Microsoft presents Windows 11: the operating system boasts its most important renewal in the last decade and these are its novelties

Microsoft finally made Windows 11 official, a renewal that will mark a before and after in the history of the operating system. We review all your news.

Jun 24, 2021 - 19:15
Microsoft presents Windows 11: the operating system boasts its most important renewal in the last decade and these are its novelties
Windows 11

Talking about a new version of Windows is not a minor issue. Even less so when Microsoft touts it as the biggest update of the most recent decade. After an avalanche of leaks and without too much room for surprises, Redmond finally presented Windows 11, whose novelties aim to mark a before and after in the history of the operating system. Is it as important as the company describes it? Yeah, definitely.


At least in recent years, the company has accustomed us to witness the renewal of its services, applications and hardware products. However, Windows was one of the few "forgotten"ones. Although Windows 10 received updates on a regular basis, it was time for the system to take a step forward to adapt to the visual language that has so distinguished those of Redmond during the management of Satya Nadella.


Windows 11 is precisely the result of years of learning and experiences with the rest of its software catalog. It should be noted that, although Windows 11 offers us a good handful of new features, mainly in the visual, it is also true that it retains functions and features that would be difficult to get rid of. Not only because they play a key role in the overall operation of Windows, but also because they are part of the daily experience of millions of people.


Say hello to the new Windows 11 interface

As mentioned above, the new interface is the main attraction of Windows 11. It is also evident that they have been inspired by multiple details of the canceled Windows 10X. Microsoft points out that no pixel has been neglected, especially on the desktop. It is in this section where the first great novelty comes to mind: new taskbar. For years the start menu and icons were located on the left side of the bottom bar. Now, however, they are centered.

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You may think that this change is not significant, but it is because it is an element with which we interact constantly. A simple change of location will alter your experience. And with the relocation of the lower elements comes also a new start menu. Live Tiles are a thing of the past and instead a grid appears with icons of the apps you used recently, in addition to the classic search bar. The buttons to shut down, restart, or suspend the computer are still there.


You may have already noticed that the Windows 11 start menu bets on rounded corners, transparencies and new animations. Well, you should know that these details will be extended to the entire operating system interface, thus achieving visual consistency. A very interesting novelty, and that many users will appreciate, is that it will now be possible to manage the multitasking experience from the button to resize the windows. When you leave the cursor, an organizer (Snap Group) will appear to place them in any section of the screen. If you use external monitors, you should know that your window organization will be saved even after disconnecting the monitor.


Windows 11 also boasts a widget panel with useful information. This is displayed from the left and of course completely customizable. In the first instance we were able to see Calendar widgets, recent photos, weather, traffic information, a list of tasks through Microsoft To Do and even a search bar to make queries on the web —through Bing—. Fortunately, developers will be able to create their own proposals respecting the design guidelines.


Another novelty that will impact your experience with Windows 11, despite not being visual, has to do with updates. According to the company, updates will now be 40% smaller and their download will occur in the background. In other words, no more annoying interruptions to your activities.


Full integration with Microsoft Teams and Xbox

Microsoft Teams has become the communication application par excellence of Redmond —yes, above Skype—. Well, the tool will be fully integrated in Windows 11. This means, for example, that you can access your chat list directly from the taskbar. In the same way it will be possible to search for conversations, start a new chat or video call without the need to open the application.


As far as gaming is concerned, we know that Xbox is a key platform in Microsoft's current philosophy, and this will be reflected in Windows 11. One of the main novelties for gamers is Auto HDR, a feature that debuted on the Xbox X / S Series. It basically allows a large number of DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 compatible games to embrace HDR automatically; even when these titles hit the market without official support for high dynamic range.

For its part, the Xbox application will be integrated natively in Windows 11. Its interface gives priority to the more than 100 games included in Xbox Game Pass for PC, dividing them by section according to their genre, franchise or release. It will be from this same app where users will be able to communicate with their friends or acquire new games through the Microsoft Store. Finally, Redmond mentioned that loading times will be significantly reduced thanks to DirectStorage, as long as your computer has an NVMe storage unit.


Microsoft embraces developers and Android

Since we get into the distribution of software, another platform that gains importance with the arrival of Windows 11 is the Microsoft Store. In addition to presenting a new, cleaner and more orderly design, it opens its doors to applications from major companies such as Adobe. Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is that Microsoft will allow third —party apps to use their own payment systems— to offer subscriptions, for example-without charging commissions. That is, developers will keep 100% of the income.


Since Windows 10, Microsoft made it clear that Android is an important piece in the growth of its desktop operating system. Many people who use Windows own an Android device and, for this reason, the integration between the two systems has been strengthened over the years. Windows 11 takes a key step in this direction, as it will be possible to install and run Android applications thanks to an agreement with Amazon and Intel's Bridge technology.


When will Windows 11 be available?

Unfortunately, Microsoft still does not reveal the release date of Windows 11. It is expected, however, that it will be available during the last months of this year. The good news is that, if you already have Windows 10, you won't need to open the wallet to upgrade to Windows 11; the update will be free. However, keep in mind that your computer must meet certain technical requirements. With this tool you can check if you are ready to get into the new Windows experience.

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