List of Top Junior Secondary Schools in Nairobi County: A Comprehensive Guide

Find the perfect fit for your child's future with our comprehensive guide to the best junior secondary schools in Nairobi County.

Oct 30, 2023 - 16:22
Oct 30, 2023 - 16:22
List of Top Junior Secondary Schools in Nairobi County: A Comprehensive Guide

Completing primary school is a significant achievement. But after the jubilation fades, a pressing question emerges: "Which junior secondary school will be the perfect fit for my child in Nairobi County?" Parents and guardians, we have you covered. Dive into this detailed guide to discover the best junior secondary schools in Nairobi County.

Navigating the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) is just the start. The next big hurdle? Finding the perfect junior secondary school for your child. In the bustling Nairobi County, a plethora of options await. Still, only the best will do for your child's future.

A Transition to CBC

Before we delve into our list, let's understand the transition. In 2017, Kenya made a massive shift in its education system by introducing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). It replaced the 8-4-4 system, segmenting learning into three levels: Early Years Education, Middle School Education, and Senior School. What's noteworthy is that primary school now wraps up at Grade 6. This leads to the vital junior secondary phase of Middle School Education.

Best Junior Secondary Schools

Indeed, Nairobi County brims with numerous public and private schools. However, not all are equipped to host junior secondary classes. How do you identify the best? Well, our carefully curated list, structured by sub-counties, will guide you through.

Sub-county School Name Category Location
Kasarani Covenant Renewal School Day school
Akima Springs Junior School Day school
Abraham Springs Junior School Day school
Mary Queen Catholic School Day school
Waynberg Academy Day school
Little Wonder School Day school
Patience Junior School Day school
Golden Estate Academy Day school
Marion Junior Secondary School Day school
Trevors Academy Day school
Nairobi Premier Academy Day school
Thika Road Christian School Day school
Covenant Renewal Junior Secondary School Day school
Summer Brook Schools Day school
Ruaraka Academy Day school
Safari Brooks Academy Day school
Nyawai Academy Day school
Wankan Junior Secondary School Day school
Wakajoy Junior School Day school
St Mary's Sportsview Academy Day school
Esteem Academy Day school
St Jacinta Junior Christian School Day school
Mercury Junior Academy Day school
Home Candle Educational Centre Day school
Westlands Pearl Hearts Schools Day school
Akiba School Day school
Compuera Academy Day school
Parklands Baptist School Day school
Springdales Junior School Day school
Hupendo School Day school
Makini Schools Day school
Grace Harvest School Day school
Taraji Afrika Maledzi School Day school
Kamukunji Anas Nursery and Primary Day school
SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary Day school
Glorious School Day school
Shauri Moyo Mixed Secondary School Day school
Sawa Excellent Education Centre Day school
Atlas Primary School Day school
Ryan Academy Day school
Mansoor Academy Day school
Makadara CITAM Schools Buruburu Day school
Buruburu Baptist Church School Day school
Mariakani Christian Centre Academy Day school
Bishop Kitonga Academy Day school
The Ark Junior South B Day school
St Bakhita School Day school
Plainsview Educational Point Day school
Kinderstart Kingergarten and Primary School Day school
Njiru Dahari Preparatory School Day school
Jasipa School Day school
Petunia School Day school
Mocris Junior Academy Day school
Hill Park School Day school
Greenview Schools Kamulu Day school
Ruai Junior Educational Centre Day school
De Paul Catholic School Kamulu Day school
Harriet Education Centre Day school
Elite Heritage Schools Day school
Embakasi PCEA Umoja Academy Day school
Rookside Academy Day school
Sharp School Day school
Good Testimony School Day school
Brucewood Education Centre Day school
Halisi Academy Day school
Utawala Christian School Day school
Happyland Spring Junior High School Day school
Elshaddai Junior Academy Day school
Chalaw Junior Secondary School Day school
Greater Light Academy Day school
Rockfields Junior School Day school
East Gate Prep School Day school
Sunrise Integrated Junior High School Day school
St Nicholas Junior Secondary School Day school
Kings International Academy Day school
Mickey's Playhouse Day school
Grandstar Junior Academy Day school
Happyland Springs Greenspan Day school
Sunrise Children's Garden School Day school
Nuru Preparatory School Day school
Rophine Field Junior School Day school
Umoja Adventist Education Centre Day school
Tender Care Junior Academy Day school
Tim Tasha School Day school
Starehe Bright Sparks Kindergarten Day school
Robbani Academy Day school
Masjid Al-Ameen Academy Day school
Nurul Fatah School Day school
Langata Nairobi Muslim Academy Day school
The Nairobi Leadership Academy Day school
Bellevue School Day school
Brookhaven Academy, Karen Day school
Atlantic Integrated Schools Day school
Arrahmah Academy Day school
St Louis School Nairobi Day school
Masjid Al-Ameen Academy (South C) Day school
All Saints Cathedral School Day school
PCEA Langata School Day school
Dagoretti Greenwood Academy Day school
St Stephen's Preparatory School Day school
The Excellence School Day school
Riruta Good Shepherd School Day school
Kahuho Road Academy Day school
Precious Gentiana Junior Secondary Day school
Kibera Rose of Sharon Academy Day school
Kibera School for Girls Day school
Peace Junior Academy Day school
Shofco - Kibera School for Girls Day school
CITAM Schools Woodley Day school
St Nicholas Schools Day school
Mathare Bishop Kitonga Academy Day school
Kariobangi Adventist Education Centre Day school
School Name Location Boarding
The King's School Nairobi Embakasi Boarding
Epren Academy Embakasi Boarding
Embakasi Benedicta Academy Embakasi Boarding
Fadhili Junior School Embakasi Boarding
Solidarity Primary School Njiru Boarding
Brookshine Schools Njiru Boarding
Josnah Primary and Junior School Njiru Boarding
Thomas Aquinas High School Njiru Boarding
Ofafa Friends Academy Makadara Boarding
Shepherd Juinior School Makadara Boarding
Wanja and Kim Comprehensive School Makadara Boarding
White Cottage School Westlands Boarding
Mountain View School Kasarani Boarding
Midas Golden Academy Kasarani Boarding
MGA Junior Secondary School Kasarani Boarding
MGA School Mwiki Kasarani Boarding
Kiwanja Bright Star School Kasarani Boarding
Mirema School Kasarani Boarding
Wonderland Integrated School Kasarani Boarding

Why Choose Nairobi County for Junior Secondary Education?

Why choose a junior secondary school in Nairobi County? Beyond the evident urban advantages, these schools offer diverse cultures, state-of-the-art facilities, and progressive curricula. Their strategic location also means better exposure and opportunities.

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Making a school choice is monumental. It sets the tone for your child's future. With our comprehensive guide, we hope to have made your decision a tad easier. Remember, while infrastructure and curricula are vital, consider your child's personality and passion when choosing.

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