Mobius 3 Price in Kenya For 2024: How It Stacks Up Against the Competition

Looking for an affordable and reliable car in Kenya? Check out the Mobius 3 and compare it to other prices, features, and performance models.

Jan 28, 2024 - 14:25
Jan 28, 2024 - 14:32
Mobius 3 Price in Kenya For 2024: How It Stacks Up Against the Competition
Mobius 3 Price in Kenya For 2024: How It Stacks Up Against the Competition

Mobius 3 is a rugged and reliable off-road SUV designed to traverse the varied terrain of African roads. Whether you're driving on unsealed or tarmacked roads, the Mobius 3 is ready to redefine your journey. This significant SUV addition to the Mobius lineup delivers uncompromising drive performance, comfort, and versatility – all offered at an exceptional price. The Mobius 3 is built to be authentically rugged, and the advanced drive and infotainment features are standard. This article will examine the Mobius 3, including its features, performance, off-road capabilities, versatility, and infotainment.

What Is New For  Mobius 3

The Mobius 3 is loaded with a raft of standard features, making it one of the complete SUVs in the market. The turbocharged engine, matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission, offers 160 kW of power and 320 Nm of torque for impressive drive performance. It has an excellent safety rating and comes with driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes, child seat anchors, and seatbelts with pre-tensioners. Mobius is committed to providing a trusted ownership experience. That's why Mobius 3 comes standard with a 3 Year / 60,000 Km warranty and a network of authorized repair centers.


The Mobius 3 offers impressive performance on any terrain, whether on-road or off-road. The high ground clearance, fully selectable 4x4 driving modes, double wishbone coil suspension setup in the front, and 5-link coil springs in the rear all come as standard. The Mobius 3 comfortably traverses the variable road terrain of Africa, with impressive water-fording capabilities without compromising on-road handling. The Mobius 3 weighs 2110 kg and has a gross weight of 2535 kg. Its height is 1925 mm, and its length is 4645 mm.

Off-Road Capabilities 

Mobius 3 is an off-road SUV designed to take on any challenge. The Mobius 3 has features that make it perfect for off-road adventures. The high ground clearance, fully selectable 4x4 driving modes, and coil suspension setup make it comfortable and confident on any off-road adventure. The Mobius 3 is also ideal for a safari or enjoying the sun, thanks to the high-strength and lightweight removable roof panels offering ultimate open-air freedom.


Mobius 3 offers the perfect blend of utility and sport, making it suitable for everyday city driving and off-road adventures on challenging terrain. It has a split folding rear seat that offers additional cargo-loading capability, making it possible to load more luggage. Its all-new features, including the high-strength and lightweight removable roof panels, make the Mobius 3 the perfect SUV for all occasions. The Mobius 3 is also designed with ample secure storage compartments, making it an ideal car for long trips.


Mobius 3 offers a complete infotainment system and digital instrument cluster, keeping you connected throughout your journey. The 12" touchscreen display provides intuitive user control, and the key features include Bluetooth, multimedia, and USB ports that enable you to listen to music and receive calls and text alerts. The digital instrument cluster offers a wide range of information to help you quickly navigate any journey.

Exterior and Interior 

The exterior of the Mobius 3 is sleek and stylish, with 17" alloy wheels and a patterned front grille that blends functionality and aesthetic appeal, underpinning the signature Mobius look. The design of the exterior of the Mobius 3 speaks to its uncompromising nature, which is geared towards traversing the variable road terrain of Africa without compromising on comfort and performance.

Moving on to the interior of the Mobius 3, it is fitted with multiple features that optimize drive comfort, making it suitable for everyday city driving and off-road adventures on challenging terrain. The power windows and door locks, telescoping and tilting steering wheel, and cruise control all work together to ensure the driving experience is smooth and comfortable. The integrated anti-theft system also offers peace of mind, providing the car is always safe and secure.

The Mobius 3 also has fabric seats, multiple cup holders, and ample secure storage compartments. Additionally, it is equipped with UV filtering glass, dual-zone climate control, and a complete digital cluster that enhances the driving experience. These features all combine to make the Mobius 3 an all-around impressive vehicle.


Now, let's talk about accessories for the Mobius 3. The carmaker has partnered with specialized designers and suppliers to provide a wide range of accessories for your Mobius 3. These accessories enhance the driving experience, making it even more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your passengers. You can download the accessories brochure by clicking the button on the Mobius website.

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Mobius 3 Price in Kenya

The Mobius 3 is an affordable vehicle priced at around KSh 3.95 Million in Kenya. The price may vary depending on the dealer, location, and model year. This makes the Mobius 3 an attractive option for Kenyans looking for a reliable and cost-effective vehicle.


Specification Value
Engine Type 4-cylinder, Inline
Engine Capacity 2000 cc
Engine Output 160 kW @ 5500 rpm
Maximum Torque 320 nm @ 4500 rpm
Drive 4WD
Transmission 6 Speed Automatic
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Capacity 75 Litres
Fuel Consumption Ten km/L
Tare Weight 2110 kg
Gross Weight 2535 kg
Height 1925 mm
Length 4645 mm
Width 1871 mm
Wheelbase 2745 mm
Tyre Size 265/65R17
Front Suspension Double Wishbone, Coil
Rear Suspension 5 Link Coil Spring
Ground Clearance 210 mm
Approach Angle 37°
Departure Angle 31°
Front / Rear Brakes Ventilated Disc / Disc
Steering Power Steering Rack
Turning Circle 12.5 m


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