M-Pesa to Loop Charges 2023: What You Need to Know

Discover why M-Pesa to Loop charges have been reintroduced in 2023 and how they may impact your transactions. Get the facts you need to know!

Sep 8, 2023 - 09:23
M-Pesa to Loop Charges 2023: What You Need to Know

In recent events, NCBA Loop has reintroduced charges for M-Pesa to Loop transactions in 2023. This decision has left many Loop customers surprised and wondering about the implications. This article will delve into the details of these charges, why they have been reintroduced, and how they might affect your transactions. So, let's uncover all you need to know about M-Pesa to Loop charges in 2023.

Key Takeaways

  1. M-Pesa to Loop charges have been reinstated in 2023, affecting Loop customers.
  2. These charges are not imposed by Loop but by M-Pesa and vary based on the transaction amount.
  3. The reintroduction of charges has led to decreased use of M-Pesa PayBill for transactions.
  4. Loop's decision to reintroduce charges was prompted by a business decision made by M-Pesa, leaving Loop customers with no choice but to comply.
  5. If considering alternatives, explore digital banking services like CBA Loop for a seamless banking experience.

NCBA Loop, the digital banking platform gaining popularity, has officially reinstated charges for M-Pesa to Loop transactions. For a while, customers enjoyed the convenience of depositing funds into their Loop accounts without incurring any charges. However, a recent business decision has changed the game.

It's important to clarify that these charges are not imposed by Loop but rather by M-Pesa itself. Nevertheless, any transaction from Loop to M-Pesa will now attract a fee. You can find them here if you're curious about the specific tariffs for Loop to M-Pesa transactions.

This change will likely be met with some resistance from Loop customers accustomed to the free deposits. The convenience of using the PayBill number 714777 for deposits will now come at a cost.

Loop to M-Pesa Tariffs

For a clearer understanding of the charges you may incur when using M-Pesa to deposit funds into your Loop account, here's a breakdown of the tariffs:

  • LOOP to LOOP Billers: KES. 34.50
  • LOOP to Mobile Money Tills Fees - Buy Goods: Free
  • LOOP to LOOP In-store Till - QR Fees: Free
  • LOOP to Discover Merchants: Free
  • LOOP to Mobile Money Pay Bills Fees:
    • Amount: Fee
    • 50-100: 0
    • 101-500: KES. 2.88
    • 501-1,000: KES. 8.63
    • 1,001 - 1,500: KES. 11.50
    • 1,501 - 2,500: KES. 17.25
    • 2,501-3,500: KES. 23
    • 3,501-5,000: KES. 31.63
    • 5,001-7,500: KES. 37.38
    • 7,501-15,000: KES. 43.13
    • 15,001 - 35,000: KES. 57.50
    • Above 45,000: KES. 92 KES. 100.63

Please note that these charges are subject to change, so staying updated with the latest tariff guide is essential.

Depositing Money into Your Loop Account

Are you eager to fund your Loop account and start enjoying the benefits of digital banking? We've got you covered. Here's how you can deposit money into your Loop account using various methods:

1. M-Pesa Paybill Method

One of the quickest ways to load money into your Loop account is through M-Pesa. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Safaricom Sim toolkit.
  • Access the M-Pesa menu on your device and select "Lipa na M-Pesa."
  • Choose the Paybill option from the list.
  • Enter the CBA Loop M-Pesa Paybill number, 714777, and press OK.
  • Use your CBA Loop account number as the account number.
  • Specify the amount you want to deposit.
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN and confirm the details.
  • Verify the transaction details in the pop-up window.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from M-Pesa, and Loop will also send you a notification confirming the deposit.

2. Loop to Loop Transfer

If you have a fellow Looper willing to help you, you can utilize the "loop to loop" option for free money transfers.

3. Cash Deposit at NCBA Branches

Visit any NCBA branch to make a cash deposit into your Loop account.

4. CBA Loop Cash Deposit Machines

Selected NCBA branches have Cash Deposit Machines for your convenience.

5. Transfer from Other Banks

Transfer funds directly from any other bank into your Loop account using Pesalink, RTGS, or EFT.

Now that you know how to deposit money into your Loop account, let's explore the world of withdrawals.

Withdrawing Money from Your Loop Account

Loop empowers you to withdraw money effortlessly, whether transferring funds to your M-Pesa account or sending money to another bank. Here's how:

1. Loop to M-Pesa Withdrawal

To transfer money from Loop to your M-Pesa account:

  • Open the CBA Loop app or log in to the internet website.
  • Click on "Payment."
  • Select "Send money."
  • Choose "To mobile."
  • Enter the recipient's registered M-Pesa number and the amount.
  • Click proceed.

2. Loop to Other Banks

For transferring money from your Loop account to another bank:

  • Open the CBA Loop app or log in to the Loop website.
  • Click on "Payment."
  • Select "Send money."
  • Choose "To bank."
  • Select the desired transfer method, such as 'Loop,' 'Pesalink,' 'EFT,' or 'RTGS.'
  • Enter the recipient's bank account details and the amount.
  • Click proceed.

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In conclusion, the reinstatement of M-Pesa to Loop charges in 2023 is a significant change that affects Loop customers. While this decision may not be welcomed by users who enjoy free deposits, staying informed about the current transaction fees and exploring alternative banking options if necessary is essential. As the digital banking landscape evolves, adapting and making informed financial choices is crucial.


Why have M-Pesa to Loop charges been reintroduced in 2023?

    • M-Pesa to Loop charges have been reinstated as a business decision. Loop customers used to enjoy free deposits, but this is no longer the case.

Will Loop customers be charged for Loop to M-Pesa transactions as well?

    • Yes, Loop to M-Pesa transactions will also attract fees, as these charges are levied by M-Pesa itself.

How can I avoid M-Pesa to Loop charges?

    • To avoid these charges, consider alternative banking options that do not impose fees for mobile money transactions, such as I & M Bank.

Are there different charges for various transaction amounts when using Loop to pay bills or make deposits?

    • Yes, there are different charges depending on the transaction amount. Be sure to check the specific tariffs to understand the fees associated with your transaction.

Has Loop provided any explanation for this decision?

    • Loop has mentioned that the decision to reinstate M-Pesa to Loop charges was made due to a business decision by M-Pesa, the preferred mobile money network.

How can I stay informed about the latest Loop transaction charges?

    • Regularly check Loop's tariff guide for updates and fee changes to stay informed about the latest transaction charges.

In a rapidly changing financial landscape, staying informed and making informed decisions about your banking choices is essential. Loop's decision to reintroduce charges reminds us of the evolving nature of digital banking services.

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