MTN and Vodacom Contract Cancellation in South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide

Terminate your MTN and Vodacom contracts hassle-free. Learn the ins and outs of contract cancellation in South Africa today.

Aug 3, 2023 - 18:15
MTN and Vodacom Contract Cancellation in South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide
MTN and Vodacom Contract Cancellation in South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide

Contracts with mobile providers offer customers a range of benefits, such as the convenience of getting a smartphone with a monthly allowance of data, calls, and texts. They allow customers to enjoy premium services in manageable monthly installments without paying the total amount at once. But what happens when you need to terminate your contract with these providers? This article will walk you through the MTN and Vodacom contract cancellation processes, focusing on the essential details you need to know.

MTN and Vodacom Contract Cancellation: An Overview

MTN and Vodacom offer user-friendly contract cancellation processes. As a customer, you can terminate your agreement with these service providers if the contract terms or services no longer meet your needs. In the following sections, we delve into the specifics of the cancellation processes for both MTN and Vodacom.

Vodacom Contract Cancellation Process

Through its contracts, Vodacom, a leading telecommunication service provider, offers millions of South Africans access to devices, airtime, and data at affordable rates. Customers are free to terminate their agreements before the expiration date, even without specifying the reason for cancellation. However, a 20-working-day notice, either written or recorded, is necessary.

How Do I Cancel My Vodacom Contract?

You can follow these steps to terminate your Vodacom contract:

  • Call the Vodacom contract cancellation number, 082 111, to request a termination.
  • Alternatively, dial 135 on your phone for all Vodacom account queries.
  • You can also reach out via Vodacom's contract cancellation email, [email protected].
  • Daily, a live chat about Vodacom phone contracts and cancellations is also possible via from 06:00 to 22:00.
  • Contact Vodacom's call center through their official Facebook account and Twitter page.

Remember that Vodacom might require four to seven working days to complete the cancellation process after receiving the notice.

How Much Does Vodacom Charge for Contract Cancellation?

Upon receiving your contract termination request, Vodacom will send you a cancellation quote, which includes a reasonable cancellation fee. This fee is calculated as follows:

(Device subsidy * Months remaining)+(monthly package fee * months of remaining contract)*75% + current balance

It's essential to cross-check the quote before making any payments.

MTN Contract Cancellation Process

Like Vodacom, MTN offers reliable cellphone contracts, but circumstances may arise where you may need to terminate these services. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Call the MTN contract cancellation number, 135, to request termination services.
  • You can also dial the MTN call center number, 083 135.
  • Send a cancellation request to MTN contract customer care via [email protected].
  • You can live chat with MTN customer care agents via

What Are the Costs of Cancelling an MTN Contract?

The cancellation fee for MTN contracts is calculated similarly to Vodacom's. Upon your request, MTN will provide a cancellation quote. If you decide to proceed, you will pay the cancellation fee and send proof of payment. The charges include:

  • The outstanding cost of the device
  • One month's subscription
  • Any remaining usage charges

Double-check the quote using the formula below:

(Cost of phone/24)*months remaining + current balance + one month invoice)

Understanding Contract Cell Phone Services

Contract cell phone services are agreements between customers and carriers that involve monthly payments over a fixed duration. Although these services offer numerous benefits, they might become inconvenient due to various reasons, such as moving out of the country, high costs of services, or dissatisfaction with the service. That's where understanding MTN and Vodacom contract cancellation processes becomes crucial.

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Whether it's about saving money, finding a better service, or leaving the country, canceling your mobile contract can be necessary. While the process may seem complex, MTN and Vodacom have made it relatively straightforward for their customers in South Africa. Always double-check cancellation quotes and ensure you understand all the fees involved.

Disclaimer: This article provides general advice on MTN and Vodacom contract cancellations. It does not represent the official guidelines of MTN or Vodacom. Always check the official websites or contact customer service for specific and current information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Can I cancel my Vodacom contract online?

You can chat live with Vodacom call center agents about contract cancellations through

 How can I check when my Vodacom contract expires?

You can text "UG" to 31050 or visit Vodacom's website to enter your number and check your contract's expiry date.

 How much does it cost to cancel an MTN contract?

The cancellation fee is calculated as follows: (Cost of phone/24)*months remaining + current balance + one month invoice.

 How do I cancel my MTN contract?

You can call MTN's contract cancellation number 135, dial MTN's call center number 083 135, email [email protected], or live chat at

Why might I want to cancel my contract?

There could be several reasons, including relocating to another country, high service cost, underuse of the phone, dissatisfaction with the service, or a desire for a new device or carrier.

 Can I switch my contract number to a Vodacom number?

You can perform a "Mobile Number Portability" to switch your contract number from another provider to Vodacom. This service allows you to keep your existing phone number when changing from one mobile phone network provider to another.

What happens to my unused minutes and data if I cancel my contract?

Unused minutes and data are not transferable and will be forfeited upon cancellation of your contract. It's advisable to ensure you've utilized most of your available minutes and data before initiating the cancellation process.

What are the alternatives to canceling my contract?

Before deciding to cancel your contract, consider exploring other options. These may include downgrading your contract to a cheaper plan, negotiating a new deal with your service provider, or even selling your contract to someone else if your service provider allows it.

Can I cancel my contract at any Vodacom or MTN store?

You can visit any Vodacom or MTN store to cancel your contract. However, remember that this process may take longer than over the phone or online.

Can I upgrade my contract instead of canceling it?

Vodacom and MTN offer upgrade options that allow you to change your phone and modify your plan. Consider this option if your main issue is dissatisfaction with your current device or plan.

In conclusion, terminating a contract with Vodacom or MTN can be straightforward when you understand the steps and procedures involved. Remember the potential cancellation fees, and constantly explore all options before canceling.

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