Top 15 Biggest Malls In Kenya You Should Visit In 2023

Kenyans desire a location with all goods and services under one roof. What about entertaining hobbies for kids? Shopping malls live up to your expectations.

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Top 15 Biggest Malls In Kenya You Should Visit In 2023
Top 15 Biggest Malls In Kenya You Should Visit In 2023

As retailers' need for space increases, Kenyan mall developers are progressively constructing eye-catching malls in Nairobi and other large cities.

Biggest malls in Kenya

Shopping malls feature the top domestic and foreign brands, seducing their way into the hearts of the expanding middle class, known for its appetite for affluent lifestyle trends. This is done by capitalizing on the allure of the "all under one roof" concept that offers variety and convenience.

Two Rivers Mall

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The 67,000 sq. m. Two Rivers Mall is situated along Limuru Road and is among the new Malls in Nairobi. River Gachie and River Rui Ruaka served as the inspiration for the mall's name. Additionally, the majority of mall activities use water from the two rivers. One hundred two malls will be built with acres of open space and a picturesque landscape.

The owners purchased the land for Ksh 1 billion from the Koinange family. It opened for business on February 14, 2017, making it the newest mall. The Centum Group owns the mall, which is thought to be the biggest in East Africa. The deceased, Chris Kirubi, who owned 58% of the shares, is the owner. ICDC has 3% of the claims, while AVIC International has 39%.

The mall's construction will cost somewhere around Ksh 15.5 billion. The cost of building the mall's infrastructure is Ksh 5.8 billion, while Ksh 3.8 billion is thought to be needed to make the apartment. Thanks to the mall's Ferris wheel, people who want to take in the breathtaking view of Nairobi may do so in comfort and safety. Two River Mall also provides Flume Ride and Aqua Play activities for children, enhancing its lovely nature. The building is home to Nairobi's most incredible hotels, City Lodge, LC Waikiki, and Carrefour.

Garden City Mall

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Along Thika Road, the mall is the second-largest in Kenya. The travel to the mall from the Nairobi CBD is 10 minutes. The mall also offers guests a 3-acre recreational park, luring families to take their kids out and explore the neighborhood. When Garden City Mall (GCM) opened its doors in May 2015, it exceeded everyone's expectations. The UK-based corporation Actis Africa is the owner of the mall.

Paul Fletcher is the current CEO of the firm that owns the mall, and he has subsequently demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational abilities. The mall is home to over 120 national and international brands. It also has the cheapest IMAX theater in East Africa. The upscale eateries in the mall provide the ideal setting for leisure activities. GCM includes affordable, conveniently located residential flats and popular shopping locations.

The Hub Karen

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The Hub Mall Karen is among the top 10 biggest malls in Kenya. It is situated in the Karen, one of Kenya's most affluent neighborhoods. The mall opened for business on February 14, 2016, and the company has been stable since then.

The 35,000-square-foot facility can accommodate a week's worth of 55,000 guests. Broll Property Group Kenya Limited runs Hub Mall. The mall is attributed to billionaire Humphrey Kariuki. The mall provides 1,200 packages for guests among its offerings.

There are more than 85 stores in the mall and a wide range of services; for instance, LC Waikiki, KFC, and Java post substantial profits thanks to their outstanding success in the marketplace.

Additionally, it has a sizable and well-stocked medical and fitness facility for guests. Further, parents who want to take their kids to excellent locations can benefit from the mall's services because it has indoor games for kids.

The Junction Mall

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Because of its location along King'ara Road, Ngong Road, and Naivasha Road, the Junction Mall is among Nairobi's best Malls. It has more than 120 stores and provides guests with various amenities. The Junction Mall has grown in popularity in Kenya since it originally opened for business in November 2004. The building's three-star hotel and multinational shops have brought in more customers.

Actis Africa, a UK-based business in Garden City, owns the mall. Additionally, the Knight Frank Kenya Company is in charge of managing Junction Mall. Modernized services provided by the mall enable a remarkable consumer experience.

The Village Market

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The Village Market in Gigiri is among the top 10 malls in Nairobi. Since its inception in 1995, the mall has continued to be competitive with other shopping centers. It is regarded as one of the country's oldest malls and has over 150 stalls. The Village Mall is a 700,000-square-foot complex with banking and medical facilities.

The neighborhood is also home to local and foreign enterprises, including five-star hotels and Carrefour supermarkets. Due to its proximity to the city's central business district, Nairobi, the site is ideal. From Nairobi Town, the location can be reached in 10 minutes by car, and the mall has seen a growth in patronage.

The mall is renowned for having a sizable shopping area with amenities like offices, entertainment venues, and recreational facilities. The people behind the village mall's construction and ownership are Mehraz Ehsani and Hamed. Initially, a coffee plantation was chosen for the mall's structure to offer visitors a leisure and retail area.

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The Sarit Centre

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Nairobi's Westlands hosts Sarit Centre Mall, the best mall in Kenya. Its competitive nature in the market has largely been maintained by its geographic position. When the mall was opened in 1983, it was rated as one of the best retail centers in the nation. The mall can currently accommodate up to 25,000 people. Maneklal Rughani and Sobhagayachand Vidhu Shah are the mall's owners.

The Brent Cross Shopping Centre in London, United Kingdom, inspires the establishment and concept for the mall's construction. The two families are identified as the current owners. Nitin Shah is the mall's CEO and managing director (MD). More than 250 stores, domestically and abroad, are housed in the mall. In addition, the mall has a 300-seat movie theater and a four-star hotel that draw tourists. Major cultural events are held in the Sarit Centre, a popular destination for Nairobi City residents to shop.

Yaya Centre Shopping Complex

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The shopping center Yaya Center Shopping Complex is situated on Argwings Kodhek Road. From Nairobi's central business district, the mall is a 5-minute drive away. With a founding date in the 1980s, it is also one of Kenya's older malls. The late Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott is the manager and owner of Yaya Center, which is valued at 3 billion.

More than 100 workplaces and stores can be found in the building. The mall has established itself as one of Kenya's top shopping destinations through management. Additionally, it has five-star hotels and ATM lobby areas, which draw more than 30,000 visitors each month. The mall's main offerings are selling home furnishings, electronics, and catering services. Since it opened, the mall has improved its quality and appearance.

Westgate Shopping Mall

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Since opening, Westgate Shopping Mall in Westlands has drawn attention from the general public. Since its establishment in 2007, the mall has demonstrated a competitive attitude. Terrorists assaulted a mall in 2013, increasing public notice. During that time, 68 individuals died, and additional residents and tourists suffered injuries. The management has increased security since the attack, making it the safest mall in Kenya.

The management was forced to close for two years because most stalls were destroyed. The mall is returned to normal operations, and the tenants who lost their possessions receive compensation. Westgate Shopping Mall is owned by an Israeli business called Sony Holdings. Vishiali Madan and Alex Trachtenberg manage the mall. In addition, Westgate Mall provides dining options, a play area for kids, office space, and entertainment options. When it comes to providing retail services, the mall is excellent.

Galleria Shopping Mall

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Along Langata Road, in the Karen suburbs, is where you'll find the mall. It was inaugurated in 2009 and was a tourist destination for people traveling to the Bomas of Kenya and the Giraffe Center. The mall building is a style of a contemporary mall. Galleria Shopping Mall is a popular destination for shopping and entertainment because it is built on a 12-acre site.

Trevor Kanja is the proprietor of the mall, and it cost Ksh 2 billion to develop. The mall has approximately 70 stores offering a variety of food, entertainment, and shopping options. The Nairobi Hospital, Carrefour, Java, Artcafe, Pizza Hut, Bata, and KFC restaurants are all located in the mall. Residents of Karen, Langata, South B, Ngong, and Nairobi West are the mall's primary beneficiaries.

Thika Road Mall

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Thika Road Mall (TRM) is also among the biggest malls in Nairobi. It is located along Thika Super Highway, one of the city's most modern and busiest highways. TRM was created and furnished to draw both domestic and foreign tourists. The UK-based company ACTIS owns TRM. Excellent security protects the mall's assets and customers shopping there.

The mall has over 100 shops, including restaurants, banking services, and clothing retailers. Kasarani, Zimmerman, and Roysambu residents have a great chance to go to the mall and shop there. The mall also features a 7D cinema experience, various restaurants, and kid-friendly activities. To relieve congestion in the ground packing services, packing automobiles are made more accessible on the rooftop.

Buffalo Mall

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In the well-known tourist destination of Naivasha, this commercial center is the first of its sort. The Buffalo Mall is the perfect place to shop or get lunch for people spending the weekend in the lakeside town and those traveling to or from the upcountry, thanks to its excellent location next to the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. With more than 95% of Phase One now leased, the construction of Buffalo Mall Naivasha has attracted significant interest from Kenya's top retail companies looking to reach consumers in the Rift Valley.

Java House, Mimosa Pharmacy, Optica, Healthy U, City Walk, Wine Gallery, One Way, Rift Valley Leather, Chapa Copy, Micos Drycleaners, and Laundry are some in-line tenants. The development's finance institution is the Housing Finance Company of Kenya (HFCK), which will also have a branch in Buffalo Mall.

Westside Mall

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As its name suggests, the Westside Mall is situated at the intersection of Kenyatta Avenue and the Nakuru-Eldoret highway in the western area of Nakuru town. Additionally, West Side Mall provides banking services to customers and houses a Prime Bank branch inside the building. The mall's patrons can quickly and easily access additional banking services. In addition to Prime Bank, West Side Mall is home to Imperial Bank and Equity Bank. The opening of bank accounts, checking account balances, cash withdrawals, and cash deposits are just a few services these banks provide. Additionally, several banks have placed their ATM waiting areas throughout the mall.

Rupa's Mall

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Rupa's Mall in Eldoret is one of Kenya's most significant new malls. It is the first lifestyle shopping center in North Rift. It is one of East Africa's most prominent shopping centers. With more than 50 shops offering a variety of national and international brands, Rupa's Mall gives its patrons the freedom to enjoy life.

The modern shopping complex with everything under one roof has changed the game in the area by bringing in companies like KFC, Java House, Woolworths, City Walk, Chandarana Foodplus, Vivo Activewear, and Zaika Lounge, among many others. The twin tower shopping mall, Rupa's Mall, is the first in Eldoret. It is situated away from the congestion of the central business district, making it easily accessible with plenty of parking space and a play area for kids.

City Mall

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City Mall, which provides the best shopping in the second-largest city in the nation, is situated 20 minutes along the Mombasa-Malindi highway in the affluent Nyali neighborhood. Numerous high-end local and international brands, including Shoprite, Cafesserie, Domino Pizza, City Walk, and Woolworths, are housed in the mall's more than 70 stores. Additionally, every significant bank has a banking hall and ATM lobby in the shopping center.

Westend Mall

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The elegantly constructed West End Mall, located at the intersection of Achieng Oneko Road and Got Huma Road, has transformed the shopping experience in the lakeside city of Kisumu and is intended to be every shopper's destination. Top brands like Woolworths, City Walk, Creambell, Java House, and Opulent Store were introduced to Kisumu by West End Mall. The Acacia Premier Hotel, the pinnacle of elegance in the local hospitality industry with a rooftop restaurant with a spectacular view of Kisumu, is near the mall.

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Shopping center innovation and investment have surged in Kenya. As a result, most business owners decided to build malls to offer the general public shopping experiences. The majority of Kenya's top shopping centers are found in Nairobi.

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