List Of All The Mobile Banking USSD Codes and Paybills In Kenya

Discover the ultimate guide to mobile banking in Kenya with USSD codes and Paybill numbers. Simplify your financial transactions today

Jun 20, 2023 - 12:10
Jun 20, 2023 - 12:28
List Of All The Mobile Banking USSD Codes and Paybills In Kenya
List Of All The Mobile Banking USSD Codes and Pay bill numbers In Kenya 2023

Mobile banking in Kenya has gained significant momentum as our world gets more digital. No more are the days when we must stand in long queues at the bank. Now, with a few taps on our mobile phones, we can conveniently perform many banking tasks right from the comfort of our homes. This convenience has made USSD codes and Paybills a vital tool in everyday banking transactions.

What is USSD, and What Role Does It Play in Mobile Banking?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, popularly known as USSD, serves as a lifeline for mobile banking services. It's a real-time messaging protocol that uses shortcodes to communicate with your bank's services. This system transmits information through text messages between your phone and your bank's network applications.

These codes, initiated with a '*' symbol, followed by a series of numbers, and ending with a '#,' enable you to access a wide range of financial services. The beauty of USSD codes is that they function 24/7, don't consume data, and work perfectly on all types of phones, even the simplest 'kabambe' or feature phones.

How Paybills Complement USSD for Seamless Banking

In Kenya, alongside USSD codes, we also use Paybill numbers. These are unique identifiers provided by mobile money platforms, like M-Pesa, to facilitate transactions between customers and businesses, or in our case, banks. Sending money to these Paybill numbers allows customers to safely and conveniently deposit money into their bank accounts or pay their loans.

Now, let's dive into the heart of the matter and present you with the comprehensive list of USSD codes and Paybill numbers for banks in Kenya as of 2023.

List of USSD Codes and Paybills for Banks in Kenya

Bank Name USSD Code PayBill Number App Name
ABC Bank (Kenya) 111777 ABC Bank Ltd
Bank of Africa (BOA) *987# 972900 B-Mobile
Barclays Bank K LTD *224# 303030 Absa Kenya
CFC Stanbic *208# 600100 Stanbic
Chase Bank *275# 552800
Comm. Bank of Africa (NCBA) *654# 880100 NCBA Mobile
Consolidated Bank LTD *262# 508400
Co-operative Bank *667# 400200 MCOOP cash
Credit Bank *669# 972700 CB Konnect
Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) *385# 516600 DTB 24/7
Ecobank *335# 700201 Ecobank Mobile
Equity Bank *247# 247247 Eazzy Banking
Family Bank Ltd *325# 222111 PesaPap
First Community Bank Ltd *342# 919700 FCB Popote
Guaranty Trust Bank Kenya *878# 910200
Gulf African Bank *399# 985050 GABPesa
Housing Finance Company LTD *231# 100400 HF Whizz
I & M Bank Limited *458# 542542 I&M KE Retail
Jamii Bora Bank *344# 529901
Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) *522# 522522 KCB Bank Group
National Bank of Kenya *625# 625625 NatMobile
Prime Bank 982800 PrimeMobi
Sidian Bank *527# 111999 Sidian Vibe
Standard Chartered Bank *722# 329329 SC Mobile Kenya
Transnational Bank *862# 862862 TNB Mobile
United Bank for Africa (UBA) *368# 559900
Citibank N.A Kenya 100229
Standard Chartered Kenya *722# 329329 SC Mobile Kenya

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Mobile banking, through USSD codes and Paybill numbers, has simplified how we manage our finances. This comprehensive list of all Mobile Banking USSD Codes and Paybills in Kenya for 2023 is a vital resource for anyone needing to transact efficiently and securely. Remember, the future of banking is not a place you go but something you do. So, go ahead, transact on the go!


Q1: What is a USSD code?

A1: USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It's a protocol for transmitting information through text messages between a mobile phone and an application program in the network.

Q2: What is a Paybill number?

A2: Paybill numbers are unique identifiers provided by mobile money platforms, like M-Pesa, to facilitate transactions between customers and businesses or banks.

Q3: Can USSD codes be used on all phones?

A3: Yes, USSD codes can be used on all types of mobile phones, including smartphones and feature phones, commonly referred to as 'kabambe' in Kenya.

Q4: Is mobile banking through USSD and Paybill numbers secure?

A4: Mobile banking through USSD codes and Paybill numbers is secure. It's important, however, to always confirm the USSD code or Paybill number before initiating a transaction.

Q5: Does use USSD codes require an internet connection?

A5: No, using USSD codes does not require an internet connection. They function even in areas with poor or no internet connectivity.

Q6: Are USSD codes and Paybill numbers operational 24/7?

A6: Yes, USSD codes and Paybill numbers are operational around the clock, making them a reliable and convenient way of conducting financial transactions at any time.


 The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. We do our best to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, but banking codes and paybill numbers may change. Always confirm from official bank sources before transacting.

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