Motorola smartphone supports remote wireless charging

Motorola will partner with California Tech startup GuRu Wireless to introduce medium-range chargers on smartphones, as reported by a popular tech website CNET.

Jun 11, 2021 - 01:46
Motorola smartphone supports remote wireless charging

The technology held by Guruwireless can supply the power of electronic devices such as smartphones within a distance of about 3m through the radio waves sent from the charging hub. In addition, a separate charging cable and a charging pad are not required.

Guruwireless technology uses a 24 GHz band high-frequency spectrum that is part of a millimeter-wave frequency to transmit approximately 5 to 10 W of power at the low-end smartphone charger level. In the future, a much higher capacity of around 100W will be available over longer distances, the company said.

The charging hub installed in the ceiling of a meeting room or office can send power to the electronic device and temporarily stop transmission when it detects an obstacle. When the user moves the device, the hub can be re-positioned and charged within seconds. Standalone charging hubs can be as expensive as a high-end Qi-based charger or Wi-Fi router.

In January, Motorola released a video containing space wireless charging technology. At the time, the smartphone, believed to be Motorola edge and Motorola edge plus, succeeded in charging with a remote wireless charger 80 cm and 100 cm away, respectively. 

When the remote wireless charger is commercialized, it can be freed from charging pads and cables, and it is not possible to put the electronic devices in use for charging on the place.

"This technology will enable users to enjoy innovative wireless charging technologies," Dan Deri, Motorola's vice president of product, said in a statement. However, it did not detail when the technology would be supported in Motorola products.

In recent years, Chinese IT companies have been advancing remote wireless charging technology that allows devices to be charged even when smartphones and chargers are separate from each other. So far, Xiaomi, Motorola, Oppo, and Huawei have demonstrated remote charging technology or registered related patents. 

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