Ministry of Education 1,000 Internship Vacancies 2023: How to Apply, Requirements & Deadline

Looking for an internship that combines your passion for ICT with making a difference in education? Learn how to apply for the Ministry of Education's internship vacancies today!

Sep 16, 2023 - 14:31
Ministry of Education 1,000 Internship Vacancies 2023: How to Apply, Requirements & Deadline
Ministry of Education 1,000 Internship Vacancies 2023: How to Apply, Requirements & Deadline

Are you a recent graduate passionate about Information Communication Technology (ICT) and wanting to make a difference in Education? Look no further! The Ministry of Education, through the State Department for Basic Education, is offering 1,000 internship vacancies under the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), Cohort 3. This exciting opportunity is your chance to contribute to the future of Education in Kenya while gaining valuable experience. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about these internships, from the application process to the requirements and the application deadline.

SUMMARY: Key Takeaways From The article

  1. The Ministry of Education offers 1,000 internship vacancies under the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), Cohort 3.
  2. These internships aim to support the implementation of digital learning in Kenyan schools.
  3. Applicants must have a relevant degree, graduate within the last four years, and possess knowledge in ICT-related fields.
  4. The deadline for applications is 25 September 2023.
  5. Interns will receive a stipend and a certificate upon completing the program.
  6. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply, and diversity and gender equality are promoted.
  7. Interns will play a crucial role in E-Learning, teacher training, and the safe use of technology in Education.
  8. This internship opportunity offers a chance to make a meaningful impact on the future of Education in Kenya. Apply today and be a part of this transformative journey!

The Ministry of Education in Kenya is pivotal in ensuring that the constitutional rights to Education are upheld. In this article, we will delve into the details of these 1,000 internship vacancies and provide a thorough understanding of how you can become a part of this transformative initiative.

The Ministry's Mandate

The Ministry of Education derives its mandate from the Constitution of Kenya, Chapter Four, which encompasses Articles 43, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, and 59. These articles outline the fundamental rights of children, including free and compulsory primary education, quality services, and access to educational facilities for persons with disabilities. Additionally, they address access to education and training for youth, employment opportunities, minority and marginalized group representation, and exceptional options in Education and economic fields.

Allocation of Responsibilities

The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya further distributes responsibilities between the national and county governments concerning Education. The National Government is responsible for areas such as education policy, curriculum development, examinations, and the promotion of sports and sports education. County Governments oversee pre-primary Education, village polytechnics, home-craft centres, farmers' training centres, and childcare facilities.

Structure of the Ministry

Under Executive Order No. 1 of 2023 (Revised), the Ministry of Education is headed by a Cabinet Secretary, supported by three Principal Secretaries, each leading a State Department. These three State Departments are:

  1. The State Department for Basic Education.
  2. The State Department for Vocational and Technical Training.
  3. The State Department for Higher Education and Research.

Exciting Opportunity: 1,000 Internship Vacancies

The Ministry of Education's State Department for Basic Education is excited to announce 1,000 internship vacancies under the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP), Cohort 3. This internship program is a unique opportunity for recent university graduates and a significant contribution to the advancement of Education in Kenya.

What to Expect as an Intern

Successful candidates will be assigned to schools at the sub-county level. Here, they will acquire practical skills and knowledge and play a pivotal role in supporting virtual learning and other digital platforms. These interns will be remunerated through a stipend determined by the Government and awarded a certificate upon completing the 12-month non-renewable internship program.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for this prestigious opportunity, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Graduated not earlier than 2019
  2. Willingness to be deployed to any Sub County Education office within the country on a full-time basis
  3. Possess a Bachelor's degree in Education with a specialization in Information Communication Technology or a Bachelor's degree in ICT.
  4. Alternatively, hold a Diploma in ICT or ICT Integration in Education from a recognized institution.
  5. Proficiency in networking and infrastructure, applications development, information security, and project management
  6. Ability to integrate ICT with Education, particularly in terms of E-Learning and content development
  7. Skill in carrying out research and innovation to support the Digital Literacy Programme

Internship Duties and Responsibilities

During the internship, you will be expected to:

  1. Support E-Learning and content development in alignment with the schemes of work
  2. Provide class support and training to Primary School teachers in the use of digital literacy devices
  3. Support the implementation of the Digital Learning Programme
  4. Innovate to enable schools to improve the utilization of digital learning resources
  5. Provide support for the safe, secure, and ethical use of technology in learning
  6. Assist teachers in integrating ICT into teaching, Education, and assessment
  7. Support school staff in developing and producing key school policies and procedures
  8. Offer first-line support and maintenance for ICT services in schools

How to Apply

The application process is straightforward if you meet the eligibility criteria and are enthusiastic about joining this program. Please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Public Service Commission's job portal through or
  2. Submit your application online
  3. Ensure you complete the application on or before 25 September, 2023.

Deadline for Applications

The deadline for submitting applications is 25 September 2023. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to contribute to advancing Education in Kenya and enhance your professional skills.

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Final Thoughts

The Ministry of Education's internship program is a promising initiative that benefits young graduates and contributes to improving Education in the country. By participating in this program, you can make a meaningful impact while gaining valuable experience in the field of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the internship vacancies?

    • Applicants must have graduated by 2019 and hold relevant qualifications in Education and ICT.

What is the duration of the internship program?

    • The program runs for 12 months and is non-renewable.

What are the critical responsibilities of interns during the program?

    • Interns will support E-Learning, train teachers, and assist in implementing the Digital Learning Programme, among other duties.

How do I apply for the internship vacancies?

    • Visit the Public Service Commission's job portal and submit your application online.

What is the stipend for interns?

    • The stipend will be determined by the Government and paid by the State Department for Basic Education.

What happens upon successful completion of the internship program?

    • Interns will receive a certificate from the State Department for Basic Education.

Is there any age limit for applicants?

    • The age limit is not specified, but applicants must meet the educational and eligibility criteria.

Can persons with disabilities (PWD) apply for the internship?

    • Yes, the Ministry of Education is an equal-opportunity employer, and PWDs are encouraged to apply.

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