Massive storage space: This is the largest SSD hard drive in the world

SSDs are now one of the most popular external data stores. After all, the plates are extremely fast and no longer so expensive. However, as storage space increases, prices soar. Here we will tell you how much space the largest SSD in the world offers and its costs.

Jun 11, 2021 - 01:56
Massive storage space: This is the largest SSD hard drive in the world

SSD storage is famous for many reasons. For example, the storage medium without moving components runs silently and is considered to be quite robust. When it comes to access times, SSD hard drives are ahead of traditional magnetic storage drives.

However, there are significant differences here – both in performance and in price. So you get many good models from as well as 30 euros(3,888.09 Kenyan Shilling). However, as storage space increases, so does the price.

Nimbus Wants to Deliver the World's Largest SDD.

The largest SSD in the world is the ExaDrive DC100 from manufacturer Nimbus Data. According to its data, the flash drive offers more than 100 terabytes of storage space. In 2018, Nimbus had already announced the gigantic 3.5-inch hard drive. Due to its size, the ExaDrive DC100 is intended directly for servers, so companies are more likely to be considered customers. The speed of only 500 MByte per second and a power of 10 watts in idle mode also speaks for this.

However, you could also use the hard drive with a home computer or laptop. To illustrate, on the world's largest SSD, you could then store 20 million songs with a size of about 5 MByte per song – dimensions you don't get into in everyday use.

After you could only find the price of the ExaDrive DC100 on demand from the manufacturer, Nimbus Data has now given the storage monster an official price tag in its online shop: The largest SSD in the world is listed here for a whopping 40,000 US dollars - with the direct conversion this corresponds to about 35,350 euros approximately 4,581,464.69 Kenyan Shilling.

Samsung leads the SSD ranks.

With a size of 30 terabytes, Samsung tops the most extensive SSD storage list in 2.5-inch format with the PM1643. The model is sold for around 8,500 euros. This results in a guideline value of approximately 280 euros per terabyte. If you add this price to a 100-terabyte hard drive, you will get a price of about 28,000 euros - so nimbus Data's largest hard drive is a bit more expensive "per terabyte."

By the way: Smartphone giant Samsung had already announced an SSD on this scale in the past. Could you even surpass the record of 100 terabytes?

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