These schools are equipped to accommodate large student populations, offering more students the chance to benefit from top-tier education.
  • Gender Structures: National schools are typically all-boys, all-girls, or mixed. This structure ensures focused attention to the unique needs of each gender, promoting holistic development.

A Glimpse into Some Notable National Schools

In the Rift Valley region, for instance, schools like Moi Girls in Eldoret and Kapsabet Boys in Nandi County have made a name for themselves. The Nyanza region boasts of schools such as Maranda High in Siaya County and Maseno School in Kisumu County. In the capital city, Nairobi, institutions like Pangani Girls, Kenya High, Lenana School, and Starehe Boys Centre stand out as beacons of academic excellence.

Moving to the Central region, schools like Alliance Girls, Alliance Boys, and Mary Hill Girls in Kiambu County have carved out a reputation for themselves.

List of All national schools in kenya per county

No. School Name County
1 Moi Girls, Eldoret Uasin Gishu
2 St. Joseph’s Kitale Trans Nzoia
3 Lodwar High Turkana
4 Turkana Girls Turkana
5 Chewoyet Boys High West Pokot
6 St. Cecilia Tartar Girls West Pokot
7 Ole Tipis Girls Narok
8 Kilgoris Boys Narok
9 Oolaiser Boys Kajiado
10 Moi Girls Isinya Kajiado
11 Nakuru Girls Nakuru
12 Utumishi Academy Nakuru
13 Kaplong Girls’ Bomet
14 Tenwek Boys Bomet
15 Kipsigis Girls’ Kericho
16 Kabianga Boys Kericho
17 St Patricks Iten Elgeyo Marakwet
18 Moi Girls Kapsowar Elgeyo Marakwet
19 Kapsabet Boys Nandi
20 St. Joseph Chepterit Girls Nandi
21 Baringo Boys Baringo
22 Mbita High School Homa Bay
23 Asumbi Girls Homa Bay
24 Maranda High Siaya
25 Ngiya Girls Siaya
26 Nyambaria Boys Nyamira
27 Sironga Girls Nyamira
28 Kisii School Kisii
29 Nyabururu Girls Kisii
30 Maseno School Kisumu
31 Kisumu Girls Kisumu
32 Moi Nyabohanse Girls Migori
33 Kanga High Migori
34 Pangani Girls Nairobi
35 Starehe Boys Centre Nairobi
36 Starehe Girls Centre Nairobi
37 Kenya High Nairobi
38 Lenana School Nairobi
39 Nairobi School Nairobi
40 Alliance Girls Kiambu
41 Alliance Boys Kiambu
42 Mang’u Boys Kiambu
43 Loreto Limuru Kiambu
44 Limuru Girls Kiambu
45 Mary Hill Girls Kiambu
46 Murang’a High Murang’a
47 Baricho Boys Kirinyaga
48 Kabare Girls Kirinyaga
49 Bishop Gatimu Gandu Nyeri
50 Kirima Girls Nyandarua
51 Nyandarua High School Nyandarua
52 Nanyuki High School Laikipia
53 Njonjo Girls Laikipia
54 Chogoria Girls Tharaka Nithi
55 Ikuu Boys Tharaka Nithi
56 Moi High School Mbiruri Embu
57 Siakago Girls Embu
58 Meru School Meru
59 St. Mary’s Girls Igoji Meru
60 Isiolo Girls Isiolo
61 Garbatula Boys Isiolo
62 Makueni Boys Makueni
63 Kathiani Girls Machakos
64 Mbooni Boys Machakos
65 Kitui High Kitui
66 Muthale Girls Kitui
67 NEP Girls Garissa
68 Garissa High School Garissa
69 Mandera Boys Mandera
70 Moi Girls, Mandera Mandera
71 Wajir Boys Wajir
72 Wajir Girls Wajir
73 Shimo La Tewa Boys Mombasa
74 Mama Ngina Girls Mombasa
75 Kenyatta High School Taita Taveta
76 Bura Girls Taita Taveta
77 Mpeketoni High Lamu
78 Lamu Girls Lamu
79 Ngao Girls Tana River
80 Hola Boys Tana River
81 Kwale High School Kwale
82 Matuga Girls Kwale
83 Bahari Girls Kilifi
84 Ribe Boys Kilifi
85 St. Brigids Kiminini Kakamega
86 Kakamega High School Kakamega
87 Butere Girls Kakamega
88 Chavakali High School Vihiga
89 Bunyore Girls Vihiga
90 Sa Kolanya Girls Busia
91 Friends School Kamusinga Busia
92 Lugulu Girls Busia
93 Butula Boys High School Busia

Why are National Schools So Coveted?

  1. Quality Education: These institutions offer a comprehensive curriculum, ensuring students are well-prepared for higher education and the job market.
  2. State-of-the-Art Facilities: From modern libraries to science labs, national schools are well-equipped, providing students with the best learning environment.
  3. Extracurricular Activities: Beyond academics, these schools offer a range of activities, from sports to drama, ensuring the holistic development of students.
  4. Experienced Faculty: The schools boast experienced and dedicated teachers passionate about imparting knowledge.

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In the vast landscape of Kenya's education system, national schools stand tall as pillars of excellence. They are more than just institutions; they are a testament to Kenya's dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. As the country continues to grow and evolve, these schools will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping its future.


How many national schools are there in Kenya?

Currently, there are 105 national schools in Kenya.

What criteria are used to categorize national schools into clusters?

National schools are categorized into clusters based on factors such as the age of the school, capacity, and available resources.

Why are national schools considered prestigious in Kenya?

National schools are known for their outstanding facilities, dedicated teaching staff, and excellent academic performance, making them highly regarded.

How can students secure admission to national schools?

Admission to national schools is highly competitive and is based on performance in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

Are national schools only for specific genders?

No, national schools can be all-boys or all-girls institutions, or in some cases, mixed schools.

What is the government's role in expanding national schools?

The government expanded the number of national schools to promote national cohesion and regional balance, ensuring that quality education is accessible to students across Kenya.

Are national schools evenly distributed across counties?

National schools are distributed across various counties in Kenya to ensure equitable access to quality education.

What benefits do students gain from attending national schools?

Students in national schools enjoy top-notch facilities, highly qualified teachers, and a conducive learning environment, which significantly contributes to their academic success.

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