List Of Registered Private Security Companies in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover a comprehensive list of registered private security companies in Kenya, including their services and reputation. Find the perfect security provider to safeguard your interests.

Jul 19, 2023 - 16:16
Jul 19, 2023 - 16:16
List Of Registered Private Security Companies in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide
List Of Registered Private Security Companies in Kenya: A Comprehensive Guide

The demand for private security firms in Kenya has skyrocketed due to increasing security concerns. These firms play a critical role in safeguarding businesses, homes, and individuals, fostering a secure and conducive environment for growth and prosperity. This article provides an exhaustive list of registered private security companies in Kenya, shedding light on their services, reputation, and what to consider when selecting an appropriate security provider.

Evolution of Private Security in Kenya

The private security sector in Kenya has witnessed significant growth and evolution over the years, primarily due to increased security threats such as terrorism and escalating crime rates. As a result, private security has become a vital facet of maintaining peace and order in various entities, including shopping malls, residential properties, warehouses, and private homes.

International investors and Kenyans alike have increasingly ventured into the security sector, prompting the rise of numerous security companies. These security firms protect premises, provide security consultation, and respond to alarm activations.

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Top Registered Private Security Companies in Kenya

1. G4S Security Company

G4S is a renowned British security company founded in 2004 following the amalgamation of Securicor and Group 4. Offering security services across 80 countries, G4S has established a significant presence in Kenya, providing manned security, courier, alarm response, fire safety, asset tracking, and cash management services.

2. KK Security Services

As part of GardaWorld's African network, KK Security Services has expanded its reach beyond Kenya, operating in several other countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Malawi. The company offers a broad spectrum of services, from physical security and emergency response solutions to cash management and travel security.

3. Wells Fargo

Initially established in 1977 to serve Nairobi's banking sector and financial institutions, Wells Fargo has grown to become a leading corporate security and protection solution provider. With an extensive asset base and ranking among the top 500 in the Fortune 500 list, Wells Fargo offers premier services to both private and public organizations countrywide.

4. Ultimate Security Ltd

Established in 1979, Ultimate Security Ltd extends its services across the East African region. The company is known for investing heavily in technology to enhance its brand as a leader in innovative security solutions.

5. Trimo Security Company

Founded by private detective Jane Mugo, Trimo Security Ltd has solved numerous crimes, earning the moniker 'spy queen.' The company has earned its place as one of the top security firms in Kenya.

Complete List Of All Registered Private Security Companies in Kenya

  1. Lavington Security Limited
  2. Winstar Security Guards Limited
  3. Pawn Security Services Limited
  4. Sekura International Limited
  5. SecurKenya Group Limited
  6. Omega Risk Management Limited
  7. Akshar Team Security Limited
  8. PG Security Limited
  9. Bedrock Security Services Limited
  10. Absolute Security Limited
  11. Total Security Surveillance Limited
  12. Patriotic Group of Companies Limited
  13. Bedrock Security Alarms Systems and Product Limited
  14. B2K Services Limited
  15. JRS Systems Limited
  16. JRS Group limited
  17. Mosa Security and Investigative Services Limited
  18. Hatari Security Guards Limited
  19. Tandu Alarms Systems Limited
  20. Riley Falcon Security Services Limited
  21. Protective Custody Limited
  22. Trustmark Security Services Limited
  23. SGA Cash In Transit Limited
  24. SGA Kenya Limited
  25. Senaca East Africa Limited
  26. Tribus-TSG Limited
  27. Rainbow Patriots Security Limited
  28. Bob Morgan Systems Limited
  29. Kenya Kazi Services Limited
  30. Deerpark Security Services Limited
  31. Cobra Security Company Limited
  32. Brinks Security Services Limited
  33. Bob Morgan Services Limited
  34. International Reserve Group Limited
  35. Intercity Security Limited
  36. Intercity Secure Homes Limited
  37. Flashcom Security Limited
  38. Hospitality Security Group Ventures Ltd (HSG Ventures Limited)
  39. Tier One Tactical Solutions Limited
  40. Catch Security Links Limited
  41. Kleen Homes Security Services Limited
  42. Prospec Security Limited
  43. G4S Kenya Limited
  44. Basein Security Services Limited
  45. Guardnow Security Group (k) Limited
  46. Ivory Security Services Limited
  47. Ismax Security Limited
  48. Ultimate Security Limited
  49. Vigilance Security Protection Services Ltd (VSP Services Limited)
  50. Security guards Services Limited
  51. Tofada Security Services Limited
  52. Pride Kings Services Limited
  53. Mocam Security Services Limited
  54. Markhor Limited
  55. Vickers Security Services Limited
  56. Shabana Security Guards Limited
  57. Farsight Security Services Limited
  58. Omoka Security Services Limited
  59. Beemark Security Services Limited
  60. Silent Eye Securities Limited
  61. Redwolf Security Service Limited
  62. Beyond Watch Security Service Limited
  63. Diplomatic Security Group Ventures Ltd (DSG Ventures Limited)
  64. Darubini Screening International Company
  65. Twenty Four Secure Security Services (K) Limited
  66. Davkos Security Services Limited
  67. Bobby Guards Limited
  68. Westfield Security Limited
  69. Robinson Investments Limited
  70. Patmol Security Services Limited
  71. Radar Limited
  72. Bedrock Holdings Limited
  73. ASIS International Kenya Chapter (269) Association
  74. Semper Vigile Limited
  75. All Tarms Security Services Limited
  76. Safe Escort Limited
  77. Pelt Security Services Limited
  78. Splash Security Company Limited
  79. Dasari Security Services Limited
  80. Coalition Security Services Limited
  81. Edema Protective Services Limited
  82. Nosim Security guards Limited
  83. Seef Securities Limited
  84. Collindale Security Limited
  85. Hounslow Security Limited
  86. ADT Security Kenya Limited
  87. Risk Security Ventures Limited (RS Ventures Limited)
  88. Victory Protective Services Africa Limited
  89. Riptor Security Services Limited
  90. Jeff Hamilton (K) Limited
  91. Defensor Fortis Protective Services Limited
  92. Amozaf Security Limited
  93. Race Guards Limited
  94. Prosec Surveillance Limited
  95. Armati Security Solution (K) Limited
  96. Tactical Surveillance Kenya Limited
  97. Legacy Security Services (LSS SYSTEMS LIMITED)
  98. Idar Group Security Services Limited
  99. Deter Group Services Limited
  100. Securex Agencies Kenya Limited
  101. AP Security Services Limited
  102. Clinterpol Security and Forensics Consulting Limited
  103. JT Group Security Solutions Kenya Limited
  104. Maritime Frontier Limited
  105. Hewson Company Limited
  106. Lesrince Security Services Limited
  107. Upcountry Security Services Limited
  108. Magal Security Systems Limited
  109. Secure Digital Limited
  110. Canon Security Services Kenya Limited
  111. Security Systems International Limited
  112. Action Rift Security Limited
  113. Bridge Security Services Limited
  114. Top Flight Security Limited
  115. Glosec Systems Limited
  116. Glosec Solutions Limited
  117. Hipora Security Solutions Limited
  118. Central Vigilance Security (CVS Services Limited)
  119. Pinkerton’s Kenya Limited
  120. Radium Security Limited
  121. Stallion Group Africa Limited
  122. Magnetic Security and Consultancy Limited
  123. Dita Assured Security Company Limited
  124. Hamstring Security Services Limited
  125. Armytex International Security Services
  126. Babs Security Services Limited
  127. Bulls Security Services Limited
  128. Corprisk Africa Limited
  129. Solvit Security Solutions Limited
  130. BPS Security Limited
  131. Seldom Security Consultants Limited
  132. Finate Security Group Limited
  133. Phoenix Protection Limited
  134. Lattice Security Group Limited
  135. Texas Alarms Kenya Limited
  136. Diamond Trail Security Protection Services Ltd (DTSP Services Ltd)
  137. Desert Security Services Limited
  138. Gap Tech Solutions Limited
  139. Concierge East Africa Limited
  140. Horn of Africa Demining Limited
  141. Marshall Guards Limited
  142. Gratom Babz Services Limited
  143. Nairobi Risk Security House Limited (NRS House Ltd)
  144. Inter Security Services Limited
  145. Chakra Company Limited
  146. Magnum Chase Limited
  147. KLN Company Limited
  148. Wits Group Services Limited
  149. Pearson Perkins Security Services Limited
  150. GYTO Success Company Limited
  151. WS Insight (K) Limited
  152. One On One Security Services
  153. Real Race Security Services Limited
  154. Blue shield Securicor Limited
  155. Eltones Security Services Limited
  156. White Bear Security International (K) Limited
  157. JT Group Security Solutions Kenya Limited
  158. Ascension Security Services Limited
  159. Brick Security Limited
  160. Keyforce Security Group (KSG) Limited
  161. Northwood Services Limited
  162. Lelo Security Services Limited
  163. Arope Group Limited
  164. Santos Security Limited
  165. Burton Consortium Limited
  166. Dango Five Security Services Limited
  167. Complex Matrix Limited
  168. Headstone Security Systems Limited
  169. Prosec Systems Limited
  170. Andrewmuma Security Limited
  171. Ideal Security Services Limited
  172. Keinkad Security Limited
  173. Cylux Security Agency Limited
  174. Charis Eagle Group Limited
  175. Dash Logistics Limited
  176. Slopes Security Guards Company Limited
  177. Winguards Services Limited
  178. Pristine Services Limited
  179. Geita Security Systems and Products
  180. Secure Homes Limited
  181. Guul Security Services Company Limited
  182. EGO Security Services
  183. Lofty Services and Consulting Limited
  184. Harpcon Security Services Limited
  185. Tursee Security Group Limited
  186. Shartlon Security & Private Investigation Services Company Limited
  187. Neroc Security Services Limited
  188. Spy Eagle Security Services Limited
  189. Security Alert Services Limited
  190. Corp-Security Trainers & Consultants Limited
  191. Sirigon Security Limited
  192. ARN Security Consultants and Training Services Limited
  193. Lakers Pride (LP) Security Services Limited
  194. Crest Security Services Limited
  195. Kalken Security Group Limited
  196. Nine One One Group Limited
  197. Coromey Security Services Limited
  198. MC Connell Services Limited
  199. SAS Alarms and Tracking Unit Limited
  200. Edge-Link Consult Limited
  201. Radar Systems Limited
  202. Amsec Security Services Limited
  203. Wisa Guard Security Services Limited
  204. Curator Solutions Limited
  205. Access Security Services Limited
  206. Wasso Security Services Limited
  207. Groundforce Security Services Limited
  208. Likonet Investigators & Security Services Limited
  209. Tick Security Services Limited
  210. XFOR Security Solutions (Kenya) Limited
  211. Anchor Security Services Limited
  212. Bonarys Security Services Limited
  213. Security Twenty Four Limited
  214. Masterpiece Security Services Limited
  215. MSIS Security Limited
  216. Protective Custody Kenya Limited
  217. Superior Hands Security Co. Limited
  218. Beyond Security Limited
  219. Lion Claws Security Group Limited
  220. Reliance Protection Services Limited
  221. Black and White Security Limited
  222. Belford Security Limited
  223. Delta Seven Security Limited
  224. Papaton Security Services Limited
  225. Senate Security Services Limited
  226. Skyfall Security Limited
  227. Alert Guard Service Limited
  228. Glosec Services Limited
  229. Blueline Kennels Limited
  230. Newnham Services International Limited
  231. Red Cell Security Limited
  232. Gate Armour Security Services Limited
  233. Mulika Security Services Limited
  234. Highway Park Security Services Limited
  235. Protecht Security Services Limited
  236. H-Hour Security Company Limited
  237. County Guards Limited
  238. Pemwa Security Company Limited
  239. Corporate Security Services Limited
  240. Security Seven Limited
  241. Sentinel Security Limited
  242. Seculife Alerts Limited
  243. Strikeforth Limited
  244. Atisco Security (K) Limited
  245. Vigilmax Security Services Limited
  246. Biceps Security Services Limited
  247. Sahzil Security Limited
  248. Urban Security Solution Limited
  249. Natuc Laws Security Guards Limited
  250. Discrete Surveillance And Security Limited
  251. Gallant Protective Services Limited
  252. Giantos Security Services Limited
  253. Gold Shield Security Limited
  254. Nesvile Security Services Limited
  255. Metropolitan Facilities Care
  256. Security Link Limited
  257. Tomcat Security Limited
  258.  Supa Countrytech Security Company Limited
  259. Citadelle Security Limited
  260. Domain Security Services
  261. Ameko Homeland Security Limited
  262. Masterfound Investment Limited
  263. Ransack Aegis Security Group Limited
  264. Metropol Security Services Limited
  265. Wape Security Services Limited
  266. Mastone Investigators Limited
  267. Alpha Force Securities Limited
  268. Thorn Ranch Security Limited
  269. Superior Security Limited
  270. Frontier Integrated Solutions Limited
  271. Imperial Protection Services Limited
  272. Oltau Security Firm Limited
  273. Lichi Security Systems Limited
  274. Ricardo Security Guards (EA) Limited
  275. Carzon Security Group Limited
  276. Searite Holdings Limited
  277. Falcon Asset Protection Limited
  278. Young Force Services (K) Limited
  279. Straight Security Services Limited
  280. Eccel Services International Limited
  281. Real Speed Security Services Limited
  282. Zedeka Security Services Limited
  283. E2D Security Limited
  284. Pretoria Security Services Limited
  285. Marshalls Security Group Limited
  286. Hawkeye 11 Company Limited
  287. Tascon Security Co. Limited
  288. Current Security
  289. Shalom SPS Company LTD
  290. Edgelock Security Limited
  291. Safe Zone Protect Limited
  292. Njamka Security Services Limited
  293. Tomic Security Services Limited
  294. Gibbor Security Company Limited
  295. Mo N’more Concept Limited
  296. Talon Security (K) Limited
  297. Kingsway Autowatch Limited
  298. Snipper Security Limited
  299. Aceguards Company Limited
  300. Royal Fist Security Limited
  301. Luckygate Security Services Limited
  302. Labbayk Security Systems Limited
  303. Crestpoint Shield Services
  304. Midal Group (K) Limited
  305. Perimeter Protection Limited
  306. Roseguards Services LTD
  307. Patriots Security Services Limited
  308. Skyways Security Services Limited
  309. Manson Surveillance Systems Limited
  310. Maasai Warriors Security Limited
  311. Burhani Security Services
  312. COM Twenty One Limited
  313. Global Threat Solutions Limited
  314. Mars Security Guards Limited
  315. Dolfine Secure Services Limited
  316. Libi Security Services Limited
  317. Laikipia Security Services Limited
  318. Securitas Kenya Limited
  319. Steward International Security Services Limited
  320. Foxhall Group Security Services Limited (Foxhall Group SS Limited)
  321. Parklands Guards
  322. Altom Risk Services
  323. Umbro Kenya Limited
  324. Superior Smart Security Company Limited
  325. Secureman Services Limited
  326. Group Nine Security Limited
  327. Toky Security Solutions Limited
  328. Skywatch Security Services Limited
  329. Pada Private Investigators Limited
  330. Mmuad and Muhsin Security Company Limited
  331. Dorda Security Services Limited
  332. Armadan Services Limited
  333. Superwave Security Services Limited
  334. Desire Security Services E.A Limited
  335. Vazguard Protection Services (VPS) Limited
  336. Jorose Services Limited
  337. Wecan Security Risk Management Solutions Limited
  338. Sky Force Tracking Company
  339. Detector Security Group Limited
  340. Maxi-guard Equities Limited
  341. Timmex Security Services Limited
  342. Creek Tech Services Limited
  343. Eveready Security Guards Company Limited
  344. Maximum Protective Security Services
  345. Guardian Security Services Limited
  346. Alliedbarton Services Limited
  347. Sprint Security Limited
  348. Black Scorpion International Services Limited
  349. The Mara Southern Light House Limited
  350. Liquid Hack Group Limited
  351. Gismac Security Limited
  352. Bingwa Security Company Limited
  353. Pivot Star Security Limited
  354. Pick Alert Security Group Limited (Pick Alert SG Limited)
  355. Redstar Security Kenya Limited
  356. Salama Support Services Limited
  357. Best Africa Security Experts Limited
  358. Blue Rock Security Limited
  359. Tauriam Security Limited
  360. Kavijack Security Services Limited
  361. Versatile Security Guards Limited
  362. Area Protection Services Limited
  363. Stanmars Security Guard Limited
  364. Mulika Wote Security Services Limited
  365. Castesk Limited
  366. Third Generation Security
  367. DSE Services Limited
  368. Teyse Security Limited
  369. Metric Top Watchers Limited
  370. Makini Security Services Limited
  371. Trackman Security Services Limited
  372. Spy Africa Limited
  373. Counterpoint Security Group Services Limited
  374. Boera Main Security Services Limited
  375. Milano Security Services Limited
  376. Bemasee Services Limited
  377. Accenture Group Security (AGS) Limited
  378. Lionmax Security Limited
  379. Medillin Security Services Limited
  380. Guardian Eagle Protective Services Limited
  381. Sasova Security & Alarm Systems Limited
  382. SFL Security Group Limited
  383. Innovative Securities Solutions Limited
  384. Blackwolf Tactical K9 Limited
  385. Bulwark Taskmasters Security Services Ltd
  386. Charlie Agencies Limited
  387. Seamate Protective Services LTD
  388. Sentry Surveillance Security Services Limited
  389. Blue Dhash Technologies
  390. Bao Security Services Limited
  391. Setech Security Limited
  392. Naserian Security Company Limited
  393. Magen Security Services Company Limited
  394. Falcon Bureau of Investigations Limited
  395. Berdma Security Services Limited
  396. Novilla Security Guards Services
  397. Malink Security Services Limited
  398. Prudent Security Services Limited
  399. Bibby Line Limited
  400. Safehouse Security Services Limited
  401. Damki Security Services Limited
  402. Pernord Security Limited
  403. Bentel Security Services Limited
  404. Mow Security Limited
  405. Crime Shield Security Limited
  406. Sentry Response Limited
  407. Cherubim Security Services Limited
  408. 24 Centene Security Services Limited (24 Centene SS Limited)
  409. Abkiso Security Guards Limited
  410. Bellgine Security Services Limited
  411. Calibra Security Services Limited
  412. Top Guard Security Agency Limited
  413. Innovative Securities Solutions Limited
  414. Turquoise Solutions Limited
  415. Salwan Squad Group Limited
  416. Octagon Neil Limited
  417. Meps Fencing Systems Limited
  418. Kako Security Services Limited
  419. Wellings Security Services Limited
  420. World Class Security Limited
  421. Tayari Security Limited
  422. Owl Alarms Kenya Limited
  423. Mugi Fresim Limited
  424. Stanmore Security Services Limited
  425. Seal Two Security Guards Services
  426. Olosho Security Services Limited
  427. One People Security Services Limited
  428. Maison Security Group Services Ltd (Maison SG Services Limited)
  429. Wailler (K) Limited
  430. Battalion Trail Security Services Limited
  431. SOS Broad Limited
  432. Lanif Security & Investigation Services Limited
  433. Foreline Security Limited
  434. Kerani Security Services Limited
  435. Fast Security Services Limited
  436. Keinkad Security Limited
  437. Tabs Security Services Limited
  438. Boscom Security Services Limited
  439. Samarmar Security Services Limited
  440. Marine Vessel Guardian Limited
  441. Konex Security Services Ltd
  442. Captain Hawk Group of Companies Limited
  443. Rommy Security Services Limited
  444. Two Four Seven Guards Limited
  445. Masswell Security Services Limited
  446. Hava Security Group Limited
  447. Excellent Security Services Limited
  448. Perfect Scan Limited
  449. Delta Guards Limited
  450. Mega Troops Solution Limited
  451. Taayo Security Limited
  452. Fiscon Security Limited
  453. Dolfine Secure Services Limited
  454. Lady Askari Limited
  455. Red Mamba Agencies Limited
  456. Urbantech Security Limited
  457. Panther Track Guards (K) Limited
  458. Ditan Services Limited
  459. Frek Premier Security Services Ltd
  460. Samanje Guards Limited
  461. Rogen Security Services Limited
  462. Simba Protection (K) Limited
  463. Vigilant Security Surveillance Limited
  464. Espiar Investigators Limited
  465. Armistice Security Consult International Limited
  466. Guards Mark Security Services (K) Limited
  467. Skypatrol Security Limited
  468. Trisol Solutions Limited
  469. Ready Security Services Limited
  470. Opi Security Solutions Ltd
  471. Zimma Solutions Limited
  472. Secutech Security Limited
  473. Berto Security Solutions
  474. Sure Guard Systems Limited
  475. Quick Diplomatic Response Security Limited
  476. Internal Security Services Company Limited
  477. Surveillance Hawk Limited
  478. Popular Security Services Limited
  479. Mwape Gurads Services Limited
  480. Delfy Security Limited
  481. Calicity Security Services
  482. Prisan Services Limited
  483. 7 GS Investments Ltd
  484. Biometrics Technology Limited
  485. Mukesa Securical Guards Limited
  486. Swifttech Securities Limited
  487. Texas System Limited
  488. Archdiocese of Nyeri Security Company Limited
  489. SGA Security Solutions Limited
  490. Victory Consultants Limited
  491. Gonda Security Services Ltd
  492. Regional Brand Enforcement Limited
  493. Jicho Moja Agencies Limited
  494. Ebenezar Security Services Limited
  495. Shunza Security Services
  496. Time Security Services Limited
  497. Usalama Kenya Limited
  498. Rova Security Services Limited
  499. Comfort Security Guards Limited
  500. Josan Security Services Limited

Selecting a Registered Private Security Company in Kenya

Choosing a private security company should be a smooth process. Factors like the company's experience, reputation, training, qualifications, insurance coverage, licensing, and registration should be considered.

You should also pay attention to their cost, availability, customer service, and commitment to safety and security. Ensuring the company is registered with the Kenya National Private Security Workers Union (KNPSWU) and has the necessary insurance coverage is crucial.

Legal Requirements for Private Security Companies in Kenya

Before a private security company can operate in Kenya, it must obtain a license from the National Police Service. The requirements include being a Kenyan citizen, having a minimum of five years of security industry experience, a clean criminal record, and a sound business plan.

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With the steady rise in demand for security services in Kenya, the need for a comprehensive guide that helps you navigate the myriad of registered private security companies in the country has never been more necessary. Remember, when it comes to your safety, it is essential to entrust it to reputable, experienced, and legally compliant companies.


This article provides general information about registered private security companies in Kenya. It does not offer legal or professional advice. For specific concerns or inquiries, seeking assistance from legal or professional experts in the field has been recommended. The details shared are accurate to the best of our knowledge and do not guarantee the performance or reliability of any security company mentioned.

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