Nairobi County Jobs 2024/2025: Open Positions, Requirements, Application Forms & Shortlisting

Discover everything about Nairobi County Jobs 2024/2025, from job market insights and the shortlisting process to key sectors hiring now.

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Nairobi County Jobs 2024/2025: Open Positions, Requirements, Application Forms & Shortlisting
Nairobi County Jobs 2024/2025: Open Positions, Requirements, Application Forms & Shortlisting

In the dynamic landscape of Nairobi County, the job market for 2024/2025 presents both opportunities and challenges for job seekers. Nairobi, as the heart of Kenya's economy, offers a plethora of employment options across various sectors, making it a focal point for those aspiring to advance their careers or enter the workforce. The significance of staying abreast with the latest job opportunities, understanding the intricacies of the shortlisting process, and knowing where to find reliable information cannot be overstated. This blog post aims to be your guide through the maze of Nairobi County jobs, offering insights into the types of positions available, the shortlisting procedure, current and upcoming job opportunities, and practical advice for applicants.

The county's commitment to transparency and fairness in employment is reflected in its detailed selection process and the diversity of roles advertised, catering to a wide range of skills and professions. Whether it's government positions, internships, attachments, or specific project roles, Nairobi County remains a beacon of employment prospects in Kenya. As we delve deeper into the nuances of securing a job within Nairobi County, our focus will be on equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the 2024/2025 job market successfully. From understanding the key sectors driving employment to mastering the application process, this post is designed to demystify the job search process and set you on the path to employment success in Nairobi County.

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Understanding the Nairobi County Job Market

The Nairobi County job market in 2024/2025 is a vibrant and evolving landscape, reflecting the broader economic dynamics of Kenya. As the capital city, Nairobi is not just the political hub but also the economic powerhouse of the country, offering a wide array of employment opportunities across various sectors. 

Nairobi County as an Employer:

Nairobi City County, being one of Kenya's 47 counties, plays a pivotal role in employment generation. It is tasked with providing a host of services to its residents, which in turn creates numerous job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. From administrative roles to technical positions in urban management, health, education, and social services, the county government is a significant employer​​​​.

Types of Jobs Offered:

The job opportunities within Nairobi County are diverse, catering to various skills and academic backgrounds. These include:

  • Government Positions: Ranging from administrative roles to specialized positions requiring specific skills and qualifications.
  • Internships and Attachments: Designed to offer practical experience to students and recent graduates, these positions are crucial for gaining workplace skills and understanding the public sector's workings​​.
  • Project-Based Roles: Often tied to specific development projects funded by the county or in partnership with international donors, these roles are targeted towards professionals with experience in project management, development work, and related fields.

Key Employment Sectors:

Several sectors stand out as key employers in Nairobi County:

  • Healthcare and Social Services: With the ongoing need to improve health services, there is a continuous demand for healthcare professionals.
  • Education: The focus on improving educational standards and access creates opportunities for teachers, educational administrators, and support staff.
  • Urban Planning and Infrastructure: As Nairobi grows, so does the need for skilled professionals in urban planning, civil engineering, and construction.
  • Technology and Innovation: Nairobi's status as a tech hub in Africa means there are opportunities in IT, telecommunications, and related fields.

Employment Trends:

The Nairobi County job market is influenced by several trends:

  • Digitalization: There's a growing emphasis on digital skills across all sectors, reflecting the broader digital transformation in Kenya.
  • Sustainability and Green Jobs: With a focus on sustainable development, there are increasing opportunities in environmental management, renewable energy, and conservation.
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): These collaborations often lead to job creation in various projects aimed at improving public services and infrastructure.

The Shortlisting Process for Nairobi County Jobs

Securing a job in Nairobi County in the 2024/2025 period requires not just an application but navigating through a meticulous shortlisting process designed to ensure fairness, transparency, and the selection of the most qualified candidates. 

Understanding the Shortlisting Process:

The shortlisting process in Nairobi County is a structured procedure aimed at identifying candidates who best meet the job specifications and requirements. Following the submission of applications, the Nairobi County Public Service Board undertakes a comprehensive review to determine the suitability of candidates based on the criteria outlined in the job posting​​.

  1. Initial Screening: This involves checking applications for basic compliance with the application instructions, such as completeness of the application, adherence to submission deadlines, and the applicants' eligibility in terms of educational qualifications and experience.
  2. Assessment of Qualifications and Experience: The board evaluates the relevance of the candidates' qualifications, work experience, and skills in relation to the job requirements. This step is crucial in narrowing down the pool of applicants to those who closely match the job specifications​​​​.
  3. Use of Automated Tools: In some cases, Nairobi County may employ automated tools to filter applications based on predefined criteria, such as keywords related to skills, qualifications, and experience.
  4. Interview Invitations: Shortlisted candidates are then invited for interviews. These could be in-person or virtual, depending on the nature of the job and current public health guidelines. Interviews are a critical component of the selection process, offering candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their competencies, communication skills, and suitability for the position​​.

Tips for Applicants:

  • Tailor Your Application: Customize your CV and cover letter to match the job you're applying for, emphasizing relevant experience and skills.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully: Pay close attention to the application guidelines. Ensure that all required documents are submitted and that your application is complete.
  • Highlight Your Achievements: Use your application to showcase your accomplishments, particularly those that demonstrate your ability to contribute to the goals of Nairobi County.
  • Prepare for Interviews: If shortlisted, prepare thoroughly for the interview. Research the county's current projects and priorities, and be ready to discuss how your background and skills make you the best fit for the job.

Current and Upcoming Job Opportunities in Nairobi County (2024/2025)

Navigating the job market in Nairobi County for the years 2024/2025 requires an understanding of the current and upcoming opportunities. With a focus on economic development, social services improvement, and infrastructure expansion, Nairobi County is poised to offer a broad spectrum of employment opportunities that cater to various skills and professions. 

Emerging Sectors and Opportunities:

  • Healthcare and Social Services: Ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare services in Nairobi County mean increased demand for healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, public health specialists, and support staff. Initiatives aimed at improving social welfare also create opportunities for social workers, counselors, and community development officers.
  • Education: With a continuous focus on educational excellence, there's a need for qualified educators, educational administrators, curriculum developers, and support staff to fill positions in public schools and educational administration.
  • Urban Planning and Infrastructure: Nairobi's rapid urbanization necessitates skilled professionals in urban planning, civil engineering, architecture, and construction management. Projects focusing on road construction, housing, and public utilities are particularly likely to recruit.
  • Technology and Innovation: As a tech hub, Nairobi offers numerous opportunities in IT, software development, digital marketing, and cybersecurity. The county's commitment to digital transformation across its services further amplifies these opportunities.
  • Environmental Management: With sustainability a key priority, positions in environmental management, waste management, renewable energy, and conservation are increasingly prominent.

Nairobi County Government Job Vacancies 2024

Here are some Nairobi county jobs you can apply for, provided you are eligible.

  • Chief Supply Chain Management Officer
  • Senior Supply Chain Management Officer
  • Supply Chain Management Officer I
  • Assistant Occupational Therapist- 8 Posts
  • Medical Specialist – Comprehensive Ophthalmology & Cataract Surgery (3 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Anaesthetistologist – (8 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Emergency & Critical Care – (8 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Reproductive Health – (3 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Orthopaedic & Trauma – (5 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Ear, Nose, Throat & Audiology – (5 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Dermatology (5Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Obstetricians & Gynaecology (10 posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Paediatric & Child Health (10 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Physicians (5)
  • Medical Specialist – Psychiatrists (6 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Oncology (5 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Nephrology (6 Posts)
  • Medical Specialist – Family Health (5 Posts)
  • Borough Manager – 5 Positions
  • Mortician III
  • Assistant Public Health Officer – 45 Posts
  • Orthopedic Technologist [3] (25 Positions)
  • Assistant Health Records Information Management Officer [3] (142 Posts)
  • Orthopedic Trauma Technologist II
  • Registered Clinical Officer I – Clinical Officer – (7 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer I – Comprehensive Ophthalmology & Cataract Surgery (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Anesthetist – (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Emergency & Critical Care – (2 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Reproductive Health – (2 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Orthopedic & Trauma – (3 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Ophthalmologist – (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Ear, Nose, Throat & Audiology – (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Dermatology (2 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Venereology (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Pediatric & Child Health (2 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Chest Medicine (2 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Mental Health (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Oncology (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Nephrology (5 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Family Health (2 Posts)
  • Registered Clinical Officer Cardiology (5 Posts)
  • Clinical Psychologist (8 Posts)
  • Medical Lab Technologist – 33 Posts
  • Pharmaceutical Technologist – (50 Posts)
  • Laboratory Technologist-Food Technologist
  • Supply Chain Management Officer II- 9 Posts
  • Assistant Physiotherapist – 10 Posts
  • Assistant Medical Social Worker – 50 Posts
  • Laboratory Technologist III- 22 Posts
  • Registered Clinical Officer – (230 Posts)
  • Pharmacist- (42 Posts)
  • County Chief Officer- (5 Posts)
  • Dental Specialist (Paediatric Dentist)
  • Community Oral Health Officer- 50 Posts
  • Ward Administrator- 14 Posts
  • Radiographer III (20) Posts
  • Dental Specialist (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon)
  • Dental Specialist (Prosthodontist)
  • Dental Officer – 24 Positions

How to Find and Apply for Nairobi County Jobs:

  1. Official Nairobi County Portal: The primary source for job listings is the Nairobi County official website ( and, where the county advertises vacancies and provides application instructions​​.
  2. Online Job Boards and Recruitment Platforms: Various reputable job boards and platforms regularly post opportunities available in Nairobi County, offering an alternative avenue for job seekers.
  3. Networking and Professional Groups: Engaging with professional networks and associations related to your field can provide insider information on upcoming job openings and valuable networking opportunities.
  4. Social Media and Newsletters: Following Nairobi County's official social media pages and subscribing to newsletters can keep you updated on job announcements and county news.

Application Tips:

  • Meet the Requirements: Ensure you thoroughly understand the job requirements and tailor your application to meet these criteria. Highlight relevant experience, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Deadlines Matter: Adhere strictly to application deadlines. Late submissions are typically not considered.
  • Prepare for the Selection Process: Familiarize yourself with the typical selection process, including potential tests and interviews, and prepare accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How often does Nairobi County advertise new job opportunities?

    • Nairobi County regularly updates its job portal and local media with new opportunities. It's crucial to frequently check the official Nairobi County website and other reputable job boards for the latest postings​​.

What are the most sought-after skills in Nairobi County's job market?

    • Skills in demand span across various sectors, including digital literacy for technology roles, project management for infrastructure projects, educational expertise for teaching positions, and specialized healthcare skills for medical roles​​​​.

Are there opportunities for internships and attachments in Nairobi County?

    • Yes, Nairobi County offers internships and attachments, providing practical experience for students and recent graduates. These opportunities are announced on their official platforms and are designed to foster skill development and workforce readiness​​.

How can I increase my chances of being shortlisted for a job in Nairobi County?

    • Tailoring your application to the specific job requirements, highlighting relevant experience and skills, and ensuring your application is complete and submitted before the deadline are key steps to increase your chances of being shortlisted​​.


The Nairobi County job market in 2024/2025 is dynamic, offering a wide range of opportunities across various sectors. From healthcare to technology and education, the county seeks to attract skilled professionals who can contribute to its development objectives. Understanding the job market, the shortlisting process, and the current and upcoming job opportunities are crucial steps in preparing for a successful job search.

Remember, success in the Nairobi County job market requires more than just meeting the basic qualifications. It demands staying informed about new opportunities, continuously improving your skills, and strategically tailoring your applications. By following the insights and tips provided in this guide, job seekers can navigate the 2024/2025 job market with confidence, positioning themselves for rewarding careers within Nairobi County.

Whether you're a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone seeking a career change, Nairobi County presents a landscape of potential and growth. Keep an eye on official channels for the latest job announcements and embrace the journey towards securing your next position. Good luck, and may your efforts lead to a fulfilling career in Nairobi County.

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