Complete list of All Nairobi Postal Codes For 2024: Must Read!

Discover the complete list of Nairobi postal codes and navigate Kenya's capital with ease. Get efficient mail delivery using up-to-date information for 2024

Oct 12, 2023 - 13:20
Oct 29, 2023 - 11:22
Complete list of All Nairobi Postal Codes For 2024: Must Read!
Nairobi Postal Codes: Unlocking the Secrets of Efficient Mail Delivery

Are you sending mail to Nairobi, Kenya? Whether you're a resident or planning to send a package, having the correct postal code is essential to ensure your mail reaches its intended destination. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with an up-to-date list of all Nairobi postal codes for 2024, categorized by area and district. Let's dive into the world of postal codes in Nairobi, Kenya, and make sure your mail gets to where it needs to go.

Understanding Nairobi Postal Codes

Before we delve into the complete list of Nairobi postal codes, let's take a moment to understand what these codes represent and why they are crucial.

What Are Nairobi Postal Codes?

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in some countries, are a vital component of the mailing and delivery system. They help postal services efficiently route mail and packages to their destinations. In Nairobi, these codes are no exception.

Nairobi Postal Code System

Nairobi's postal code system, similar to ZIP codes in the United States, uses a combination of digits to pinpoint specific regions within the city and Kenya. To provide a better understanding, let's break down the structure of Nairobi's postal codes.

  1. Regional Code: The first two digits represent the regional code. In all Nairobi postal codes, this section starts with "00."
  2. District Code: The third digit identifies the district within Nairobi. Each district has its unique code.
  3. Delivery Area Code: The last two digits designate the delivery area. This part of the code ensures precise delivery to the intended location within the district.

Now that we understand how Nairobi's postal codes work, let's explore the complete list of postal codes for different Nairobi areas and districts in 2024.

Complete List of Nairobi Postal Codes for 2024

Below, you'll find an extensive list of Nairobi postal codes, including areas and districts. Please note that while we aim to provide a comprehensive list, it may only cover some postal codes in Nairobi. If you are still determining a particular area's postal code, contact the Kenya Postal Service for assistance.

Region Postal Code
Buruburu 00515
City Square 00200
Dandora 00516
Eastleigh 00610
Embakasi 00521
Enterprise Road 00500
G.P.O. Nairobi 00100
Gigiri 00601
J.K.I.A. Airport 00501
Jamia 00101
Kamiti 00607
Kangemi 00625
Karen 00502
Kayole 00518
Kenyatta National Hospital 00202
Kenyatta University 00609
Langata 00509
Lavington 00603
Lower Kabete 00604
Makongeni 00510
Mathare Valley 00611
Mbagathi 00503
Mchumbi Road 00504
Mlolongo 00519
Muthaiga 00619
Ngara Road 00600
Ngong Road 00505
Nyayo Stadium 00506
Parklands 00623
Ronald Ngala Street 00300
Ruai 00520
Ruaraka 00618
Sarit Centre 00606
State Law 00102
Tom Mboya Street 00400
Uhuru Gardens 00517
Uthiru 00605
Village Market 00621
Viwandani 00507
Westlands 00800
Yaya Towers 00508

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In this comprehensive guide, we've provided you with the complete list of all Nairobi postal codes for 2024, organized by area and district. Understanding these codes is essential for efficient mail and package delivery within Nairobi, Kenya. Remember, postal codes are crucial in ensuring your mail reaches its intended destination promptly. If you have any further questions or need assistance with postal codes in Nairobi, feel free to contact the Kenya Postal Service. Happy mailing!


1. Q: What is a postal code?

A: A postal code (also known locally as a postcode, ZIP code, P.I.N., or C.A.P.) is a series of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid the sorting and delivery of mail.

2. Q: What is the main Nairobi postal code?

A: The main postal code for Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is 00100. This is the code for the General Post Office (G.P.O.) in Nairobi.

3. Q: How is the Nairobi postal code structured?

A: The Nairobi postal code is a five-digit number where the first two digits represent the regional code for Nairobi, the third digit represents the county code, and the last two digits signify the delivery area code.

4. Q: How does the postal code system in Kenya work?

A: Kenya employs a five-digit postal code system. The first two digits indicate the postal region, while the last three represent the specific delivery office within that region.

5. Q: What is the difference between postal codes and ZIP codes?

A: Postal and ZIP codes serve similar purposes - they facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail. However, they are named differently in different regions. Postal codes are used in countries outside the United States, like Kenya, while ZIP codes are predominantly used in the United States under the Zone Improvement Plan.

6. Q: What is the significance of the postal code system in Nairobi?

A: The postal codes assigned to different regions within Nairobi facilitate the smooth functioning of postal services and other essential operations, such as package delivery and statistical analysis. They ensure accurate and efficient mail delivery within the city.

7. Q: Is Kenya's international calling code the same as Nairobi's postal code?

A: No, they are different. Kenya's international calling code is +254, while Nairobi's main postal code is 00100.

8. Q: What is the postal code for the J.K.I.A. Airport in Nairobi?

A: The postal code for the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (J.K.I.A.) in Nairobi is 00501.

9. Q: Are all Nairobi postal codes starting with '00'?

A: Yes, all Nairobi postal codes start with '00' as these two digits represent the regional code for Nairobi.

10. Q: Can I use ZIP codes for mailing in Nairobi?

A: No, you should use the correct Nairobi postal code for mail delivery in Nairobi. The ZIP code system is primarily used in the United States. Using the valid postal code in Nairobi ensures prompt delivery to the intended recipient.

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