Best Diploma and Degree Programs for C+, C, and C- Students in Kenya

Don't let your C+, C, or C- grade hold you back from pursuing a fulfilling career! Check out our list of the best diploma and degree programs in Kenya for students with these grades

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Best Diploma and Degree Programs for C+, C, and C- Students in Kenya
Best Diploma and Degree Programs for C+, C, and C- Students in Kenya

 A C plain, C minus, or C+ grade in your KCSE exams may seem like a setback when pursuing a degree course at a top higher institution in Kenya. It's essential to keep in mind that your educational adventure is only getting started. With grades of C+, C, or C-, you can select from various marketable courses to help you create successful career journeys. This article will explore diploma and degree programs for students with these grades and their requirements.

Best Courses in Kenya that you can do with a Mean grade of C+

You could access several marketable degree courses if you received a C+ (plus) on your KCSE exams. Even though you didn't get a better grade, you can still enroll in these courses and succeed in your job. The following are some of Kenya's top C+ courses:

Degree in education

A Bachelor of Education degree is an excellent option if you love to teach. This degree program offers a variety of work choices while preparing you for a career in education—your chances of landing a lucrative job increase by picking the appropriate subject combinations. One of the notable universities offering this education is Kenyatta University.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Many higher education institutions in Kenya offer a very marketable medical degree program called a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Universities like the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Moi University, and JKUAT provide this curriculum. This degree is an excellent choice for C+ students because there is an increasing need for competent nurses.

Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Film Production 

This course can lead to many fascinating jobs. Opportunities include; classic film animation, animators who can work with video games, special effects, online animation, advertising, and e-learning. Opportunities for film producers exist in production, post-production, and even game design firms.

Degree in radiography

Radiography offers excellent professional opportunities. You can become a radiographer or radiologist specializing in X-rays, ultrasound, and MRI with a bachelor's degree in radiography. Opportunities for development and specialization in the healthcare sector are provided by this medical degree.

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Graduates of this school can find employment as researchers or laboratory technicians in hospitals and medical facilities. Given the increased need for qualified laboratory technologists, C+ students might consider taking this course.

Bachelor of Commerce

A business course that is adaptable and marketable is a bachelor of commerce degree. Bachelor of Commerce degree prepares students for careers in management, finance, accountancy, banking, microfinance, administration, marketing, and other related sectors.

Requirements include:

  • KCSE mean grade of C+
  • C (plain) in Mathematics and English

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine

Clinical officers are essential to Kenya's healthcare system. Students earning a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine are prepared to function as clinical officers since they have the necessary skills and information. This degree program provides exciting job prospects and opens access to various healthcare settings.

Bachelor of Science in Community Development

This course equips learners with a high degree of creativity and leadership skills to understand how community development work is holistic. It also considers all aspects of community life, including the spiritual, economic, social, and political factors. 


  • Mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE with at least C+ (Plus) biology and any three of the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History and Government, English/ Kiswahili, Home Science or Agriculture

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The course provides the human and social information required for personal management, policy management, and the development of attitudes. The cases that these specialists can address include those involving ethics, marriages, nepotism, tribalism, child labor, human rights, and unemployment. Thus, in today's world, the services of such people are essential.


  • C+ Aggregate

Bachelor of Business Information Communication and Technology

In today's digital world, everything from plant operations to essential innovations like smart homes necessitates the expertise of an IT professional. Well, such professionals are required in business as well. You can work for various companies and make a good wage with a degree in this industry. Starting your own business allows you to work for yourself.

Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

The theory, principles, and analytical methods used in economics and statistics are intended to be understood by students as part of the economics and statistics scientific program. Graduates from this field can secure jobs in Public and private banks, insurance companies, major multinational corporations, financial consultancies, and accounting firms.


  • Mean grade C+ at KCSE 
  • C+ in Mathematics
  • B plain in Business studies 

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Best courses in Kenya That You can do with A mean Grade Of C

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Many well-known media presenters only have a diploma but earn a decent income. You can major in any of these subfields of journalism:

  • Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
  • Diploma in TV Programs Production
  • Diploma in Radio Programs Production and Broadcasting
  • Diploma in Film/Video Programs Production(Editing Option)
  • Diploma in Film/Video Programs Production(Directing Option)


  • Minimum Grade: C (plain)
  • Cluster subjects: C in English and Kiswahili plus a C in one of MATH /BIO/PHY/CHEmistry/PHYSICS/BIOLOGy/GEO/CRE/business studies/AGRICULTURE

Other courses in this category include:

  • Diploma in Music and Dance- Requirements: C plain (mean grade) and D+ in Music
  •  Diploma In Architecture-Requirements: C (mean grade) and C plain in Maths and Physics. Also, having a C plain in English/Kiswahili is best.
  •  Diploma in Quantity Surveying- requirements: C (mean grade) and C plain in Maths and Physics & C plain in English/Kiswahili
  •  Diploma In Pharmaceutical Technology- requirements: C (mean grade) and C plain in each English/Kiswahili, Math/Physics, Chemistry/Physical-sciences, and Biology / 
  •  Diploma In Early Childhood Education-requirements C plain or (C- for disabled applicants)
  •  Diploma In Medical Laboratory and Technology-requirements: C plain grade in KCSE, C plain in English or Kiswahili, Math or Physics, C (table) in Chemistry and Biology.
  • Diploma in Tax Administration-Entry requirements: C plain and C- in Math and English. 
  • Diploma in Customs Administration-Entry requirements: C plain and C- in Math and English.
  •  Diploma in Agricultural-Irrigation and Drainage Engineering OR Diploma in Irrigation&Drainage Engineering-Entry requirements: C -overall and D(plain) in each of Chemistry/Physics, English/Kiswahili, Math, and also C-(Geography/Home Science/Biology/Agriculture/Business studies).
  •  Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Community Development-Entry requirements: C -overall and D(plain) in Chemistry/Physics, English/Kiswahili, Math, and C-(Geography/Home Science/Biology/Agriculture/Business studies). Diploma in Animal Production and Health Management-Entry requirements: C -overall and D(plain) in Chemistry/Physics, English/Kiswahili, Math, and C-(Geography/Home Science/Biology/Agriculture/Business studies).

Best Kenya Medical Training College With A Mean Grade of C

  1. Diploma in Orthopaedic Technology-C aggregate with C in English/Kiswahili and C- (minus) in Biology/Biological Sciences and  D+ in one of Mathematics, Chemistry, Woodwork, Physics/Physical Sciences, Metalwork/Technical Drawing
  2. Diploma in Optometry- C aggregate with C in English/Kiswahili and Mathematics. Also, a C- in any of these: Biology/Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences/Physics
  3. Diploma in Physiotherapy- C aggregate with C in English/Kiswahili and a C- in Biology. Also, you need a C- (minus) in any two here:- Physics/Physical Sciences, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  4. Diploma in Clinical Medicine-C plain needed with a C plain in English/Kiswahili, Biology/Biological Sciences, and a C- in Chemistry/Physical Science. Also, you need a C- in one of Mathematics or Physics/Physical Sciences.
  5. Diploma in Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine- C plain needed with a C plain in English/Kiswahili, Biology/Biological Sciences, and Mathematics/Physics/Physical Sciences and  C- in any of the following: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics/Physical Sciences, Home Science, Agriculture.
  6. Diploma in Community Oral Health- C (mean grade). Grade C (or credit) in English and Biology/Biological Sciences. C- (or credit) in any two here: Chemistry, Physics/Physical Science, Mathematics
  7. Diploma in Public Health- Overall, C in English/Kiswahili and Biological Sciences/Biology. Also, a C- is needed in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics/Physical Sciences.
  8. Diploma in Occupational Therapy-C aggregate, with C in English/Kiswahili and C- in Biology/Biological Sciences. Also, C- in any of Physical Sciences/Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Mathematics, or Home Science
  9. Diploma in Radiography and Imaging- C grade overall, C in English/Kiswahili, Physics/Physical Sciences, and Biology/Biological Sciences. C- in either Mathematics or Chemistry.
  10. Diploma in Dental Technology-C grade overall, C in English/Kiswahili, and Physical Sciences/Physics or Chemistry. Also, C- in Biology plus any of these: Mathematics, Metalwork, Physics/Chemistry
  11. Diploma in Nursing-Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse- C aggregate with C in English/Kiswahili and Biology/Biological Sciences. and  C- in Chemistry and Mathematics/Physics/Physical Sciences.

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Best C- Courses in Kenya

With this grade, you can enroll in many diploma programs in Kenya, so don't worry. Some of these curricula offer good work options and are very marketable. Whether you are interested in the business, technological, or artistic areas, everyone has an opportunity. Let's explore the diverse range of C minus courses available in Kenya.

Diploma in Tourism Management

The Diploma in Tourism Management is the best option if you are passionate about tourism and travel. This curriculum is regarded as one of the most marketable diploma courses in the nation and is provided at prestigious universities like Kenyatta University. With Kenya's wealth of tourist attractions and the industry's ongoing growth, there is a great demand for qualified individuals in this field. By pursuing this diploma, you can secure an excellent paying job and contribute to the vibrant tourism sector.


  • C- in Mathematics
  • C plain in either Biology, Geography/History, Business/Computer, English/Foreign Languages, Biological Sciences

Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management

 Supply chain diploma holders have a wide range of employment choices. To handle manufacturing and delivery, almost every sector needs supply chain specialists. The following positions are available: purchasing officer, logistics planner, supply chain executive, and distribution officer.


  • C- in KCSE Exam
  • D plus in English and Mathematics, Accounting, Business, or Commerce
  • Duration: 24 months

 Diploma in Web and Graphic Design

Embrace the Digital Era and Unleash Your Creativity In today's digital age, businesses increasingly focus on improving their online presence. With a Web and Graphic Design Diploma, you can tap into this growing demand and explore exciting career opportunities. Companies like Safaricom and Airtel often outsource the services of web and graphic designers, providing you with a chance to work with renowned organizations or even start your own business.


  • C minus grade
  • C- in English and Kiswahili or any other two subjects
  • Computer Studies is mandatory

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

This course equips the learners with a solid financial management, budgeting, and analysis foundation. There is always a need for an economic task force in Kenya. The Diploma in Accounting and Finance is still a high-demand diploma course in the current job market in Kenya. By studying this course, you can build a solid foundation in financial management, budgeting, and analysis. Graduates can access various professional prospects across numerous industries, which become crucial to a company's economic success.


  • Mathematics: D-
  • English or Kiswahili: D-

 Diploma in Human Resource Management

 This diploma equips learners with the skills and knowledge to manage employee recruitment, training, compensation, and overall organizational development. The high demand for human resource experts makes this diploma one of Kenya's most competitive and rewarding courses. The professional fields include; 

  • HR Officer.
  • HR Administrator.
  • Training Officer.
  • Skills Development Manager.
  • Recruitment Consultant/Specialist.
  • Employee/Industrial Relations Officer.
  • Payroll Administrator


  • C minus and above

Other C- courses in Kenya include;

  1. Diploma in Criminology & Criminal Justice
  2. Diploma in Corporate Governance
  3. Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology or Diploma In Civil Engineering
  4. diploma in Building & Civil Engineering
  5. diploma in Building & Construction
  6. diploma in Building Construction Technology/Diploma In Building& Construction Technology
  7. diploma in Construction Plant/Diploma In Construction Plant Engineering
  8. Diploma In Electrical(Instrumentation)/Diploma In Electrical& Electronics Engineering (Control and Instrumentation)/Diploma In Electrical Electronics(Instrumentation)
  9. diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive/Plant Option)
  10. diploma in Mechanical Production Technician
  11. diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production Option)
  12. diploma in Mechatronics/Mechatronic Engineering
  13. diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering(Telecommunications Option)
  14. diploma in Electrical And Electronics(Telecommunication)
  15. diploma in Electrical/Electronics Technology (Telecommunication)
  16. diploma in Telecommunication Engineering
  17. diploma in Electrical Engineering
  18. diploma in Automotive Engineering
  19. diploma in Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  20. diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering/Electrical And Electronics/Electrical Engineering(Electronics)
  21. Diploma In Technology(Telecommunication& Information Engineering)
  22. Diploma In Technology(Instrumentation & Control)
  23. Diploma In Technology-Electronic Engineering
  24. Diploma In Technology-Electrical Power Engineering
  25. Diploma in Computer Systems - requirements: C -(mean grade) and D plain in Biology and Chemistry 
  26. Diploma In Land Surveying- requirements: C -(mean grade) and C- in English, Physics, and Maths.
  27.  Diploma In Applied Biology-requirements: KCSE C – and D+ in biology.
  28.  Diploma in Analytical Chemistry- requirements: KCSE C- and D+ in chemistry.
  29.  Diploma In Agriculture- requirements: C -overall and D+ in Biology and Agriculture.
  30.  Diploma In Community Health And Nutrition-requirements: C -overall and D+ in Chemistry and Biology. Also, D+ is needed in English/Kiswahili, and a D plain is required in Agriculture or Home Science.
  31. Diploma In Food Science Technology or Diploma In Food Science And Processing Technology- requirements: C -overall and D+ in Chemistry and Biology; D+ is needed in English/Kiswahili.
  32.  D plain is required in Agriculture/Home Science. 
  33. Diploma In Nutrition & Dietetics- requirements- C -overall and D+ in Chemistry/Physical Sciences, Biology/Biological Sciences, English/Kiswahili. D+ in English/Kiswahili, D plain in Physics/Math/Agriculture/Home-science/General Sciences.
  34.  Diploma In Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing- requirements
  35. C -overall and C- in 3 subjects (English, Math, Physics).
  36.  Diploma In Cartography- requirements- C – overall and C- in 3 subjects (English, Math, Geography).
  37.  Diploma In Map Reproduction(Printing)-requirements-C – overall and C- in 3 subjects (English, Math, Chemistry).
  38.  Diploma in Water Resources-requirements-C – overall and D+ in Math, Chemistry/Physical Sciences, Physics, and Biology.
  39.  Diploma In Water Engineering- requirements-C – overall and D+ in Math/Chemistry/Physical Sciences/Biology.
  40.  Diploma In Water Technology(Water Supply Option)/Diploma In Water Technology- requirements- C – overall and D+ in Math, Chemistry/Physical Sciences, Physics, and Biology.   

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The skills and experience you gain from your degree, diploma, or certificate programs are essential for landing a job. Numerous courses can help C+, C, or C- students find successful professions. By investigating the choices described in this article, you can confidently select a program that fits your interests and long-term objectives. Remember that success depends on lifelong learning, developing your abilities, and collecting relevant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pursue a diploma in Tourism Management with a C plain grade?

No, a C plain grade does not meet the requirements for a diploma in Tourism Management. The minimum requirement is a C- grade in Mathematics and a C plain in either Biology, Geography/History, Business/Computer, English/Foreign Languages, or Biological Sciences.

2. What are the requirements for a diploma in Purchasing and Supplies?

To pursue a diploma in Purchasing and Supplies, you must attain a KCSE Grade of C-, D plus in English and Maths, Business.

3. Is Web and Graphic Design a marketable field in Kenya?

Yes, Web and Graphic Design is a highly marketable field in Kenya. This course has a high demand for online presence. Businesses also seek technicians in this field to enhance their websites and graphics.

4. What are the requirements for a diploma in Accounting and Finance?

The requirements for this course include a D- grade in Mathematics and English or Kiswahili.

5. Can I pursue a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication with a C plain grade?

Yes, you can pursue a diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication with a C plain grade if you meet the requirement of a C primary grade in English or Kiswahili.

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